Leatherman, Outdoor Survival and Tool Maker Theme

I’m really rooting for this theme, considering it’s named after a company based in my hometown of Portland, Oregon.  The name, of course, is Leatherman, which is one of the largest and best makers of multi-tools, pocket knives and sports utility blades and other stuff like that.  Portland is one of the most important knife making areas of the world, which is interesting enough by itself, I suppose.

Sure, everybody know about Portland for it’s hemp beer and goat yoga, long lines for ice cream and brunch, for hipsters and other pointless endeavors.

Why is Portland so important in the knife making industry? Well, the entire region has a long history of a ‘do it yourself’ vibe, which means hand crafted knives are a pretty important thing.  We’ve also got a long history of cutting stuff, whether it’s trees or fish.  I’m not sure that really has anything to do with it, but hey, I said it.

Portland is also just a couple hundred miles from Boeing, which means that high quality steel is relatively easy to access.  That means there’s a lot of the raw materials necessary to build a great looking, high quality knife.

So that’s a little backstory.

Hopefully, the theme isn’t too similar to the Leatherman homepage, because you can get into trouble for ripping off both the name and the design of another website.  I recently received a cease and desist letter from a lawyer because I did a review on a theme that had stolen a design from another website.  Well, lesson learned I suppose, you can’t do that.

But that’s really got nothing to do with this Leatherman WordPress theme.  I think the designs are distinct enough that the developer of this theme isn’t going to get into much trouble, if any.

Fingers crossed.

So, on to the Leatherman WordPress theme.

So, let’s take a deeper look at the Leatherman WordPress theme. This theme is described as a robust or pressing for survival and outdoor Brands. I guess that is why they have given it the name that they have. This theme offers one click, an easy installation wizard that allows you to import demo content to your website quickly and easily. I can give you a real Head Start to building your website. Once installed, you can access the powerful theme options panel to change the layouts, colors, typography and create yourself a really unique, custom feeling website. To that end, you get a powerful drag-and-drop a page builder for front end editing. Elementor is among my favorite drag-and-drop page builders, it’s got all of the features that you need to construct a website of any type of style or look. Woocommerce is fully supported Aziz contact form 7 and MailChimp for keeping in contact with customers. You did great page speed in SEO scores, this is theme is perfectly optimized for fast load times and I results in the search engines. No matter what language you would like to use, this is a theme can be translated. With Leatherman, you get five star premium support anytime you have a question or run into an issue with your website.

If you’d like to create a modern, beautiful site for selling Outdoor Products, knives or anything similar to that, this theme is the perfect solution. No matter whether you are a beginner or an expert, Leatherman gives you enough design options to display your content just how you want it to be displayed. Unique and highly customized, that’s what it’s all about. You got access to full color customizations, typography controls and you’ll be able to fit the website to your brand with just a few clicks. This theme was carefully designed to be easy to use, give a unique look and feel and it is highly modifiable.

Here’s what the developer says about Leatherman.

Leatherman is a professionally designed, responsive and ultra fast WordPress theme dedicated for survival, outdoors, hiking, adventure, trails, travel, tools, gear, bouldering, hunting, camping, fishing, backpacking, climbing and just about any other related purpose you might think of. The theme supports multiple layouts, unlimited colors, easy installer, demo import and much more.

Okay, on to the visuals.  The home page is clean, well organized and it’s to-the-point.  Get it?  Knives?  Point?

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