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Life Coach WordPress Themes, 15 Authentic, Helpful Coaching Themes for 2021

June 9, 2021
Life Coach WordPress Themes

Would you like to set up a great looking life coach WordPress website? Well, this collection is going to give you a lot of different options for setting up a highly successful life coaching website to help your business flourish. Life coach WordPress themes provide exactly the set of tools and features you’ll need to make your business incredibly successful.

We have tried to include a number of beautiful looking, powerful and professional templates that are ideal for life coaches around the world. These themes are flexible, dynamic and engaging. They can help build a successful business by presenting your services in a very professional, thoughtful and thorough manner. Many of the themes included here have multiple premade designs and full support for page building tools like WP Bakery Page Builder or Elementor Page Builder. These allow for massive amounts of control over the look, feel and branding of your website.

So, if you’re looking to set up a great looking life coaching website using the WordPress platform, this collection is exactly what you need. Hopefully, you’ll find quite a few options to tempt you and if not, we continue to add to this collection constantly, so it’s a very fresh resource for outstanding life coaching templates.

Life Coach WordPress Themes

So, here we go, the absolute best life coach WordPress themes that we’ve been able to find so far.


InPoint Financial Coach WordPress Theme

InPoint Financial Coach WordPress Theme

InPoint maybe a bit of a cheat, this isn’t strictly a life coach WordPress theme, but a financial coaching theme. However, I believe the number of features this theme provides and the flexibility it offers makes it a really strong candidate for a great looking life coaching website as well. I think it’s got enough to hold the interest of any viewer who comes to your webpage and it will help you quickly and easily get across all of the information you want to get across without much difficulty. Overall, this is definitely a strong option for any type of coaching when it comes to the financial world.

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Life Coach

Life Coach Public Speaking WordPress Theme

Life Coaches is a cleverly named WordPress theme that’s great for life coaches. Okay, that’s really not all it does, it’s also a great option for public speakers. It’s a personal blog and business combination that helps present a really dynamic take on your services. This theme is eye-catching in its design and it has multiple theme options to give you complete control over your website from the ground up. Or, from the header to the footer if you prefer to talk about it in WordPress terms.

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Lifeband Life Coach WordPress Theme

LifeBand is the ideal life coaching WordPress theme with one click demo installation, multiple powerful premade designs and several ways to customize your website. There are multiple different header layouts, several predefined pages and sections and a very powerful theme options panel to give you control over your websites design and style. That allows you to perfectly match your brand on every page. Best of all, this theme supports WooCommerce so you can set up an online shop as well.

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UniCoach Life Coach WordPress Theme

UniCoach is a really strong multipurpose WordPress theme with several creative and unique demo styles that include one that’s ideal for life coaches. This theme is completely compatible with Elementor as well as WooCommerce. For life coaches and consultants, even for online education and learning management websites, you’ll have a perfect place to bring your mentoring to the masses. And if you’d like to take a look at more education WordPress themes, the full collection we have gathered up is a really awesome starting point.

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Everlead Public Speaker WordPress Themes

Everlead is the sort of life coaching WordPress theme that many people have been turning to lately. It has a really contemporary design and with all of the features it provides, this theme allows you to achieve anything set out to achieve. There are multiple premade homepages as well as a variety of inner pages that fulfill your needs. You can set up an online shop using WooCommerce and there is an integrated blog to share your thoughts with the world. All of that with a powerful theme options panel to keep things looking exactly the way you want them to look.

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Rosaleen Health Coach WordPress Theme

Rosaleen is a perfect option for health coaches, motivational and public speakers and, of course, for life coaches. If you are all about guiding people to a healthy lifestyle, one that offers tremendous rewards, this theme might be just what you’ve been searching for. It’s great for health coaches, nutritionists, lifestyle blogs and even recipe websites. If you want to help people live their best life, this template provides the perfect pathway forward and it’s really user-friendly at the same time.

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Dotlife Lifestyle Coach and Public Speaker Theme

DotLife is the perfect life coaching WordPress theme with several handy features that set it apart from others. One of the neatest features included is the Zoom meeting functionality. You can integrate with the latest Zoom meeting application and connect your educational materials with students around the world. this theme also integrates BuddyPress, the Elementor Page Builder, Events Calendar Pro support and it’s WooCommerce ready as well for setting up an online shop.

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Celeste Life Coach Therapist and Counseling Theme


Celeste is a life coach and therapist WordPress theme that has a really comforting design that’s ideal for this type of business. If you’re launching a professional website for your life coaching or counseling business, this template provides a welcoming homepage that can guide people through the process of determining whether your services are what they’re looking for. Celeste offers a comprehensive theme options panel, some really distinctive typography and it even has a cost calculator built right in. And thanks to the page building tool that is provided, you can get exactly the layout you’re looking for the first time.

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BeTop WordPress Public Speaking and Business Consuling Theme

BeTop is all about life coaching, though it also offers several designs including one for public speakers. The Elementor Page Builder powers your page building process and it gives you complete flexibility and freedom to craft anything you want. There is a built-in reservations system, full WooCommerce support and 23 custom widgets are provided to give your website some really outstanding functionality. The premade designs run the gamut with one for therapists, another for a yoga studio, a motivational speaking business website, a health coach design, one for fitness and plenty more.

If you’d like to see some more public speaking WordPress themes, we have a collection that is worth checking out.

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LifeGuide Public and Motivational Speaking WordPress Theme

LifeGuide is a highly functional life coaches and public speaking WordPress theme with dynamic color schemes, a powerful page building tool and it’s responsive so it looks great on all devices. This theme allows for really simple customization of your website, providing you a bright and appealing canvas to add your images and text to. If you’re all about helping people on their journey to attain their life goals, consulting them on a variety of different issues, this template provides a really welcoming homepage and all of the functionality you’ll ever need to have.

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LeadEngine, Business Coaching and Life Coach WordPress Themes

LeadEngine is a multipurpose WordPress theme with over 30 different demo styles and 200 different content blocks that may be dragged and dropped into place to give your website some really fine to and functionality that’s perfect for your life coaching business. This theme means to simplify the website building experience and I think it really it’s the mark. These 200 different content blocks can be rearranged in an infinite amount of ways. But, the 35 different prebuilt websites that are included provide great starting points to help you get your website off the ground.

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Eistruttore Public Speaker and Life Coach WordPress Theme

Eistruttore is a life coaching and public speaking WordPress theme that has three different corporate style homepages with really nice looking designs. The Events Calendar Pro plug-in is completely supported, WP Bakery Page Builder is provided for layout control, you can set up an online shop using WooCommerce and a whole lot more. There are several exclusive sections provided to give you a real head start when crafting your life coaching website. The theme options panel is a very solid way to give you complete control over every little design aspect on your entire website.

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Jost WordPress Education and Online Learning Theme

Jost provides a well-crafted homepage that’s perfect for online training and education as well as life coaching and business coaching. This theme is great for any type of online education though, it gives you a really professional starting point and it perfectly integrates with the plug-ins and add-ons you would need to operate an online education center. That includes the Learn Press plug-in, Elementor Page Builder for crafting unique designs and the WooCommerce shopping cart for accepting online payments. This theme definitely has it all.

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ConFix Public Speaking and Events Theme

ConFix is an Expo and events WordPress theme with a beautiful, fresh design and it’s perfect for life coaches, art galleries, museums and special events. Thanks to the Elementor Page Builder as well as the Essential Add-ons for the Elementor Page Builder, you’ll have complete design control on any post or page. However, the prebuilt pages are really outstanding ways to ensure you get a great looking design that can be used right out of the box. No matter how you want to use it, this theme installs quickly and you can begin the process of editing your website almost instantaneously.

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Gym Coaching – _1 WordPress Theme for Coaching

Colead is a powerful coaching and online courses WordPress theme that works hand-in-hand with the Elementor Page Builder and WooCommerce to give you a highly adaptable and engaging shopping friendly website to really connect with your intended audience. If you are all about helping people and inspiring others, if you’re an entrepreneur, a mentor, a life coach or health coach, a public speaker or anyone else who needs a professional and reliable system for reaching the widest audience possible, this theme provides a really outstanding place to get started.

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