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March 4, 2021

Welcome to the best collection of lookbook WordPress themes for fashion inspiration, online shops and fashion bloggers.

What is a lookbook anyway? Well, it’s a very special subset of fashion blog websites. Really, it’s more of a feature that a lot of fashion sites offer. It allows for a place where fashion bloggers can create inspirational posts with fashion recommendations. It’s a very interesting way to present different ideas for how to look your best, no matter what season it is.

The WordPress themes in this collection represent the absolute best fashion themes with lookbook features possible. Please well crafted, user-friendly and engaging themes can help present your ideas in a way that people are going to love. Many of the themes we’ve included offer eCommerce capabilities, that allows you to sell products on your website.but, generally, lookbook websites will likely be monetized using affiliate links. No matter which way you want to go, this collection of outstanding lookbook WordPress themes is a great place to find some outstanding ideas for your next website.


Divi WordPress Lookbook Theme

Divi is a WordPress theme that really can’t do it all, so it’s not too much of a shocker that it works great as a fashion lookbook template. Divi provides the industry-leading page building tool. The Divi page builder lets you boost your websites appeal by developing the website that has every feature you want and leaves absolutely nothing out. You can really sharpen your presentation and help promote your fashion blog by using this strong and engaging tool. If you want to refine the look of your existing blog, it may be Wise to switch up to the Divi page building template. You can completely revamp and revise your website and cultivate a new audience with all of the helpful and engaging features that this template provides.

If you need help, the theme developer promises fast and friendly support and the documentation is outstanding right out of the box. With one of the largest user bases of any WordPress theme, there are hundreds of different pre-made designs and styles to choose from. Many of these can be downloaded for free and others can be purchased for a small price. Or, you can decide to go at it alone. You can use any of these pre-made designs as inspiration and use the powerful Divi page builder to create a drag-and-drop website layout that looks incredible. It’s a really nice feeling to improve your website’s standing through your own hard work and that’s definitely possible with this powerful page building option.

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Ophelie - Fashion Shop Theme Preview - ThemeForest

This is a WordPress theme that delivers all bold, daring and impactful first impression right from the get-go. It’s sort of the strong silent type, but it’s got a little bit of a feminine style to help separated from more masculine WordPress themes. And best of all, it’s absolutely ready for the catwalk from the moment you install it. Perfect for any sort of look book or online fashion shop.

This theme supports the most popular and powerful page building tools like WP Bakery Page Builder and the Elementor Page Builder. Those two powerful tools give you a great way to set up an online shop, blog and portfolio. If you want to full look book functionality, that’s definitely something that this template can provide. It’s ready to rule the Internet runway, if you will.

With this template, you get a spectacular amount of predesigned homepages, inner pages as well as shop pages. These can be used to stylishly display everything your fashion shop has to offer and with the gorgeous looking blog choices you’ll have in front of you, showcasing design inspiration and highlighting the newest looks from around the world is going to be really straightforward. Overall, this is definitely and attention-getting theme that’s well worth a second look.

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Rango Lookbook and Magazine WordPress Theme

Rango is an elegant e-commerce fashion theme but that’s not all it has to offer. One of the 22 different gorgeous demos is a really attractive lookbook template. This can really increase the attention your posts get and it can help multiply your income as well. Lookbooks always get a lot of clicks and they’re a great way to make some money using affiliate links. If you want to expand your blog’s reach, creating new content on a daily basis is the most important thing you can do. The faster you create content, the more you can speed up your traffic increase. With simple and engaging lookbook posts, you can probably create quite a number of them in a given week and that can only help make your traffic grow. Seriously, if you create two sizable blog posts every day, look for a surge in both traffic and income within about 3 months. It works!

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Prequelle WordPress Elegant Lookbook Theme

Prequelle is an elegant and modern WooCommerce theme with a distinctive style, plenty of advanced features and it gives you the ability to craft a cool lookbook to go with your fashion blog. If you’re looking to increase the way you are able to monetize your fashion blog, a lookbook feature can be a really simple way to make it happen. People love lookbooks! All you have to do is assemble a bunch of images and then leak out to where those products can be purchased. A little write-up on each product can go a long way to helping your SEO efforts pay off.

So, if you’re looking to set up a lookbook and a fashion blog, this template does a really wonderful job of making that happen. Also, if you want to sell products, WooCommerce is totally supportive and I give you another outstanding way to boost traffic and your income. Check out some more themes with clean, minimalist style in this collection.

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Tonda, WordPress Lookbook Theme for Online Shops

Tonda is an elegant online fashion shop with beautiful design, lots of integrated features and it’s fully responsive as well. Built to help skyrocket your sales, you can also add a really cool lookbook feature with this elegant template. It’s just another way to advance your cause, to broaden your horizons and to develop a new audience out there in cyberworld. Enhancing what you offer by including a lookbook on your website is definitely a way to extend your reach and to swell the ranks of your followers. If you want to develop an outstanding fashion blog website and you want to strengthen what you bring to the table, why not add a little lookbook?

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Cariana, WooCommerce WordPress Theme for Look Books

Cariana is a WordPress theme with a built-in lookbook, it offers powerful WooCommerce support, lots of soaring features and an uplifting, clean design that can help rocket your website to the top of the search engines. The lookbook demo is a particularly nice one, it can make purchasing decisions easier than ever. Your customers can see exactly what they need to purchase and whether those products are yours or someone else’s, you can still make a little money either way. Of course, it’s easy enough to sell your own products on your website using WooCommerce, we all know that, but if some of the links it go out to affiliate websites, you can make a little bit of money there as well. And since there are loads of affiliate opportunities, you can really start to make bank if your traffic is where you need it.

Let’s say you create a new lookbook post. Hat, gloves, shirt, pants, belt, shoes, sunglasses. Hey, if that outfit costs a total of $200 and somebody purchases the entire set up, it can be a really nice payday. Multiply that by a few hundred, as long as your traffic scales up rapidly, and your bank account can really be blasting off into the stratosphere. Soon, you’ll be swept along in a rising tide of cold, hard cash money. I’m sure within a few weeks, you’ll be a part of the 1% and we will all be looking up at you on an absolutely incredible pile of cash. A hill. A mountain!

Hopefully anyway.

If that happens, send me a postcard.

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Gifts Shop

Gifts, WordPress Lookbook and Shop Theme

If you’re looking for a website to create a sort of virtual gift shop with inspiration for a lot of different gift ideas, this Gifts Shop WordPress theme is a really strong option. This template provides you with multiple different blog layouts and portfolio layouts, as well as homepage and inner page designs. Over 20 different demos included and thanks to full support for the Gutenberg page builder, you can create limitless designs to highlight products.

One really awesome way to inspire people to purchase more products is to create a lookbook where folks can see an assortment of ideas for one particular fashion look. This can help inspire people to buy more products and to increase your income. With a little bit of effort, you’ll find your website will be flourishing, traffic will increase and you can climb the ezio ladder as high as possible. If you want to begin your career as a fashion blogger, this particular template is one of the best ways to go about it. If you choose a theme like this, you’ll certainly see a prosperous future for yourself and you can really grow your traffic, as long as you create a new and inspirational posts regularly

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Fashow, Minimal Lookbook Theme for WordPress

Fashow is a minimal and modern WooCommerce fashion theme. The developer promises outstanding customer support and you get 15 different Page layouts to help focus on products. Among them are several different options that work great as lookbook templates. Of course, thanks. Mercy support and the six different unique shopping pages, you can sell your own products in there as well. There are 8 different product pages, a very unique blog layout and quite a number of creative inner pages have been assembled to make your life a whole lot easier.

Of course, there’s plenty of competition out there and progress can be hard to come by if you don’t create engaging content that people really respond to. A theme that presents content in such a beautiful way is definitely going to result in an upsurge of traffic. If you want to climb the search engine rankings, this high-performance and attractive template is one way to make that happen. Surmounting the challenges of success is something we all strive to do. Conquering Google and surpassing the competition is going to be a whole lot easier if you select a high-performance template that does a lot of the hard work for you. That’s what this Fashow theme is all about.

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Janice, Lookbook and Fashion Blog Theme

Janice is a responsive WordPress blog and eCommerce theme that gives you lots of helpful tools to build a perfect looking website, even if you’re not particularly well-versed with WordPress. WooCommerce is fully supported and with it, you can plant a clean, attractive blog with an e-commerce shop that is equal to the task. This theme is perfectly capable of proper display on all device sizes thanks to the responsive design. Unlimited fonts and colors are at your disposal and if you’re creating a fashion blog or a lifestyle blog, you can add a great-looking lookbook feature to your website to help create new avenues for income.

A well-drafted and powerful lookbook page can help create a lot of interest in your website. It can be a crowning achievement, it can help you become an authority on all things fashion-related. If you want a trendy website with chic style and really alluring fashion ideas, this theme can help you shape exactly the type of website you want. The style is modern and sleek, the features are powerful and it’s got every possible tool needed to get the job done.

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Jayla, Modern, Minimalist Lookbook Theme

Jayla is a minimal and modern, multi-concept WooCommerce theme with a built-in lookbook. Tablet can handle anything you throw at it. It uses the WP Bakery page builder to give you a lot of control over everything on the page. It’s not just a fad, this theme is a growing trend and it’s become more popular since it was originally released. If you want to be the last word on fashion inspiration, your lookbook can be an integral tool to help make it happen.

This design really seeks perfection, it’s pixel perfect and it’s got a lot of different features that make it alone the best lookbook ready fashion blogging themes available. There are quite a number of pre-made designs that can each work grade for different purposes, multiple inner pages are provided and each of them have the flexibility to adapt to any use.

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Bewear Lookbook and Online Shop Theme

Bewear is a fashion lookbook WooCommerce theme that has a clean and modern design and it allows designers, fashion bloggers and others with an interest in fashion to showcase a lot of different products in a variety of different collections. This gives your customers the ability to see an overall style of an outfit idea. It can be really inspirational and when one of these lookbook posts goes viral, your traffic is going to explode. Every visitor you come across is going to get a deep, engaging experience with the lookbook post you have created.

If you’re looking to strengthen your traffic and up your game in terms of what you offer, this theme has extended features that can really broaden your website’s appeal. The advanced features remain quite simple to use, even for beginners. If you run into any issues implementing your side, lots of helpful support is offered by the developer and that can be a real game-changer.

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Lookbook Fashion and Clothing Store with Lookbooks

Lookbook is the name of this theme and that says it all about what this template aims to provide. It’s a fashion theme that’s great for clothing shops, accessories, fashion blogs and lookbook showcases. You get powerful WooCommerce support and that can help you craft outstanding online shops, no matter what you are selling. Woocommerce has both free versions and some premium add-ons are also available. No matter what you choose, you’ll have a great-looking setup that is pre-styled and integrated for your website.

This Lookbook theme has an incredibly fashionable design, it’s totally flexible and it gives you unlimited control over colors, layouts and fonts. Any option is on the table for customization. You can make strides to build your brand, you can improve your ranking in the search engines and increase the reach and appeal of your website by using a high-performance, attractive and engaging template like this one.

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Claue, Clean, Minimal Lookbook Theme for WordPress

Claue is a clean and minimal Elementor powered WordPress theme that fully supports WooCommerce. If you’re looking for a template that is packed with features, this modern and appealing design might be one you want to take a deeper look at. There are a multitude of WooCommerce features that provide a really great user experience. Ajax lazy load, Ajax product filters and several other helpful features are provided. Of course, the star of the show is the lookbook shop, which takes center stage here.

It can be difficult to increase the amount of traffic your website gets, which is something that every web admin is looking to do. If you choose this template, you’ll have a very polished and attractive way to enhance the look and feel of your website. It can only help to boost your traffic and to help promote any type of product. You can start with any of several different pre-made designs and then doctor them up to look exactly like you want it and you’re going to get a really outstanding result either way. User friendly, clap, clap, clap-clap-clap.

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Osapa, Fashion Plate Theme for Lookbooks

Osapa is a fashion shop WordPress theme that also provides full WooCommerce support. If you want a website that takes advantage of the Gutenberg page builder, this hyper-modern theme is one to look out for. It provides a mobile-friendly design, multiple blog, portfolio and Page layouts and with one click a demo import, you’ll have a great-looking template off the ground in no time flat. making small adjustments to your website is incredibly simple with this template and if you want to set up a multi-vendor marketplace, full support for all the most popular plugins are provided.

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Slikk Stylish Lookbook WordPress Themes

Slikk is a stylish WooCommerce WordPress if he came up with several different potent, pre-made homepages and some attractive, modern and stylish inner pages. One of these pre-made designs is the lookbook homepage, the way that you can assemble and tire packages of fashion style in one place. If you are selling products yourself, you’ll simply link to your own shop, but you may not have every product available on any given lookbook page. If that’s the case, simply link to those products using your affiliate link and you can earn a few coins on the side. It’s all incredibly simple to do and more and more lifestyle and fashion bloggers are taking advantage of this possibility to enhance their income.

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Ayvo WordPress Theme for Faashion and Lookbooks

Ayvo is a fashion blog and multi-purpose WordPress theme has 12 different unique home Page designs, full WooCommerce support and support for WP Bakery page builder. That’s one of the biggest and best page builder tools available and it gives you access to a wide range of tools to help you create a pure, polished and attractive website. No matter what layout you are attempting to achieve, WP Bakery makes it possible. You can drag and drop content into place and then adjust the fine details as much as you need. It’s going to deliver an outstanding user experience and it can really help boost your sales.

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Kustrix Fashion Blog and Lookbook Website

Mezmerize is a fashion blog and lookbook template with a premium set of widgets, a responsive and seo-friendly design, loads of customization options and there are 12 different pre-made styles that can help you set up a great-looking personal blog, beauty plug or fashion shop. It’s design was inspired by gorgeous handwritten fonts, it offers soft color palettes and there are an abundance of social sharing buttons. All of that makes this template a really great candidate for setting up an awesome lookbook website.

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Antive Lookbook WordPress Theme for Fashionable Websites

Antive is a minimal and modern WooCommerce WordPress theme with full right to left language support, loads of different shop layouts, handy product filters and there’s even an Instagram shop feature. The lookbook is where the theme is really at its best, it’s a unique and modern lookbook style that helps people find inspiration in your posts. Presenting your content is going to be very simple and straightforward, thanks to this amazing and flexible template design. If you want to incorporate a hint of social networking, buddy press is completely supported as well. That allows users to really get in touch with each other and it can be a great way to help build trust in your website and to build engagement.

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