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Looking for a Nulled Version of WP Rocket?

November 24, 2020

WP Rocket is a really strong tool for speeding up your website.  A lot of folks are looking to download a cracked nulled version of WP Rocket, so they can get all the benefits without spending any money.  Well, I’m here to tell you, the best way to get WP Rocket is to download it right from the source.

It’s unfortunate that WP Rocket’s developer, WP Media, doesn’t offer a free trial of WP Rocket.  That’s a decision that they’ve made and I respect it.  But a lot of folks are looking around for a nulled version to see whether WP Rocket actually works and speeds up their website as much as advertised.

I’ve used WP Rocket in the past and I did see some pretty fantastic results.  Oh yeah, here are some other caching plugins you might want to check out.  They work pretty well, especially for free plugins.

In my opinion, downloading a nulled version of WP Rocket isn’t a good choice for a few different reasons, but one thing rises above the rest.

Downloading a Nulled Copy of WP Rocket.  What Could go Wrong?

If you download a nulled version of WP Rocket, you’re not going to have access to any sort of future updates.  If there’s a critical patch that needs to be applied, you’re out of luck.  One of the ways that hackers can gain access to your website is through outdated plugins or scripts and with an older version of a plugin like WP Rocket, you risk having outdated code that acts like a secret back door for hackers to gain entry to your website.  Getting your website hacked will cost you money.  It will waste your time.  It will be the worst thing that can happen to your website.

You definitely don’t want that.

Some of the folks offering nulled scripts or cracked plugins will even install malware in their plugins, which can offer another vector for compromising your website.  To me, those risks just aren’t worth it.  I’ve had my website hacked.  It…it wasn’t much fun.

Check this nightmare out for more on the real cost of a hacked website.

EDIT – I’ve gotta admit, it wasn’t because of downloading the old software, but my website was just hacked and I’ve found out firsthand just how frustrating that can be. Anyway, I just thought I would share.

But How Can I Know if WP Rocket Works Without Seeing for Myself?

Well, when you look at all the features WP Rocket offers, you can see a lot of the value it provides without testing it yourself.

The page caching gives your website cheetah speed.  Your pages and posts will load faster than ever and that definitely helps with search engine optimization.  Of course, that’s just the beginning of what this powerful plugin delivers.

There’s cache preloading, which simulates a visit to get your cache built before anybody ever comes to your website.  That can even help get your site indexed quicker.  Every page and post you create or edit will be pre-fetched and ready to go for your first visitor.

WP Rocket handles compression of your static files too.   This reduces your website’s weight.  HTML, Javascript, CSS, they’re all minified so they load up as fast as possible.  Anything you can do to make sure your site loads fast can really help boost the user experience you deliver.  Time is money, that’s the old saying.  That’s never been more true than with website page load times.  That stuff is critical.

I’ve tested WP Rocket myself and I know it works.

In Conclusion

Frankly, I’m not even sure there’s a reliable, cracked or nulled version of WP Rocket out there.  I check a few and the sites were all scams or the code was woefully out of date.  For me, I’d say you should just go ahead and purchase the real plugin because it does exactly what it says it does.  WP Rocket provides the best, fastest caching, it helps improve page load times and it delivers an amazing user experience.

So, hopefully you’ve learned a thing or two about WP Rocket and why you probably shouldn’t be downloading any hacked, cracked, nulled or free version of it.

It’s only $49 anyway, so pony up the money and save yourself the headache of a hacked website.




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