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Love Story, WordPress Dating and Matchmaking Theme

May 20, 2019

This is love story, The Perfect theme for any dating or Community website. This isn’t just a theme, it’s an entire application with built-in features that make it a true custom option for building a dating website.

This theme offers you the ability to create extended profiles for users, once registered, they can edit profile Fields, upload photos, add favorites, communicate with other users and even send and receive gifts. All of that without having to access the back end of the website, your users might not even know that you are making all of this happened on WordPress. It gives a true custom field to your website and that can do a lot to give people a great user experience.

Another great feature is the online chat system with live notifications. Any two users that are online can start a real-time conversation and get new messages from one another, even if they happen to be on different pages of the site. It’s a really cool feature that I think more dating websites ought to offer.

One thing that all dating websites need to offer is a variety of paid membership levels. Membership levels can do things such as limit the number of photos that can be uploaded, limit the amount or type of messages that can be sent between users and allow gift-giving between users. All of the membership options are handled through WooCommerce with or without premium level plugins.

In terms of theme options, this one offers you a vast amount of customization options. No matter what you want your website to look like, it can be achieved with just a few clicks. Love Story offers a responsive layout and a great user experience. With nearly 2,000 sales so far and Counting, this is among the most popular dating themes available on the web today.

To see more themes like this one, we’ve made an awesome collection of dating WordPress themes you might enjoy.

Love Story Dating and WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Alright, here’s the link to more information about this powerful and feature filled WordPress theme.

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