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Makali, WordPress Feminine Beauty Theme

May 20, 2019

This clean and gorgeous Makali WordPress theme is ideal for anything related to the beauty products industry. Maybe even a lifestyle blog?  Who knows!  The choice, it’s totally up to you.  One thing I know is this, this feminine WordPress theme is great for cosmetics, fashion blogs, makeup and more. It’s a very simple looking and technologically-advanced WordPress theme that can really increase engagement with your users. One of the key things in blogging is to ensure that your visitors find exactly what they want on your website quickly and without messing around with a bad user-experience.

This theme has a womanly style that is embarrassingly easy-to-use, its purpose is clear and upfront and it delivers a user experience that is second to none.

There are a half a dozen unique pre-made demo sites included with this template, each one with multiple styles. With each one, you get a slightly different look and I think they are all very good at displaying your products. There is a visual composer drag-and-drop page builder included, an invention whose time really had come and it makes building a unique website easy. It used to be very tedious to create your own layouts but now with visual composer, simple and Makali always makes it simple to obtain and create a clever and helpful new style for your website.  There are so many options here!

Makali WordPress Beauty Salon, Feminine Women's Theme

There are powerful theme options included with, one click. There are several to choose from, and there’s a tab products lighter too. In fact, there are tons of different modules specifically relating to WooCommerce, which makes this a very powerful WooCommerce WordPress theme. There is a daily deal function that you can put onto the homepage, it lets you display a countdown timer with sale products. That’s a very neat feature that is gaining popularity throughout the internet, so now might be the time to take advantage of it on your website. It’s so easy to use, there’s nothing about the setting it up that is difficult.

If you want to build raging levels of traffic, I mean like a gigantic forest fire of traffic, a silky smooth WordPress theme like this one could be the ticket. With this theme, you get Fearless support from the themes developer, they are incredibly quick to get back to users who have run into issues. The theme is not too pricey and with its simple and beautiful design, I think you can really build your brand in a beautiful way. There’s nothing and nondescript about this calm and spotless WordPress theme.

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