MB Store, WooCommerce WordPress Shopping Theme

So, MB Store is here and it’s an eCommerce WordPress theme with a distinct, if somewhat poorly organized, style.  I’m not a huge fan of this theme, so I’d actually recommend some of the themes in our eCommerce themes collection.  That’s really a better source for eCommerce themes and if you head over there, I think you’ll like what you see.

This theme is really about digital downloads and that’s it’s purpose, what it was made to do.  Considering that fact, it’s probably got an acceptable style.  Still, I don’t love it for even a digital downloads theme.  You may be interested in a bigger collection of digital downloads themes.  If so, we’re going to get right on building that, so check back soon.  Okay, we’ve finished.  Check it out, it’s the best place anywhere for exactly what you need.

MB Store WordPress WooCommerce Theme
MB Store WordPress WooCommerce Theme

What do you get with MB Store?  Well, you’re going to receive a free copy of Visual Composer, simple installation process and a full responsive design.  This theme works well with Easy Digital downloads as WooCommerce.  The choice is yours, you can sell digital downloadable products with either just as well.

One good thing about the same, it was built with me Redux framework under the hood. It’s a great framework that is highly optimized and makes for very fast loading websites. Still, I think style is very important and simply based on the somewhat boring style of this team, I don’t exactly recommended. Oh, this theme is 100% GPL though, that’s always a good thing and well worth mentioning.

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