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MediaDesk, Modern, Contemporary WordPress Magazine Theme

May 21, 2019

MediaDesk is a modern, clean, responsive and well designed WordPress magazine theme for modern online periodicals.

So, before I get into revealing this WordPress meeting, I’ve got to admit that I find that image, you know the one, the one of the weird looking rabbit with the human body. I find it to be strange. I’ve seen it before but it doesn’t make me feel like it’s any less creepy and bizarre. I’ve actually looked into this statue before, because the first time I saw it I was equally mesmerized by it. It’s by an artist Duo named Gillie and Marc, they’re based in Sydney Australia, and they do a lot of really weird statues like this one.

I’m trying to remember exactly where this particular statue is located, I can’t recall. I’m pretty sure it’s somewhere in Australia, maybe one of you reading this will remind me of exactly where it is. It doesn’t exactly matter though, it’s still quite bizarre. But, I do like it. I think it’s a really interesting sculpture or statue I suppose and I think the world could always use a little bit more art, don’t you?

Anyway, back to the theme itself.

Media Desk WordPress Contemporary Magazine Theme

MediaDesk is completely contemporary, so I can sort of see why they’ve chosen the imagery that they did. Images that are really striking, contemporary and, if I’m being honest, a little bit odd, are great ways to attract attention. The incredibly modern look of this responsive, clean and entertaining lifestyle blog, lends itself to all sorts of topics. Whether you’re blogging about the newest technology, travel or entertainment.  I think that as a personal WordPress blog theme, this MediaDesk theme could really bring your content to life.  Whether it’s about your personal experiences or fashion, travel or the latest breaking news, the result is going to be the same. A beautiful and striking website that looks great on all devices, thanks to its perfect to responsive design.

Aha!  Found it!  She’s named Angelina Rabbitgirl and that statue is located at St. Kilda Pier in Melbourne, Australia.

Now we know.

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