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June 8, 2021

If you want to create a website to act as a clone, there’s some very special functionality you’re going to want to look for. So, what is it about Medium that makes it so special and makes it so different? That’s what we are here to explore and then we’ll give a rundown of several different WordPress themes that have all the functionality medium offers, but at a very low price.

Medium is elegant, the typography really helps your content stand out, it’s all about white space and clean lines. Medium is also incredibly simple use, you can scroll through stories and it really delivers a feeling of paging through a classic printed magazine. When you find yourself on the website, the first thing you’ll notice is the clean, minimal design that is quite simple and it relies on strong typography. There’s a lot of white space and images don’t play as heavy a role as text. So, that clean style is definitely something we will be looking for in a medium style WordPress theme.

The next factor, allowing multiple authors to be able to submit their own posts through their own customizable administrative panel. Medium has set out to allow sharing of compelling ideas, perspectives and knowledge. They don’t serve up advertisements, they serve up content. So, we’ll be looking for WordPress themes that allow for multiple author websites. Fortunately, that’s a built-in feature for most WordPress sites.  But, some themes do better than others when it comes to multi-author environments. Your readers must remain focused on your content, that’s the main goal of a medium style blog theme.

Next, we will be looking for WordPress themes that have significant amounts of interactivity. BuddyPress WordPress themes will allow for advanced commenting systems, in-depth user-profiles, and other features that help separate Medium from other blogging platforms.  

In all, that’s quite a bit to ask from any WordPress theme, but we will do our best to come up with some examples of Medium-like WordPress themes you can purchase to set up a great-looking blog platform quickly and easily. Medium has set the bar incredibly high, but there are a lot of pre-made WordPress themes out there that try to deliver the same type of outstanding user experience and a lot of them really hit the mark.


Newsstand - Magazine & Editorial WordPress Preview - ThemeForest

Newsstand is a responsive WordPress magazine theme that has a really clean style and I think it’s little bit reminiscent of medium, though there might be some differences that are fairly easy to spot. For one thing, this theme has a little bit more going on on the front page that and medium does. However, overlooking that small difference, this theme does a really good job of presenting a lot of content in a very short space of time, just like medium.

This is a responsive magazine theme that’s great for online journals, for authors, for news and business, you name it. No matter what you want to share with the world, having a clean, contemporary presentation like the one this template presents give you a really strong edge. And, it’s even WooCommerce ready so you can set up an online shop.

Three different premade designs are included with your download and on top of that, you get access to a very advanced admin panel to craft even more stunning layouts that people are going to love. Everything is completely responsive, you can translate your website into any language and customers seem to love it. Also, just like medium, you’ll get strong social media support to help people share the word about articles they have found on your website.

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Typer Beautiful Medium Clone WordPress Theme

Typer really does have it all. This is the first medium clone WordPress theme we are highlighting for good reason. It’s got a very distinctive style that is quite reminiscent of This theme is incredibly fast-loading, it looks amazing on all devices and digital publishers, bloggers and news magazine websites are going to see a lot of benefits from all the features this theme brings to the table.

With deep levels of customization for user profiles, Sterling integration of commenting systems and loads of customization options, this theme provides all the tools you’ll need to build a website that is quite similar to medium in both form and functionality.

Typer has some really interesting features like weekly digest based on reader interests, an automatically compiled list of high-quality stories based on user activities. This helps get the right content in front of the right eyes. everything about the set a theme is completely customizable, you’ll have control over the layout and display of every post and page. You can create stylish pop-ups to engage with visitors, there are multiple hairstyles and beautiful images can be integrated into any blog post. this is definitely among the most powerful Medium style WordPress themes available today.

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Typology WordPress Text Only Theme for Medium Style Blogs

Typology is a clean, ultra-minimalist WordPress blogging theme that doesn’t require any images to make a real impact on your readers. Thanks to quite a number of powerful features, this theme can be adapted to be quite similar to and its overall style and feature set.

So, what is it about this theme that makes it so perfect for creating a medium style website? Well, thanks to WooCommerce, you can allow members to sign up for your website and you can allow them to upload their own posts if you want to. That is the foremost function of, but the similarities increase from there.

Of course, the clean and stylish presentation of highly intricate writing is another important facet that makes medium what it is. In addition, you’ll have some amazing ways to control your typography, full support for all the most important plugins and add-ons that make medium so special and the theme developer offers outstanding support and documentation for this theme, weakening you’ll never run into issues making it look outstanding for any purpose.

If you’d like to take a look at a few more minimalist WordPress themes like this one, take a look at the collection we have put together. It’s a really fantastic resource for bloggers who want to create a distraction free environment for writing, for images or for promoting businesses.

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Writing WordPress Theme Similar to Medium Style

Writing is the name of this theme and it’s a clean, minimal blogging theme for writers who want to create a personal blog website. However, thanks to wordpress, you can set up a multi-author blog and give everyone a chance to speak their mind and communicate in a clear and effective manner.

Writing is quite an adaptable theme, the minimalist design can be changed up to suit your needs. but since has a very minimal style, I think that it probably isn’t going to take a lot of styling to get a great-looking template that can offer quite a number of features that are somewhat similar to there’s the multi-author support, support for strong commenting and interaction features, a built-in search function that helps people find interesting articles and a whole bunch of other cool

This theme is perfectly at home as a personal blogging platform, and if you’d like to take a look at a few more options for that purpose, we’ve put together a really sizable collection of personal blogging themes that might come in handy for you. they’re all incredibly simple to use and simple to customize and they provide a really great user experience for bloggers and reader alike.

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Evoke Simple Medium Style Theme with Beautiful Typography

Evoke is a beautiful, typography driven blogging theme that’s perfect for photography and personal blogs. Of the 10 different pre-made demo styles, several of them are quite evocative of If you use this theme as a multi-author blog, you’ll have a very attractive way for people to deliver their own narrative on a medium inspired WordPress website.

Evoke is a theme that is for writers who want to share narrative stories in a very elegant and simple way. There are over ten different layouts included for displaying articles and these articles are really solid designs for nearly any type of blog. No subject matter is off-limits when the design is so clean and well-rounded. Because this theme has such a clean design and because WordPress inherently supports multi-author blogging systems, you can allow your visitors to sign up for an account on your website to post their own content.

It’s going to be a very interesting way to allow for a lot of new content to be created that’s interesting to a wide variety of users. Of course, keeping things spam free is always going to be a challenge, but that’s a challenge for every WordPress website. In fact, it’s a challenge for every website. So, there’s nothing to do there.

If you want to see some more themes that put typography at the forefront of design, you’re definitely going to want to take a look at the typography WordPress theme collection that we built. It’s got quite a number of outstanding themes with beautiful, highly legible typography options.

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Literatum WordPress Theme for Multiple Author Blogs

Literatum is a perfect theme for writers, it’s God beautiful styles, loads of features and it’s very simple to use. While this theme doesn’t have exactly the same style as medium, it can be adapted to offer the vast majority of the features that medium provides its writers.

This is really one of the best themes overall for writers. It’s been completely re-coded and redesigned from the original release fascinating layout. This is theme offers multiple authors, so it can be used as a medium style website with writers from around the world taking their hand at creating cool new content. 

The layout for each individual blog post is really distraction-free. I do like the attention-getting header design, that can be a nice way to greet visitors who find themselves arriving on any given page. But once it comes to the actual text itself, it’s completely free of clutter and very simple to engage with the written words. 

So, if you’re looking for a medium clone WordPress theme, this one offers a really solid cast of features that can help you create something memorable.

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Gorgo Multi Author Blog with Clean Medium Style Layout

Gorgo is a community theme for writers and readers alike. Thanks to the full BuddyPress support, the clean and well-organized designs and the fact that WordPress can function perfectly as a multi-author blogging platform, this theme is quite reminiscent of and it can provide the same type of outstanding writing and reading experience that medium provides.

The Gorgo WordPress theme blends BuddyPress support with clean design and the ability to offer multiple writers to sign up and post their articles in one beautiful, online community. This is a WordPress theme that allows everyone to have their voice. You can create subscription levels and restrict certain content to only paying members, thanks to the paid memberships pro plugin. 

With Gorgo, you get a very clean and simple presentation for posts they’re going to be incredibly easy to read and easy to navigate from post to post. thanks to the strong community-building aspects of this theme, keeping in touch with readers is going to be quite simple. Overall, Gorgo has everything necessary to craft a perfectly built medium style template to attract readers from around the world and writers who want to connect with

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Narratium Multi Author Blog with Bold Styling

Narratium is a simple, well organized, and highly modern WordPress theme for writers. Typography is particularly attractive, there are multiple pre-made demo styles that can be installed quickly and they provide an effective platform for multiple authors to express themselves. This theme is all about telling stories and it’s got a perfect blend of text and images with powerful features for developing strong levels of communication between writer and reader.  Narratium is another simple and beautiful theme for authors, this one gives you a distraction-free environment to present blog articles from multiple authors. 

There are several blog post layouts included, which is nice.  One layout is interesting, but not for everyone.  There’s a left-hand header that remains fixed in place even as your readers scroll down the page. To be honest, that is not the type of layout that everyone is going to want. It’s sort of just hanging out over there in the corner of your eye. 

Fortunately, there are multiple different ways to lay out individual post. It’s not a requirement to have that left-handed navigation just sit there. You can have the header information up top and as you scroll down the page, it disappears and leaves you with a perfect reading experience that’s reminiscent of actually picking up a paper magazine and holding it in your

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Coolist Multi Author Blog and Magazine Theme for WordPress

Coolist is an infinite scrolling WordPress magazine exam with a very clean, modern design and a set of features that make it similar to this is a great choice for publishers who want their readers to be able to sign up and take part in a multi-author blocking setting. This theme is incredibly powerful, easy to adapt and it looks fantastic on all devices.

This clean and presentable blogging theme offers infinite scrolling, full support for multi-author blog setups, lots of beautiful shortcodes, several pre-made home pages, and some very attractive navigation from post to post. This theme gives you plenty of different homepage styles, fast page load times, several high-definition video tutorials have been prepared to help guide you through the process of installation and customization. 

You’ll also receive one click dummy import features that can help get you or medium style blogging theme up and running quickly. If you want a powerful, user-friendly way to set up a beautiful magazine that will remind lots of people of the medium format, Coolist is a really solid choice.

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Danni Minimalist WordPress Blog Theme

Danni is a modern, minimalist WordPress blogging theme that is very simple to work with. Thanks to wordpress, you can set up a multi-author environment for readers and writers to find exactly what they want to find. Readers will find interesting, well thought-out and well-designed articles that get them thinking about the world in a different way and writers will find a very user-friendly process for creating content that everyone is going to enjoy.

If you’re looking for a minimalist blog theme with a clean, uncomplicated design, Danni is a really nice option. Perfect for fashion magazines, tech news, travel writers, and other bloggers, this theme can also be used as a multi-author medium style magazine template. if you have enough authors coming to your website, the amount of contact you’ll be generating it is going to be staggering. 

With a theme like Danni, writers from around the world will have a really strong place to present content and to reach new readers. Keeping things interactive is always important and this theme gives you the ability to allow users to connect with one another. Readers and writers are going to find exactly what they want on any website utilizing this powerful and attractive, minimalist and flexible blogging theme.

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Koala WordPress Blog Theme for Great User Experience

Koala is a responsive WordPress blog theme with multi-author support, powerful features, a perfectly responsive layout and it has a style That is quite similar to overall, if you’re looking to create a website that will remind both writers and readers of medium, this theme provides a really outstanding option.

The Koala WordPress theme is a delightfully responsive one. This thing was built for multi-author blogs and it has the type of pristine presentation for content that is a really strong planned of typography, white space, images, and a text. Everything remains in perfect balance. 

That’s not just the home page, every inner page has the same delightful presentation with clearly legible text, helpful navigation, strong social networking integration and a lot more. If you’re looking for the type of multi-purpose medium style blogging platform, this theme gives you a lot of effective tools and some really nice, highly customizable layouts the help to make everything run smoothly.

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Severn WordPress Theme for Medium Style Multi Author Blogs

Severn is a responsive WordPress blogging theme with a style that is quite similar to overall, and it’s got all a lot of different features that make this multi-author blogging at magazine theme a really strong option for those who seek to create a medium style experience for writers and readers alike.

This theme provides a precisely crafted layout that is clean, responsive and user-friendly. It’s very simple to navigate your way around this website there are a number of different post formats included, full support for multiple authors, strong levels of engagement with readers and writers and this theme is incredibly customizable, giving you a lot of different ways to present your content. A variety of post styles are included, social media is definitely taken into consideration with some prominent placement, it’s very simple to navigate and find new content and everything about this clean was built with performance in mind.

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Ember Ultra Minimalist Multi Author Blog Theme

Ember is a responsive WordPress blogging theme that can be used as a multi-author blog platform that is similar to what you might find on This theme provides a very user-friendly platform that everyone can find useful and engaging. One of the things this theme is best at is keeping folks on your site longer, moving from one article to the next. It’s all about stickiness.

We may have saved the most simple theme for last. This is a completely stripped down blogging platform that provides a totally distraction-free environment. Your content is, as it should be, the absolute star of the show.  That was clearly in mind when crafting this theme and Ember’s designer never lost focus on that idea.

This theme provides blazing fast page load times, multiple custom widgets, strong support and documentation and it’s ready for translation into any language. If you’ve been searching for a WordPress theme that can showcase content from multiple blockers, allow for deep levels of customization, a theme that provides a completely distraction-free environment for your content and one that has an overall look and feel that is reminiscent of the simple, straightforward presentation you find in website, ember might be a really nice choice.

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