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MedPark, Medical and Dental Theme for WordPress Healthcare Sites

October 16, 2019


As part of our collection of medical themes, which you can find here.  WordPress Medical Themes, Doctors, Dentists, Healthcare and Health Clinics  You just know that MedPark is going to be a full featured theme that’s really ideal for all sorts of medical related websites.  It is.


MedPark is a WordPress theme designed for hospital and health center websites. It’s also ideal for creating university and education sites. Powered by the Tesla Framework, this theme provides you with an option of various page templates, 5 different types of custom posts, and 4 custom widgets. It also comes with shortcodes that will enable anyone to build a professional layout even without high-level web development know-how. If you’re considering this theme for a medical-related site, it would be great to know that MedPark includes a Doctor’s Page where blog visitors can look up the names of different types of medics and specialists. Each personal account is conveniently managed through the Users section found in your WordPress Admin. Another unique feature is the list of Medical Services which shows prospective clients what level of healthcare your facility offers. Related to businesses are these themes: Business, Corporate WordPress Portfolio, Blog and eCommerce Theme  You may find them to be helpful to you.


MedPark also allows potential clients to register appointments online. Additionally, there’s a Timetable which reveals the availability of each particular healthcare provider.


Selling medical insurance? Take advantage of MedPark’s Pricing Table where you can clearly and concisely present to soon-to-be clients the comparison between the various packages that you’re offering. If you wish to use MedPark for a university blog or an education-related website, you’ll be glad to know that it’s easily customizable. You and your team can write regular entries in the Blog section where you can share helpful and keyword-rich articles about health or education. Doing so optimizes the visibility of your site online. Your content can be neatly categorized according to recent posts and most popular articles. Moreover, MedPark enables you to monetize your blog by allowing you to insert ads on your sidebar. Other notable features of this theme which will convert your site visits to sales include the newsletter invitation bar and the contact page, which comes complete with a location map and a receptive messaging form.  WordPress Minimalist Themes, Simple, Sleek, Clean and Modern

For blogs, hospitals, medical centers, health centers, education websites, schools, universities or any other related website, MedPark includes everything you need to run a health care/education website efficiently.

MedPark is a Premium WordPress Theme created for medical or education related websites. It has a clean, responsive layout with a beautiful slider and a wide range of elements/features specially created for medical related sites, like: medical services, our doctors, timetable, make an appointment, etc.

MedPark is a highly customizable theme that includes our latest features, all powered by Tesla Framework. It includes 5 custom post types (Slider, Services, Timetable, Testimonials, Appointment), 4 custom widgets, different page templates (Our doctors, Timetable, Contact page) and a lot of shortcodes to build your layout anyway you wish.

  • Our doctors page – a dedicated area with all the doctors and types of specialists, each doctor has a personal account, managed from the “Users” section in WordPress admin.
  • Medical services – listing all available medical services. You can customize your single service web page by adding different shotcodes and widgets.
  • Make an appointment – allowing users to register an appointment. All the info is stored and managed from a dedicated area in your back end.
  • Timetable – showing the working hours and availability of particular doctors.

In terms of customization, MedPark is powered by Tesla Framework, a powerful administration tool that comprises all our great features and allows you to easily customize the look and functionality of your theme, without advanced knowledge of programming. It gives you the possibility to customize and manage your theme settings from a dedicated area within your WordPress Admin.

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