Meloo, Music Producer, DJ and Events WordPress Theme

This multi-purpose music theme is flexible and dynamic, allows for drag and drop page building, Ajax continuous music playback and playing more.

Back in the old days, I thought that websites with music playing in the background or quite annoying. Now it’s 2019 and, frankly, my opinion hasn’t changed. I really don’t like websites that have music playing, I always have to turn it off.

Then again, I’m not really the Target demographic for music related websites. I’ll just go on to Spotify and that’s that. But for musicians, this multi-purpose theme, that was built on the Muttley Framework, along with WordPress, will enhance your sites appearance and accentuate it with music. For disc jockeys, bands, performers of all sorts, recording artists and vocalist, record labels and producers, this theme is waiting for you to come and customize it.

This theme is incredibly fast loading, lightweight and it offers one click demo import to help you establish your site quickly. Time is money as they say and with a theme like this one, you can save plenty of time and have a gorgeous and professional-looking website at a fraction of the cost it would take to get a designer to make one for you.  Money, money, money.

We’re in the process of gathering up tons of other Grade A themes to build more helpful collections. If you know of any great WordPress music themes that we’ve missed out on, please let us know in the comments. And if you have the need for a band website for WordPress, we’d enjoy hearing about that too. Do you have any music theme recommendations? Do you have any themes that you really dislike? Anything you’ve used that you simply can’t recommend?  If the answer to those questions is yes, please let us know. We are always eager to learn more about great WordPress themes and we’ll continue building collections and adding more amazing templates as we find them.

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