Mentry Loan and Financial WordPress Theme

Mentry is a positively glowing financial sector and general business theme that’s clean, professional and made from high quality code.  It’s a clean looking theme and it promises you all the features you’ll ever need to build an awesome business website.

Here’s what the developer says about Mentry.

Mentry theme is specially made for Loan, Accounting and Financial businesses. Mentry has beautiful design and bunch of features to make your website stand out of crowd.

By the way, they misspelled beautiful, so I corrected it for them.  I hate typos and I think that often, it’s a sign of a less than high quality theme.  It’s early though, so I’ll reserve judgement until I learn more.

They also mention that Mentry is compatible with the most recent versions of both WordPress and WooCommerce.

Now, lets take a look at it.

Mentry Loan And Financial WordPress Theme
Mentry Loan And Financial WordPress Theme

So, there you go.  Looks like a solid theme, but it’s sort of up in the air.  I don’t love that some of their only promotional copy has a spelling error in it.  Not great attention to detail.  Then again, it’s a nice looking theme, so it’s a balancing act.  If you’re like a lot of folks who come to this website, you’re looking for a nulled theme, but we don’t actually offer anything like that here.  We do have a couple of free themes you can download.  We created Quartz and Oregon to compete with any of the premium themes you see on the web.  Grab yourself a copy of either and I think you’ll find they have loads of features that can help make your website a real hit.

Good luck out there!

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