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October 20, 2019

These WordPress metro style themes were all inspired by the Windows 8 interface which sort of created the metro style, introducing it to the world.  Metro style changed the way we look at modern design, it’s been very influential on web applications, websites, software interfaces and operating systems themselves.  Metro style was so influential that Apple decided to get into the act for their iOS 7, which has a very similar style.  These themes are somewhat related to flat themes, they have a very simple, often colorful layout that makes content look amazing, no matter what subject.

Metro style is a very geometric layout for your posts and pages often using colorful blocks and text to highlight certain content. These metro-style themes are very trendy in 2019 and we’ve selected the absolute best ones we could find for this collection, these stunning themes are great for businesses, for portfolios, creative blog and news magazines, travel websites, photography and more, for high quality eCommerce sites and almost anything else you could imagine. We hope you find a great looking metro style WordPress theme that perfectly fits with what you need.


Ukiyo Flat, Metro Inspired WordPress Themes

Ukiyo is a beautifully made WordPress theme with a smart metro style layout. This clean, smooth operating template is a great choice for modern design agencies and Freelancers who want the perfect way to display all of their creations. With plenty of features and a great Metro look, this grid layout system that you can create will perfectly frame all of your work. It makes your images look great, your text really stand out and it’s sure to be an attention getter. This handsome theme Works whether you are content is serious or hilarious. From the goofy to the glamorous, the bite-sized chunks of Metro grid layouts as well as the bold, and Tyson colors, are an amazing way to present any content. This theme is perfectly responsive, packed with amazing features and the documentation will help guide you through the process of setting up your website.  We’ve also got more portfolio WordPress themes to look at.

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Mizu WordPress Metro Style Themes

Mizu is another fresh theme for designers, creative studio and agencies. With a perfect rating of 5 stars on theme for us, this theme offers a beautiful metro-style layout, in addition to several other amazing flat and beautiful styles. No matter how want you want to showcase your portfolio, you’ll have plenty of options to get the job done. There’s a powerful admin interface and you’ll never need to know how to code to make the most of this template. The praise for this theme has been profuse, unbiased reviews have shown that purchasers of the same find it incredibly easy to use and they’ve judged it to be one of the better Metro themes available. It’s a splendid example of a responsive, easy-to-use theme that I think you’re going to love.

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Overton WordPress Metro Style Portfolio for Photography

If you’re looking for a multi concept theme for agencies or Freelancers, Overton is a creative and responsive theme that offers a beautiful Metro inspired portfolio, among plenty of other potential styles. For modern photographers and agencies, whether you’re an established veteran or an aspiring newcomer, you can give a great user experience to all of your visitors with this template. You’ll be the envy of your contemporaries with a dynamic theme that is packed with features. This theme is very easy to set up, the documentation is anything but murky and with it, you’ll create a tasteful and well-organized grid system for showing off your content.  Here are some additional WordPress grid themes you may enjoy.

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Diorama Metro Style WordPress Portfolio Theme

Diorama is an ambitious WordPress theme, a bold portfolio that was made for agencies and Freelancers alike. This creative template allows you to Showcase any sort of creative work with a dozen pre-made home pages, countless portfolio layouts, stunning hover type Styles and plenty more. It’s one of the easiest ways I’ve found to create an engaging and stunning portfolio. Add Envy metro-style layout, and you’ll see a bunch of enthusiastic visitors to your site, they’ll be very excited about the attractive canvas that you create to display your posts, projects and images. The same is perfectly responsive and it displays properly on all devices, it’s WooCommerce ready and it’s clean design is great for all sorts of marketing, personal blogs and Studio websites.

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Metro Magazine

Metro Magazine WordPress Theme

MetroMag is something a little different from any of the other themes in this collection. MetroMag is a Metro inspired responsive magazine theme, where as many of the themes in this collection are creative portfolio themes. With 21 unique custom widgets, IA Dynamic post tile style as well as access to hundreds of Google fonts, you have an insanely powerful and simple-to-use option for creating a beautiful online magazine. The layout is completely responsive and the style is unequaled. If you want to build a great looking magazine theme and you’re in a hurry, a theme like MetroMag could be the Head Start you need to get into business quickly.  Check out our full collection of magazine WordPress themes.

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Escher Metro Style WordPress blog theme

Escher brands itself as an urban lifestyle Blog theme, and with a Simple and Clean metro-style lay out, it does a great job of blending images and posts into one attractive package. Usher has seven distinct homepage Styles, including the masonry display that you see above, there’s a Pinterest inspired theme style and stunning animated blog as well. This fully responsive and retina ready theme has many single post variance, gorgeous blog lists and several distinct slider types. This theme is anything but doll, it’s an exciting and bold way present your content. Or has for many types, full with posts, media post types, support for WPML as well as plenty of other trendy and creative plugins and add ons.

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Argo Metro Style WordPress Business Theme

Argo is one of the original metro style WordPress themes to come out on ThemeForest. It’s still an outstanding we’re pressing for news and magazines that want that unique and I catching metro-style layout. This amuses Bowl typography and makes your images look fantastic, no matter what screen size. That’s all thanks to the perfectly responsive Design. This is bootstrap coated blog and magazine template is modern and creative, it was built on the Unison framework for stable performance and fast loading times. If you want a tried-and-true metro-style WordPress theme, Argo might be the theme for you.

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Metro Inspired WordPress Business Theme

This is one of the first metro style themes ever developed, it’s called ‘Metro’ and it was created by Themify.  This theme is a perfect summation of what metro style is all about, the colorful, geometric design, the big navigation icons, the smart use of text and maps, images and video clips.  Metro is a beautiful, colorful and minimal WordPress theme that was inspired by Windows 8.  It uses a custom tile post type to arrange your content to mimic the metro design, it’s fully responsive and that metro layout translates and works great on all devices.  All the typical post types are at your disposal, status updates, links, audio, quotes, images and image galleries as well as video.  When you post, you can select the post format, pick a standard metro color and go.  This is definitely what metro style is all about.

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Rocket Board

Rocket Board WordPress Metro Theme

This is Rocket Board, a cool looking metro styled WordPress theme that’s got a lot going for it.  Rocket Board is by one of my favorite developers, GoodLayers, and I’ve used a couple of their themes in the past.  I’ve found them to be very easy to use and the support is really great.  This is a portfolio theme that takes full advantage of metro style to really highlight your content in a professional way.  Rocket Board allows you to set default colors for the content boxes, or you can add an image, if you’d rather do it that way.  You get a responsive layout no matter what though, which is really a must-have feature these days.  There are three blog styles, multiple overlays and multiple slider options to boot.  Overall, this Rocket Board theme has a lot going for it and it can be perfect if you’re looking for a simple to use metro style theme for your next project.

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Stack Windows Metro 8 Inspired WordPress Theme

Stack is one of the first metro style themes that I reviewed and it’s still going strong a few years later. This theme has been constantly updated since its original release and it is still a fluid and responsive template that works great for all resolutions. Creating a very engaging and Visually captivating magazine or blog is going to be a snap with this metro-style template. This theme works with the tiles add-on to allow you to create a cool looking Metro design layout using a drag-and-drop page builder. Stack is a completely fluid and responsive template, you can set up an e-commerce shop and with responsive and red already design, your posts and Pages look great on all devices. There are multiple different text formats at your fingertips and each post format has a specific color scheme that can help create a colorful contrast when you view the content in a masonry lap. This team is certainly worth checking into.

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Puzzles WordPress Metro Style Magazine Theme

Puzzles is a metro-style WordPress theme that gives you unlimited home page layouts. There are also three different variations for your blog stream of page, nine separate color schemes and three different ratings systems, making this one of the better WordPress reviews themes around. Puzzles is SEO optimized and includes the ThemeRex PO Composer. There are five different home pages pre-made and six different color schemes, that gives you a ton of options to create a website that looks just like you want. This theme has been downloaded well over 1,000 times and it’s very highly rated. With support for WooCommerce, this metro style magazine theme is great for entertainment news, Games, movies and music reviews. Getting started with the Puzzles WordPress theme is a breeze and changing things up to give yourself a custom look is quite simple as well.

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