Mezmerize, Fashionable WordPress Theme for Lookbooks

According to the online dictionary I just looked at, Mesmerize is defined as – to hold the attention of someone to the exclusion of everything else, or to completely and utterly transfix them. Some of the synonyms of mesmerize include to hypnotize, to fascinate or enchant, to captivate, dazzle, charm, bewitch or spellbind. So, that’s what this theme is all about.  It’s going to make you lose your mind, pretty much.

Which is nice.

Also, the same online dictionary defines terrible writing as – to use that old dictionary intro thing that kids used to do in grade school when they actually didn’t know what the word meant to start your article. Like I just did.

At any rate, now we both know what Mesmerize means.

This type of Mesmerize is a clean and attractive lookbook or portfolio website that may be misspelled, but it does provide a really great fashion brand lookbook template that is ready to use right out of the box, provides an attractive style and is user-friendly enough to be quite the adaptable.  Great starting point.

Mezmerize is available exclusively through Template Monster, one of the leading Market places to buy and sell WordPress themes. Lookbook themes are quite popular these days and themes like this one meet the offer multiple layouts to keep up with the proverbial Jones. Custom widgets are also a nice touch, Mesmerize provides both. The live customizer makes it very simple to adjust and adapt the look and feel of your website, this SEO friendly WordPress scene is 100% responsive and gives you access to every Google font available today. The documentation and support are thorough and Ultra customizable.

If you’re not feeling the look of Mezmerize, we have a full collection of themes that might fit the bill for you. There are hundreds and hundreds of lookbook themes out there, we have tried our very best to select the finest of them for that collection. We will keep adding to it constantly, giving you a fantastic array of choices to create amazing website for your fashion.  We’ll be back shortly with more fantastic themes for all your fashion needs.  In the meantime, please leave a like or share us on your favorite social network.  Aw yeah!

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