Miimo, Minimal and Modern WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Miimo is an incredibly sleek WordPress theme for selling products using the power of WooCommerce.

You know, I had wondered what the name of this thing memes. Miimo. I looked it up, evidently Honda makes a robotic lawn mower and that is its name. I sort of feel like this theme developer is going to end up getting a cease-and-desist for using this robotic lawn mowers name in vain. I mean, it’s not like they’re making fun of it, it looks like kind of a handy product. But, I have seen other developers run into the same problem. They have used either a name that it’s too similar to an established product or they have chosen to rip off somebody else’s design. Either way, you can get a cease-and-desist before you can say Jack Robinson.

All of that aside, this theme is quite clean and it fits within the modern Canon of sleek, minimalist blog and WooCommerce combo themes. It’s a pretty popular Niche design, so many people want to focus the reader’s attention on products and bold images, not web template design.

This template was designed by ThemeMove, and I always like to see what the theme developer has to say about their template. It’s always interesting to see whether their assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of their theme is in alignment with my own. Let’s face the facts, they don’t ever think there’s anything wrong with our theme. If they did, they would fix it before they released it. Probably. Anyway, this is what ThemeMove says about Miimo.

As a minimal WordPress theme embraced with the modern breath of daily life, Miimo could fulfill your every need for building an online fashion shop. Being highly compatible with WooCommerce and other premium plugins like WPBakery and Slider Revolution, Miimo offers users with various elegant pre-built homepages as well as blogs and shop layouts. Explore more stunning features for enhancing your brand’s visibility and reach out farther with Miimo.

And now, the visual style of this theme. It really does have a clean, modern design in each and every one of the Fourteen different homepage styles. Each offers a little something different, depending on whether you want to feature or just a single product or multiple products on that front page. Check out the demo link below to find out more about this theme and the different homepage demo styles.

Miimo Sleek Modern Minimal WooCommerce Theme
Miimo Sleek Modern Minimal WooCommerce Theme

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