Minimalist WordPress Magazine Themes, 7 Clean, Simple, Modern Templates for 2021

If you want a clean, distraction free environment for your magazine articles, this collection of minimalist WordPress magazine themes is the place to start your search. Everyone of the themes in this collection has a clean, modern design and that makes them perfect for displaying your content in a way that makes your readers find exactly what they’re wanting with ease. There’s something about a clean, minimalist design for magazines that makes it a really ideal option for lots of different types of articles.

Most of the WordPress themes it was selected for this collection contain multiple options for homepages and inner pages. This gives you lots flexibility when setting your website up. And thanks to the inclusion of a powerful page building tool like WP Bakery Page Builder or the Elementor Page Builder, you’ll have complete control over your websites layout and all the features any page or post offers. This can be very important when trying to build your audience because you’ll want to have exactly the types of features they expect. You can also use these page building tools to add advertising blocks to any post or page, a very clear-cut way to monetize your website.

Everyone of the themes in this collection is powerful, user-friendly and well supported by the developer. These themes also provide you with strong sets of documentation so you’ll never run into issues when setting up or customizing your magazine site. So, if you value a minimalist design and you’re looking to set up a magazine, this collection is the one for you.

Minimalist WordPress Magazine Themes

Here they are, some attractive, engaging, elegant and minimalist magazine WordPress themes to build your traffic and engage with your readers.


Aqum Contemporary Magazine WordPress Theme
Aqum Contemporary Magazine WordPress Theme

Aqum is a clean, crisp and contemporary magazine WordPress theme with a shocking number of features, a modern and beautiful look and it’s great for news, magazines, blogs and a whole lot more. It includes some unique, handcrafted WP creature drag and drop elements to allow you to craft a really strong website that commands respect.

If you’re supplying the world with fantastic information and new content, a theme like this one can definitely help get the job done with custom post types, a beautiful post slider to keep the most important information fresh in readers minds, there are attractive post grids and dedicated spaces for your advertisements. The single post page is particularly attractive, there’s a newsletter sticky sidebar to help build your audience going forward and some effective footer widgets to provide even more areas for great looking content.

This theme has a really strong theme options panel to allow you to hammer out small changes that make your website a really successful on.  The code quality is of the highest order, the support and documentation are strong, you can translate your website into any language and in terms of search engine optimization, the page load times and the proper display on all devices definitely lend a hand to make your website as successful as it possibly can be.

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Bitz Minimalist WordPress Magazine Theme
Bitz Minimalist WordPress Magazine Theme

This is Bitz.  What do you think?

Bitz is a WordPress theme that wants you to ReDiscover publishing. That seems like a grandiose thing to say, let’s see if the theme itself is up to its bold projections about how good it is. This theme was originally released on December 4th of 2015. That’s quite a bit of time that it’s past, a lot of themes that have been on the market that long don’t stand the test of time. This one has been downloaded over 900 times so far and it has a very respectable rating of just over 4.7 out of 5 Stars. So, it looks like the people who have purchased this theme still believe in it, even after over 4 years.  For more magazine themes, check this collection out.

Now with this WordPress theme, you get a front and back-end visual Builder, allowing you to see changes that you make to your website instantly. You can add or remove, modify and switch up content blocks and elements. This allows you to see, as I already mentioned, what your sight will look like in real time. Best of all, it does this even with mobile sites, allowing you to see how your website will look on a smartphone or other handheld device.

In terms of style, you can style each and every category to have his own look, that’s something that bloggers I’ve really been crying out for lately. There are half a dozen different hairstyles and several footer Styles as well. The article blocks are really stylish and attractive, giving you a perfect platform for your content.

In terms of theme options, the theme options panel is smart and has plenty of built-in theme options, letting you modify the design and features of your website with just a few clicks. You won’t even have to know how to code to make the most of those features. There is a built-in reviews system, and Rich Snippets are also enabled for those reviews. Your readings can break down with Dynamic Fields, automatic average rating calculations, good, dad and Baseline reviews. This reviews system has a little something for everyone. You can show your posts with a post time format, there are sticky sidebar and sticky header options and even image filters for your images. This is something that not all online Journal templates offer.

If the Bitz WordPress theme is not perfect for your needs, we have a wide range of fantastic WordPress Journal themes that could fit the bill. Have a look at those and let us know if you see something that you really love. We would love to see how any of these themes look for your website.

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Nubia Minimal Blog and Magazine WordPress Theme
Nubia Minimal Blog and Magazine WordPress Theme

This theme is called Nubia, not to be confused with the southern Nile river valley region called Nubia.  Why would anyone confuse the two?  I mean, seriously?  That’s a part of the Earth, this is a WordPress theme!  Come on, get it together!

All this talk about Africa makes me want to listen to the song by Toto.  I once played this song about 10 times in a row at a bar.  They kicked me out.  Anyway, I thought it was funny.  Oh yeah, a lot of people think the lyrics say ‘I miss the rains down in Africa’, but it’s really ‘I bless the rains.’  Now you know.

Back to the theme.

You can see from the design, this is a very simple an straightforward blog theme, minimalist and clean in style, yet it’s full of features. We’ll get to that in a few minutes.

So, what do you get with the Nubia WordPress theme? Well, as you can clearly see you get a very simple and minimal style template that is well-documented and responsive. In terms of the framework, this theme was built using underscores. Underscores is a handy framework that allows you to build very fast loading and good-looking websites. For better washing and browsing experiences, you can embed videos and they too will be completely responsive and look great on screams of all sizes. You can embed videos from Vimeo, YouTube, Ted, Facebook, Dailymotion and more.

If you’re an Instagrammer, why not add the Instagram feed widget to the sidebar and shows many images as you would like? You can adjust the color scheme, there’s a Jacks post loading, related posts widget and one click demo import. I think that this developer friendly meme is a really great choice and it’s received the perfect five star rating on ThemeForest thus far, you can’t get any better than that. So, in conclusion, if you want a nice minimal personal Blog theme, Nubia is a template that you should certainly consider.

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Noozbeat WordPress Theme for Minimalist Magazines
Noozbeat WordPress Theme for Minimalist Magazines

Update: CSS Igniter is still fully supporting this theme, but a lot has changed on that website. Right now, you can get over 80 themes in total for just $69 on CSS igniter. Honestly, that’s a pretty good deal because they’ve got some nice stuff. Some of it is become a bit dated, but I think that there’s still some value to be had. At least at the time of this writing, the themes themselves are on sale for $49. A really good bargain because, honestly, that’s cheaper than a lot of premium themes are these days and if you have a bunch of websites you don’t mind a fairly simple looking template, CSS igniter does some good stuff. So, perhaps this theme is acceptable for or what you needed to accomplish.

Noozbeat is a full-service magazine WordPress theme with plenty of great features that almost make you forget how dumb the name is.  Noozbeat, really?  Anyway, let’s have a look at some of Noozbeat’s features that make it a good choice for a newspaper or magazine type website.

You’ve got multiple category layouts, well chosen dedicated advertising spaces that make this an Adsense ready theme that will really help convert your page views intoclicks.  There’s a stylish set of widgets and SEO optimization to help create a wonderful user experience that gets results.  Noozbeat is a little different from many other newspaper themes.  You’ll want a WP theme that looks every bit as great as it is simple and straightforward to work with, which makes your job of blogging that much easier.

Noozbeat does exactly that, since this template’s powerful options panel, easily customized for your site, lets you turn elements on and off with just a few mouse clicks.  Add your logo, switch out the background, add Google analytics code to track your traffic and a whole lot more. Even translate this WPML ready theme into any language you want.  Pretty cool way to make sure your audience gets the content fast and fresh.  A great newspaper magazine theme is all about the content and Noozbeat really delivers a simple interface that makes it easy to get your content in front of as many eyes as possible.

CSSIgniter offers top rated support too, so you won’t run into any hurdles you can’t overcome with Noozbeat.  The theme is updated frequently, to keep pace with the ever-changing world of WordPress, making sure this theme works perfectly on at least the most two most recent major updates of WordPress.

So, there we are, Noozbeat.  What do you think of it?


NOEMI WordPress Magazine Theme with Clean Designs
NOEMI WordPress Magazine Theme with Clean Designs

This Noemi WordPress theme is one incredibly clean example of what a modern lifestyle blog or magazine can do to elevate your content. Noemi also works as a personal blog, a travel blog or perhaps even a recipe blog. No matter what you’re into, the clean style of this eCommerce ready WordPress theme lends itself to any sort of purpose.

This template offers 10 separate blog layouts, so if you’re a connoisseur of gorgeous design and flexible functionality, this theme offers a lot.

There are multiple post layouts that are all clean and a little different. You get plenty of header options to get all the important information up top where it belongs. There are featured posts that concentrate your readers attention on the post that you think are most important, the ones that get the most traffic. You get featured categories, a pair of different footer options and access to hundreds of Google fonts with this template. Noemi has a perfect five star rating on themeforest, which is a testament to just how high a quality a WordPress this is.  Sure, there are other 5 star themes, but ones this clean?  That’s hard to come by.

There are Advanced theme options, this template is easy to set up and use, there is a ton of documentation that goes along with the Noemi WordPress theme and the fast and reliable support is always helpful if you happen to run into troubles. 4 beautiful blogs, a pure and clean experience and a flexible, user-friendly design, Noemi is one of the best options I’ve seen yet.

If you’d like to see some more beautiful fashion blogs, we’ve just released a big collection with whole bunch of amazing looking stuff. We only select the absolute best WordPress themes, so if you see it in that collection, it’s a high quality and highly functional theme.  These WordPress fashion blogs are great for any sort of apparel.

If you’d like to see some more cool looking magazine themes for WordPress, we’ve got a collection of amazing stuff there too. These WordPress magazine themes can be good for travel magazines, lifestyle magazines, fashion or trend magazines and a whole lot more. Some more very sleek and minimalist like the Naomi theme, and some have a lot more features and bells and whistles. Let us know what you think about that collection and will try to keep finding more amazing themes and Future.

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The Affair

Gizele Boldrin Creative Blog Magazine
Gizele Boldrin Creative Blog Magazine

This creative theme for personal blogs and magazines is called the affair, but this is nothing that you’ll need to keep a secret. Everyone is going to want to know about the WordPress theme called The Affair. This template is perfect for Creative magazines and blogs, it’s got a clean and responsive Style and a very minimalist look. The typography is well thought out and there are a variety of post formats including slideshows, galleries, featured text and images. With the affair WordPress theme you can share all of your stories in one place. This theme has recently been updated to and it’s better than ever.

With a perfect rating of 5 stars on ThemeForest, this template has been downloaded 451 times so far. It seems that everyone who has purchased the theme has been very happy with the results.

Judging by the attentiveness of this theme developer to issues that have cropped up during the time that it’s been on the market, I’d say the support is as good as any. With the affair WordPress theme, you got a lovely and talented template that is ideal for blogging.

It should be noted that the Affair is not a WooCommerce ready theme, so if you want to start an online shop, perhaps you’d rather check out some of our collections. One of those collections is this awesome collection of woocommerce themes. With these names, it’s absolutely possible to start up a highly functional and responsive online store.

If you’d like to see some additional minimalist WordPress themes, we’ve got a collection for that as well. No surprise there, right? We have collections for a wide range of different types of websites and in one of them, you will certainly be able to find exactly what you’ve been looking for.  Let us know if you see any amazing WordPress themes in your journey’s down the electronic highway, we’ll be sure to add it to one of our collections in the near future.

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Norway Travel Blog WordPress Theme Preview ThemeForest
Norway Travel Blog WordPress Theme Preview ThemeForest

The Norway WordPress theme is a responsive WordPress lifestyle, Travel magazine and Blog theme. The Norway theme is focused primarily on creating a highly readable and well-organized user experience. This theme stays out of the way of readers and webmaster alike, with a very clean and simple design, generous use of white space as well as large and easily read fonts. I think the Norway theme will help encourage your visitors to keep on reading no matter what.

The Norway theme can be used right out of the box or customized with the native WordPress customizer, which is a great thing since everyone is so familiar with how to use it. The Norway theme is responsive, it’s a clean and minimalist magazine or Blog theme, ideal for personal blogs or travel blogs. You can even showcase your photography with the highly professional and attractive portfolio options. Norway is a perfect lie rated theme on theme for us, it’s had over 500 sales and still has a perfect five star rating. You can integrate your social media networks with some of the built-in widgets and even create an e-commerce store using the WooCommerce plugin.

Considering everything that you, I think this is a very good value and I think that the purchasers of this magnificent WordPress theme would agree.

In the event that the Norway theme is not quite right for you, we’ve added a whole bunch of new collections that may be of interest to you. Since Norway is a bright and clean, simple and modern WordPress theme with a minimalist style, you might be interested in that collection. And the Norway theme is also a very well designed lifestyle Blog theme so perhaps you’d be more interested in seeing some of our lifestyle blog templates. Either way you go, this is a fantastic WordPress theme that is going to help you make your blogging experience one to remember.

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Papr – News Website WordPress Theme
Papr – News Website WordPress Theme

Papr is a modern and stylish news magazine for high tech websites, blogs and anything modern. with a very clean design, some mind blowing features, this template allows you to become your own boss. Set your own hours, play hooky if you want to. Whatever you want to do, you can do it. It’s your world and the rest of us are just living in. But, if you’re looking for a minimalist magazine WordPress theme, you could search all day and not find anything better than the Papr WordPress theme.

This template is incredibly reasonably priced. It’s a bargain-basement, low low price of just $25. A lot of people are jubilant about finding a theme that cheap and it should give you the courage you need to conquer the WordPress world. This clean, modern and sleek magazine theme gives you loads of features. Fortunately, you don’t need an overblown design to have overloads of features. This template works great with WooCommerce so you can sell products and it also comes with a complementary copy of the Elementor Page Builder.

With multiple premade designs, this incredibly smooth operating WordPress theme is drop dead gorgeous to look at with some other compelling features. If you want a magazine style WordPress theme that also works great for personal blogs, this one definitely hits the mark. With multiple portfolio layouts, a large assortment of prebuilt inner pages, multiple header and footer styles, even a reviews feature, this modern and unique WordPress theme works great for nearly any type of magazine content. Sports, travel, fashion, you name it, this theme can handle it.

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