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November 14, 2019
A lot of time, writers want to have a clean, very simple platform for communicating their ideas.  That’s what this collection of minimalist WordPress themes for writers is all about.  We’ve gathered up quite a number of very simple themes. Each one of them provide simple, clean ways to display your writing.  It can be easier to communicate using any of these the,es. They provide a distraction free environment that gets the message out there.
Writers need a special type of website, one where the text is the most important part of the whole operation.  A distraction free environment is always better for creating a great user experience.  This collection delivers clear, concise WordPress themes. They’re going to make your writing practically jump off the page.

Oregon, Free, WordPress Minimal Writing Theme by Templified

Oregon, Free, Minimalist WooCommerce WordPress Theme

This is a free theme that we created for bloggers and writers.  This Oregon theme is simple to look at, but it’s got plenty of features.  This theme is ready to go in a couple minutes.  You can turn the featured image slider on or off. Then there are those three promo boxes located below the slider, well, those are optional too.  That means you get some home page flexibility. Oregon can help you craft a stunning looking website for your writing.  Distraction free or a little bit of style?  That’s up to you, this theme works great with or without those promo areas.  And your posts and going to look great thanks to the clean and simple design.

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This is a clean, simple and attractive theme that was designed with writers in mind.  Blissard is the name of this theme and it’s got the white space to prove it’s aptly named.  This theme is perfect for writers who want a clean platform for any sort of content. You’ll be up and running before you know it, this is theme installed fast. Any sort of customization that you want to make can be done with a handful of clicks. This theme has extensive documentation complete with screenshots and even several video tutorials. The support is strong and fast, I think that this theme could work great for any sort of writer.

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The simple presentation offered by Authentic makes it a wonderful theme for any writer who wants to deliver killer content with a stunning presentation.  Authentic is one of the highest rated writing WordPress themes out there. It’s got a very near perfect rating of 4.96 out of 5 stars. With around 5,000 sales, this theme is growing fast, it’s proven to be very popular and well loved by everyone who has used it. With multiple different demo site included, you can have a stunning looking website off the ground quickly. There are unlimited color options, multiple header options and you can create your own online shop using WooCommerce. I really like the inline related posts feature, the humorous advertisement and banner areas to help monetize your site and the typography is outstanding. This is theme that supports accelerated mobile Pages for fast loading times on mobile devices.

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Marcell is a clean, modern and attractive blog theme that writers are going to love.  Thanks to the minimal design, your content is always going to be the center of attention. Marcell is WordPress theme that includes 20 different layouts and a multi-concept personal blog and magazine template. This Gutenberg compatible theme is great for writers and bloggers who want an attractive way to post all sorts of stories. If you’re writing about travel, entertainment, if you are a novelist or a poet, this seemed get you a clean and attractive website for sharing your creations. Marcell even supports WooCommerce and with a free copy of Elementor page builder, you can create any sort of layout that you want. This is a flexible theme, that is living theme and it looks great on all devices.

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The Essentialist

The Essentialist is a minimal blog theme for writers who aim to provide a great user experience, making your content look fantastic and giving readers exactly what they’re looking for.  The Essentialist is honest minimalist design at its best. This theme is designed to deliver your content and not distract from it, giving an uncluttered look to all of your pages. There are some minimalist animations included and this theme builds a clear, concise layout to help your posts look fantastic on all devices. Compatible with the latest version of WordPress and with the Gutenberg page builder, Essentialist is a WordPress blogging theme with a narrative spirit and clean aesthetics. This theme is built for visual storytelling and photo blogging, but it works great for all sorts of writers as well. This is a minimalist theme with loads of features.

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Arnold is a strong WordPress blog and authors theme, it’s got a simple, modern style and plenty of features, meaning your content can be presented exactly the way you want to present it.  Minimalist themes like Arnold are perfectly suited for writers who want to keep they’re content the most important thing on the page. That means that you were riding won’t get overwhelmed by a lot of extra design elements that aren’t necessary. That doesn’t mean that this theme doesn’t have all the features that you need to create an exciting and engaging blog, in fact, simple design can lend itself to providing an even better user experience than a theme of a lot of extra bells and whistles included. These types of things can make sure that your readers can concentrate on what you have written, not on all of the extras that don’t add to the user experience.

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Zeen is a next generation magazine theme, it’s a clean, clear way to present any written content, making certain that your writing is presented in a way that’s distraction free.  With a clean, minimalist writing blog like this one, you are going to provide an outstanding user experience for everyone who visits your site. Seems like this one and sure that your content comes first, your readers will be excited to see what you have created and they will keep coming back for more if you give them the right user experience. Minimalist riding themes like this one do a great job of getting your point across with no distractions.

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Norway is a great looking, minimal blog theme for writers who value clean, concise presentation of all types of written content. Minimalist writing blog themes like this one provide user experience that is memorable straightforward. Nothing like this one, you will be providing your readers with exactly what they want, your content. It’s all presented in such a way that there is no clutter, no extra design elements that are completely required and your content is always going to be the star of the show. Minimalist themes like this one do a fantastic job of letting people really gate with and absorb what you threaten, they will get your message and hopefully that means that they will come back for

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Monochrome Pro

By presenting your content in a clear way, Monochrome Pro gives readers a distraction free reading environment to be able to consume all types of writing.

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Soledad is one of the most popular magazine and blog themes ever created, the simple and clean presentation is dedicated to making your writing stand out and look great.  Check out this collection of WordPress personal blog themes for more great stuff.

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Amio is a blog and portfolio theme that’s great for writers who want a little more than a straight-up blog.  This theme can do double duty.  If you want to see some more minimalist WordPress themes, you’re going to want to take a peek at our collection.

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Collecto is a minimalistic magazine theme, it’s got a slick, glossy style to, making certain your content is going to be memorable and that helps make sure your readers keep coming back for more.  We’ve got more magazine themes for WordPress that you may be interested in.

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Elegance Pro

Elegance Pro is a fine-tuned machine, it’s a classic, minimal style blog that presents your content right.  The style may be minimalist, but the functionality makes this theme a true powerhouse.

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Eero is a true minimalist theme, it’s a blog for all types of writers and it helps present your content in a really beautiful way, no matter what you’re writing about.

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Authors who have a discerning style and a real eye for classic designs, many I’ve recently turned to the Auteur WordPress theme. This template offers for different elegant home pages, a book reviews design, introducing a single book design, and introducing an author page and an entire book store design. There are 10 different blog layouts included and three separate shop layouts. Whether you are selling one product or many, digital downloads or hardbound books, this Auteur theme gives you a nice set of tools to achieve a successful business. Without you are you get a drag-and-drop page builder for page construction, unlimited retina sliders and font awesome 5 Pro. Prominent features include beautiful headers, responsive elements, over two dozen different short codes, MailChimp and Contact Form 7 support and easy installation, all to go along with WooCommerce and all of the power that provides to build a great-looking store.

And this is one of the four different homepage Styles, this is the book reviews homepage. I think that they are all pretty interchangeable and considering the fact that you get a page builder included with your download, the theme itself is flexible enough to adapt. So, I don’t think you need to consider this only as a book reviews theme, could be good for promoting books or as a Publisher’s home page. The choice is yours, of course.

Auteur is one of a large number of Woo templates, but you might want to have a look at a larger collection to see if you find something you like better.  We’ve found a lot of themes that aspire to greatness, but they come up a bit short.  Some are pretty interesting and have a nice look about them, some are simply not well designed enough to make the cut.  We’ve tried to blend the unique with the tried and true, giving you a spectacular selection of themes that will endure the test of time.  These themes permit you to build a successful online shop, selling all sorts of products and services with a tireless energy.  That’s because these themes work around the clock to help you build your brand, sell products and get the word out about the real purpose of your site: to help people.

And, since this WordPress theme is also all about writers, we don’t want to leave you out. If you are looking for a WordPress theme for a writer, check out that collection.  We found so many outstanding themes, it’s hard to narrow them down. But never the less, we persist. That’s almost ripping a line off from Elizabeth Warren, but that’s okay, hopefully, since I like her.

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Typer is a striking WordPress blogging theme that I think does everything that a high quality personal blog needs to be able to do. In terms of features, you get plenty of them. There’s built in Social sharing, responsive design that is translation ready, flexibility in terms of colors and fonts, there’s a parallax scrolling effect and, of course, you’ll be able to Brand your website to fit your company. This theme includes the very latest in short code technology, there are custom page types and this clean and crisp theme looks great too.

So, what do you think?  Is this theme worth the money?  I think so, but I’m almost certain this theme won’t be around much longer, despite it’s high rating on ThemeForest.  It just hasn’t sold enough to make it viable for the long term.  So, get it while it’s hot, know what I’m saying?

Update. Oops, looks like they’ve removed Typer from the ThemeForest website. That’s unfortunate, considering I think it really was a high-quality WordPress blog and magazine theme, but life goes on. We found plenty of other options for you to have a look at. No matter what, you will find these themes are high-quality, easy to adapt to any use and they are all fast living and truly premium themes. I think it’s very unfortunate that this template was removed, I really did like the built-in social sharing aspects of it, the clean typography, the responsive design and the ability to produce content-rich websites that looked as great as they functioned.

So if you’d like to take a look at some personal blog themes, check out this collection. As for the magazine theme aspect, we’ve got another collection that you might be intrigued by. These things are really well-designed, fast loading, well supported and can truly be considered a moment of the best themes on the internet.

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I bet the name Underwood wasn’t inspired by Carrie, the country singer.  I’m thinking it’s more like the old school typewriter.  No matter what, the Underwood WordPress theme is a simple, effective and strong entry into the personal, creative, lifestyle, recipe and travel blog market.  A masculine blog like Underwood is a great way to impress your visitors.  With the Underwood theme, which was created by ThemeShift by the way, you get a very reasonably priced template that can help you win over tons of new readers with it’s awesome style and ease of use.  Underwood could be ideal for all kinds of bloggers, from food bloggers, creative lifestyle bloggers, even travel and tourism.  The option is yours.  If you want a good looking theme that doesn’t use a bunch of plugins and addons that slow things down, Underwood is worth a look.

The front page banners give big impact, the audio and video options throughout the website do too.  Incorporate any sort of multimedia you want, audio and video posts and anything else you can imagine.  I really think Underwood could be a great theme for podcasts too!  Underwood has three front page layouts, nine amazing post formats, simple to use dashboard with live editor, full width front page post banner, a cool cascading style grid layout, social media links and icons, awesome Bootstrap code, hundreds of Google fonts and plenty more.  Well worth considering Underwood for all of you writing needs.  Well, so that’s my brief overview of the Underwood theme.

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