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Mobile WordPress Themes

November 14, 2019
Mobile WordPress Themes

These days, more folks are using handheld devices to seek out information on the web.  But if you don’t provide a mobile website, it can be difficult to get your information out there so it can be accessed from all devices.  That’s where this selection of themes come in very handy.  For this collection, we’ve gathered up some really unique mobile themes for WordPress.  These aren’t just simple, responsive themes or themes that work well on mobile devices.  There are plenty of those themes available too, like this collection of responsive WordPress themes.  Nope, these themes are very specifically mobile themes, built for handheld devices first and foremost.

These themes are intended for smart phones and tablet devices, you can set these themes up as secondary themes to display only the mobile version of your website, which can help provide a solid user experience for visitors who access your site on those handheld devices.  The collection contains a lot of blog themes, some that work for portfolios and galleries and a few are even eCommerce ready.  We’ve tried to include as many user friendly themes as possible to give you a lot of options for building your website.


Hunter, WordPress Theme for Mobile Devices

Hunter is a clean and classy WordPress theme that is intended for smartphone and tablet device usage. Think of it as a sort of accelerated mobile Pages alternative. This theme can be used as a secondary theme to display just for mobile visitors or you can use it as a full-featured website. There are quite a number of features included with this theme, set it up as a straightforward blog, including optional static front page, great touch-enabled galleries or build portfolios. Hunter also includes a unique comment form with validation enabled access, you can install it as a web app and more. If you run into issues using this theme, the support and documentation are thorough and useful. Buyers have really singled out the support offered by the developer. Like all mobile themes, this one is touch enabled with swipe, pinch and zoom functionality on every page and image. The design is flat and clean and it works hand-in-hand with your desktop seem to provide a fantastic user experience.

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Rogue, WordPress Mobile Theme

Rogue is a customizable mobile theme for WordPress is that is easy to use, easy to set up and easy to customize. It’s the most versatile mobile theme yet. Designed for smartphones and tablet devices, you can use the Steam on a brand new WordPress installation or set up a secondary, mobile only seeing for your existing site. Road is very simple to use and set up, yet the customization options are very in-depth. You get a fully responsive, liquid design, customizable headers and menu systems, customizable page transitions and you can customize the title, body text sizes and fonts, add padding to content and more. It gives your layouts a really cool look that is completely under your control. Tested on all major browsers, this theme looks great on every one of them, providing a user experience that is absolutely fantastic.

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Touch, Mobile WordPress Theme

Touch calls itself a lighter-than-air mobile WordPress theme. The theme developer has done quite a bit of work in the mobile theme field. This was their fourth template and it is proven to be one of their most popular. It’s intended for tablet and smartphone use, often as a secondary theme, though it can be used as your primary template as well. Touch may look Airy and light, but considering the number of features that it has, it is certainly got everything that you need to set up a full-featured website that provides a dynamic and engaging experience. This theme has been thoroughly tested on iOS, Android, Windows phone and desktop browsers. It looks great on all of them, works perfectly everywhere and that is sort of what sets this theme apart. While it was designed primarily as a mobile site, it works great on desktop displays as well. This theme has touch-enabled galleries with a highly customized version of fotoswipe, the most popular touch-enabled Gallery system out there. It integrates seamlessly with WordPress, let’s your visitors Zoom, pinch and swipe their way through all of your images. You get a unique, clean design Comet to level accordion menus and a lot more functionality to keep you in touch with your visitors and keep them engaged with your content.

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Brave, WordPress Mobile Theme

Brave is a dark, clean and totally responsive WordPress mobile theme. It’s 100% responsive, simple to use and simple to customize. There’s not a single Pixel that is out of place, nothing that can get between your visitor and your content. This is a theme allows visitors to effortlessly find exactly what they want, thanks to the modern and well-appointed Design. This theme can work right alongside your desktop site, it is ready for localization and can be installed as a web app on iOS. The unique menu is beautiful, the contact and comment forms are attractive, well designed and helps you engage with your readers. The supporting documentation are first-rate and this mobile theme has been tested on all major browser types, working great for each and every one of them. If you need a mobile theme to go alongside an existing desktop theme and you would prefer not to use AMP, this theme is a great solution.

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Vibrant, Mobile Device WordPress Theme

Vibrant is a super Sharp mobile theme for WordPress, it’s got a clean, lightweight build and I’d say the overall style is minimalist. There are several different standout elements like a unique menu display, Comet forms and custom headers are available for each post or page. That helps to ensure that your website does not look generic at all. It is a memorable experience to visitors and that can help keep them around your site a little bit longer, exploring what you have created. Vibrant is a multi-purpose team as well, you can use it as a simple blog, as a mobile home page for your business, you can show off your portfolio and you can use it as a mobile-only theme on existing WordPress installation, or set it up is the main theme on a brand new installation of WordPress. That’s right, you can even use this theme as a full-blown desktop site if you choose to do so. Bonfire themes does a great job with all of their mobile themes and this template is no exception.

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ProMobile, WordPress Mobile Theme

Promobile is another mobile friendly WordPress theme that looks and feels amazing on all mobile devices. It’s blazingly fast loading, incredibly simple to use and it comes packed with all the features you need to enjoy the full content of your website on any mobile device. These days, more and more people are browsing the web on mobile devices as they go, giving them the same great experience that desktop users that is very important. You should certainly not overlook your desktop or mobile users. This theme Blends all the functionality of both experiences into one. Pro mobile offers full localization support dozens of different short codes and everything is under your control, you can customize just about anything that you see on the page. You got beautiful, immersive galleries that allow you are visitors to touch and swipe their way through your images. This Gallery set up is designed to feel like a native gallery application on your mobile device. Of course, adding images is as simple as dragging them from a folder and dropping them into the admin fee. You can show off projects and a gorgeous mobile first portfolio, that’s touch-friendly as well. In addition, this theme is the ultimate Mobile Blog. It’s designed to look stunning and feel native and work fast. Terms of the design, this template provides a clean, modern and minimal look that blends with your existing branding quite well. This is also probably the highest rated mobile theme in his collection, it’s got a perfect 5-star rating and the support and documentation are thorough and quite helpful.

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Breezy, WordPress Mobile Theme

Breezy is the name of this mobile theme for WordPress and it’s a great option if you want to have a dedicated mobile website to go along with an existing desktop friendly website. Breezy is a cleaning lightweight mobile theme, but it can also be used as a full-fledged theme on its own. This template has an extensive menu system and loading screen that have recently been updated. This gives you a mobile-focused website that is built from the ground up for user experience on small screens and smartphones. Breezy is incredibly customizable, the code is clean and well, today, marked up so that you can make any changes that you need. However, if you’re not familiar or not comfortable with customizing code, the highly visual back-end editor can take care of just about any customization that you want to make. This theme is a tremendous value, it’s two themes in one in a way. This theme also comes with an interesting and unique feature, a mobile navigation plug in and had her solution built by the themes developer. Morphe is the name of the plug in and it is a very simple way to add a lot of options to your theme, header and Logo options, fly-out menus, customization and more. This team also includes the page loader plug-in, that can help to ensure that your pages and posts load up quickly and look great on those small screens.

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Hero, WordPress Mobile Theme by Bonfire

Hero is a no-nonsense, mobile first WordPress theme that works alongside your existing desktop site to provide a great user experience for mobile visitors. This is one of the highest rated mobile-first sites, 4.85 out of 5 stars. With over 300 sales, it has become quite popular, but it’s on the most widely used mobile templates out there. Hero support touch and swipe Gallery, offers multiple color schemes and a variety of extremely customizable short codes. Support is fantastic and the documentation included is comprehensive. This theme is ready for localization, it is SEO friendly for mobile search results that are at the top of any search engine marketers Wish List. Fully tested with all major smartphone and tablet devices, this theme is a feature-rich way to add a strong mobile presents to your existing desktop site.

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Rowe, WordPress Mobile Theme

Rowe is a warm & cozy mobile theme. This template was developed by one of the leading mobile template makers out there. Bonfire themes does a great job with all of their mobile templates, making them seem a little bit more like an application than a true mobile site. What you got is a fully responsive, mobile-focused design with fluid animations and a fluid layout. His theme is highly customizable and it has a dedicated mobile menu. There are customizable page Transitions and it is also ready for translation and localization. The comment form that is included is clean and minimal and does a great job of helping you engage with your readers. The supporting documentation or solid and this particular theme even includes a ready-to-use child template. If you are looking to add a mobile theme to go along with an existing desktop theme that doesn’t have all of the features that you are interested in, this one is a fantastic option.

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Aura, WordPress Mobile Friendly Theme

Aura is a fresh, mobile friendly WordPress theme that I believe is the most popular mobile theme in this collection. It has been downloaded over 1,000 times, making it the best seller of all time. This theme has been around for quite some time, it was first released in 2014, but the developer keeps adding to it and upgrading. Or it is just as fresh and relevant today as it ever was. This theme aims to give your readers the perfect mobile experience. Whether you are blogging, building a portfolio or showcasing what your business has to offer, providing a great user experience for every visitor is very important. Aura has localization support, a wide range of short codes and an integrated video tutorial to show you exactly how to use this theme alongside of your existing desktop theme. You should keep that in mind, this theme, unlike some in this collection, is not purpose-built to work as a desktop site template. You’ll have to use some other type of theme to provide that experience. However, if you are looking to add a better experience then ampe can deliver, this template is a fantastic choice.

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