Multimedia WordPress Themes

Multimedia WordPress themes are the ideal way to display a variety of different content types under one umbrella. Video, audio, images and interactive content can all be displayed perfectly if you select the right multimedia WordPress theme.

In this collection, we’ve gathered up a number of the best themes out there for your multimedia content. Everything in this collection is completely responsive so that it displays perfectly on every type of device. Whether visitors are accessing your sight on a smartphone or a traditional desktop, your site will display perfectly every time. And no matter what kind of content you are creating, this collection of multimedia WordPress themes represents the absolute best, most adaptable and most flexible themes out there.

Many of the themes in his collection include powerful page building tools that give you full control over your layout. In addition, you’ll have the native WordPress theme customizer to utilize so you can control all of those small details on your webpage. So, if a multimedia WordPress theme is what you’re looking for, I’ll look at this collection.


Roogan Audio Podcast WordPress Theme
Roogan Audio Podcast WordPress Theme

If you’re looking for a great podcast WordPress theme, the Roogan Audio podcast WordPress theme is perfect for you. This theme has been designed specifically for podcasters, and it includes all the features you need to create a successful multimedia and podcast website.

Some of the features included in the Roogan Audio podcast WordPress theme are: a custom homepage with a featured podcast player, support for audio and video podcasts, integration with iTunes and Google Play Music, and multiple layouts and color schemes to choose from. Plus, the theme is fully responsive so it will look great on any device. If you’re looking for a great podcast WordPress theme, the Roogan Audio podcast WordPress theme is perfect for you.

This theme has been designed specifically for podcasters, and it includes all the features you need to create a successful multimedia and podcast website. Some of the features included in the Roogan Audio podcast WordPress theme are: a custom homepage with a featured podcast player, support for audio and video podcasts, integration with iTunes and Google Play Music, and multiple layouts and color schemes to choose from. Plus, the theme is fully responsive so it will look great on any device.

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Home - YouTube Channel Video Production

This theme is called Your Way. while this theme is probably not going to be the perfect choice for everyone, it is the type of multimedia WordPress theme that has an incredibly bold design that could be right for some multimedia purposes.

This particular demo is set up for Adobe After Effects tutorials and for video production companies. It’s got a hypermodern look to it, really interesting typography, completely unique blog and portfolio layouts and if you’re looking for something a little bit different, a way to highlight your multimedia content in a way that will set your company and your work apart, this theme might be worth considering.

With the oversized headline text a really unique font, making a first impression is definitely not going to be a challenge. And the body text adds to that effect. This theme provides really strong social media integration, full support for WooCommerce and it’s also an Elementor powered WordPress theme so you can create any type of layout you want. The homepage can be completely re-ordered so your content is in exactly the order you want to be. Or, add new content blocks anywhere you want them. No matter what you want to achieve with this theme, it’s possible.

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Viseo Video Podcasting WordPress Theme

Viseo is a podcasting theme that handles both audio and video perfectly. With all of the features that this template provides, you’ll have complete control over your web design and the ability to post a variety of content perfectly. included with your download is a copy of the Elementor page builder. This is one of the most popular and most useful paint building tools available.

It gives you quite a bit of control over your website layout, the order of content blocks is completely under your control. The native WordPress theme customizer gives you a lot of different ways to style your website after the general layout is complete. Also, this theme supports WooCommerce so setting up a shop to sell products or services is well within your grasp.

If you want to check out our collection of video themes, you’re going to find a lot of inspiration. Video and multimedia have a lot in common and so you may see a few of the same themes in that collection.

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Divi Modern Powerful Page Builder WordPress Theme

Divi is among the most powerful WordPress themes on the market and it’s no shocker that it works great as a strong and robust multimedia platform. Displaying any type of content is quite simple and straightforward with this theme. The Divi page builder is probably one of the best tools on the market for building a stunning home page and any inner page you might want to build.

This theme allows you to develop beautiful, responsive websites that masterfully display audio, video, images and other forms of content. no matter what type of website you want, this all-powerful and authoritative theme gives you a dynamic set of tools and an impressive array of customization options to make it happen.

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Benson Premium Photography and Video Portfolio Theme

Benson is a beautiful photography portfolio that also handles video content in a compelling way. This energetic template uses a full screen display to make sure your content is looking its best. The video and slideshow support helps you promote anything you think is valuable to your reader.

There are a variety of image layouts, complete control over colors and fonts is available and this lively, powerful theme has a strong set of features to allow for deep levels of customization. If your multimedia website needs an upgrade, this theme is a really solid choice.

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Vlog – Video Blog _ Magazine WordPress Theme

Vlog is a video blog and podcasting WordPress theme that is equally adept at showcasing audio content and images in lovely, well-designed portfolios. This theme can do it all, it knows all about the complex needs of video magazines and video news websites. With the sophisticated layouts this template provides, you’ll have a charismatic and compelling presentation for all your content. This theme is fully compatible with YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo, which are some of the most influential video hosting websites out there.

If you’re crafting a blog for video, audio or mixed media, this theme does a great job. I’ve seen this used as a motion graphic designer show real as well, another purpose I think it is quite strong at.   This theme actually works great as a podcasting template as well, maybe you want to check out a few examples of other podcasting templates?

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Wrap WordPress Video Blogger Theme

Wrap is a video blogging theme with a distinctive minimalist style. This template isn’t overly aggressive in terms of its design, but it still prevents a lively and potent presentation for your video or audio content. If you need a blog to go along with your multimedia post, this one delivers a compelling argument for itself. It’s got a very simple, clean style but underneath, a lot of features are there to make your life easier.

You can accept front-end submissions from your visitors, that can help grow the content on your website. Three different unique home page layouts are provided and there are four different creative hairstyles included as well. I really think the submit a video feature is one of the best things about this template and that’s why I recommend it as a mold content website.

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Joker Photo And VIdeo Fullscreen WordPress Theme

Joker is a deft photo and video portfolio theme for both photographers and videographers. Considering it handles images just as well, this can be a very productive web template for anyone who needs a multimedia WordPress theme. Thirteen different predefined home page layouts are included to effectively prevent any type of content.

There are several attractive grid designs that get a lot of content on the page. With all of the different post types that are included, driving traffic to your website has never been easier. All of the layouts that are provided are charismatic, lively and potent. If you want to craft a sippy WordPress theme for your multimedia posts, I highly recommend Joker.

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Circle Filmmakers Portfolio WordPress Theme

Circle is a really delightful WordPress theme for filmmakers and movie studios, though it can present audio just as well and with the pre-made portfolio styles that are included, any type of creative agency that deals with multimedia content can really benefit. Generating an energizing and electric website is what this theme set out to do. It has lots of powerful tools to help you create an authority website in any niche. If you want your website to be dominant, try any of these 7 pre-made homepage styles. These are great for self hosted and embedded video, audio or images. It all depends on what you need, but there’s something in there for everyone.

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Goodwin WordPress Video Blog and Portfolio Theme

Goodwin is a really strong photography and videography WordPress theme. The full screen layout does a wonderful job of presenting your content. It’s important to develop a rapport with your reader and this powerful, convincing theme is quite persuasive. It’s going to give you an outstanding first impression with some of the beautiful sliders that are included, there’s a really interesting way of presenting image galleries with a scrolling feature that pretty much can’t be described. Simple Ajax albums are also included, masonry rolls, ridden galleries, striped pages and more. This is a professional photography and videography WordPress theme that I think he wants a place in this collection of WordPress multimedia themes.

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Attitude WordPress Multimedia Portfolio and Blog Theme

Attitude is a multimedia portfolio theme for any type of media artist. If you’re creating video, film, audio or images, this responsive and mobile-friendly theme delivers and assertive style that people really seem to like. It’s search engine optimized, easily customized and there’s an impressive array of features included. This is one theme that works very hard to surpass expectations. it’s a highly rated theme as well, one of the most popular multimedia templates available today. If you have a portfolio using existing custom post types, this theme is compatible with post type, category and tag tax on Emmy’s which means you can quickly and easily migrate your portfolio to the Attitude WordPress theme.

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News Tube

NewsTube WordPress Theme for Video News Magazines

NewsTube is a gorgeous video blog and magazine WordPress theme that’s equally at home with images and audio content. There are lots of different features included with this template that make it a really powerful overall magazine theme. If you want to allow front-end uploading from your users, that’s one tool that is definitely available to you. This is among the most modern and well-designed via magazine themes available. 16 different pre-made blog and video demos are included, all of the functionality you see can be adjusted and adapted to fit your needs and it’s supremely user-friendly as well. If you want a practical and efficient method for creating multimedia websites that people can’t resist, NewsTube  is worth a look.

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VideoTube WordPress Theme for Video Magazines

VideoTube is a responsive WordPress video magazine-style theme. If you ever wanted to collect and share your favorite videos or other multimedia content online, this might be the theme for you. It allows you to create a sort of homemade broadcasting system. In a way, it’s quite a bit like a YouTube. Existing videos from all of the big websites like Vimeo, YouTube, Hulu and a Dailymotion. In fact, dozens of different websites are supported.

Basically, if you can find an embed code, you can embed your video in any post or page. It’s all really simple to do and no matter what type of multimedia content you are delivering, this theme provides pimple tools to make the job a whole lot easier. We’ve recently put together a collection of YouTube clone style WordPress themes and this one actually made the list. We found quite a number of them, I was a little bit surprised how many there were out there. But, I guess people like YouTube  style templates?

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SOHO WordPress Video Creative Podcasting Theme

Soho is a photography and videography portfolio theme that uses a strong, bold full screen designed to display your images and video work. With competent coding, the most modern at advanced page building tools and highly optimized design, this theme delivers an outstanding user experience and lightning fast page load times. There are some really interesting layouts included that You Don’t see for every website. You can use background images or videos, display your content in lovely gallery albums and there are masonry portfolio and gallery options for everyone. There’s a ribbon gallery, portrait formats, full-screen blogs and strike templates. Overall, this theme is just about as flexible as any multimedia template out there.

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Monstroid Flat Multipurpose WP Theme

Monstroid is one of the best overall themes available today. This high performance, fast loading and flexible template give you loads of ways to prevent multimedia content in a way that readers and visitors are really going to love. But thanks to the Elementor page builder, you’ll have complete control over your website layout. Elementor is an effective way to create any type of home page or enter page. The beautiful content blocks are adequate for any need, they can be placed anywhere you want them and then edited for style.

If you want to deliver a forceful and efficient website for any multimedia that you need, this template it’s going to be a godsend. This is a theme that can do a lot of things really well, one of the things it does best is to help you sell products using WooCommerce. So, maybe you want to check out a few additional WooCommerce themes that could help you market a wide range of products to any audience.

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Soledad WordPress Theme for Magazines

Soledad is among the most popular magazine themes ever created. There are over 6,000 different home page demos included to give you unlimited possibilities for your design. In addition to that, the Elementor page builder is included. Elementor is a mobile-friendly, alluring and powerful page building tool that gets content flowing. no matter what type of website you are working on, this user-friendly page building tool allows your content to shine in a way that works for you.

Of course, with over six thousand different pre-made designs, you might not even need Elementor. However, even the smallest little detail can be changed to completely customize your website. This is a fast loading, powerful and ultimately useful the theme for presenting any type of multimedia content.

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Materialism Modern Professional Creative Agency WP Theme

Materialism is a lovely material design landing page that uses a variety of different content types to present video, images and other beautiful content. This is a powerful, responsive multi-purpose one page theme that’s perfect for creative agency landing pages and more. It doesn’t take a lot of programming skill to get this theme up and running and since it is completely responsive, it looks fantastic on all devices. there are not that many one-page multimedia themes, so I had to include this one in this collection.

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