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Never Download Nulled WordPress Themes

November 22, 2020

There are a lot of WordPress themes out there.  Thousands, for sure.  Probably hundreds of thousands. by now.  Some are free, some will cost you quite a bit of money.  So I get the allure of downloading a nulled WordPress theme to save you a little money when you’re setting your website up.  But is it worth it to download a nulled WordPress theme?  If you take a look at the drawbacks, I think it’s pretty clear that downloading a nulled or cracked WordPress theme has too many negative possibilities to make it worth the risk.

What is a Nulled WordPress Theme?

With computer software like games and applications, nulled refers to the removal of any copy protection so the software can be distributed to people who don’t hold a legal license.  It’s a little different with nulled WordPress themes, but the idea is the same.

WordPress themes and plugins that have any authorship information and protection removed are referred to as nulled.  That means that any time you use a nulled theme or a nulled plugin, the original published won’t have any idea that you’ve downloaded their theme.  That means there’s no chance that they can update you on any critical issues with their theme.  That opens the doors to a lot of risks.

It’s quite similar to software, cell phones and other products that have Digital Restriction Management removed.  It completely disassociates the original developer from the files you install on your website.

With apps and games, a lot of nulled programs will add viruses, malware, rootkits and other goodies to your download.  When you install that program, the malware can become injected directly into your computer.  That can be incredibly difficult to remove.

It’s the same with nulled or pirated WordPress themes.  Many of the folks who distribute nulled themes will add malware to the files to be able to hack into your web hosting, which means they can do whatever they want to your site.  Inject code, add spammy backlinks, delete everything you’ve created.  With a nulled theme, that’s just the beginning of what can go wrong.

You don’t want spammy backlinks.

What are the Drawbacks of Nulled WordPress Themes?

Now that we’ve established what a nulled WordPress theme actually is, lets explore some of the risks and drawbacks that these cracked or nulled themes have.  It’s not pretty.

Security Risks

We’ve briefly addressed this, but the security risks of a nulled WordPress theme is the biggest issue. It’s not even close. Anything that can compromise the security of your website it’s certainly something that you need to pay attention to and a node WordPress theme represents quite possibly the greatest risk to your site security.

First of all, many of the people who distribute nulled WordPress themes not exactly on the up-and-up. They’re not just trying to give you an amazing free resource for high-quality WordPress themes, they’re trying to make money to. At times, many of these people will hack the code of a WordPress theme before they distribute it. They can inject PHP code that can harm your website they can add spammy backlinks boost their own page rankings, causing harm to your site in the process.

Anyone who would take the time to remove all of the protections of WordPress theme certainly has the time to cause a little bit of harm while they’re at it. if you install a theme that has some of this malicious code in it, you risk compromising all of the security of your website. And it doesn’t even matter if you have really strong protections against this type of code, it can still slip through and cause massive amounts of damage to your site. getting hacked is not a fun thing to have happen and if you download an old WordPress theme, this is certainly the greatest risk out there to me, that makes it not worth it.

Even if the distributor of a nulled WordPress theme doesn’t actively injecting malware into your website, you’re not going to get any sort of updates. That means that whatever version that you download is the version that you’re going to have forever. WordPress is constantly changing and there are always new code standards and new threats out there. One of the easiest ways that a hacker can gain access to your site is with an outdated theme or plugin.

These outdated themes and plugins can be used to inject files into your hosting system that can take over your entire website, can inject spammy backlinks all over the place and they can be nearly impossible to eliminate. Of course, you can hire somebody to fix your hacked website, but that costs a lot of money. Frankly it cost several times the amount that a premium WordPress theme or plugin would cost you in the first place.

Yep, plugins have the same issue that themes do, so you probably don’t want to download a nulled plugin like WP Rocket either.

Ultimately, I simply don’t believe that it’s ever worth it to download a theme that has been annulled. It’s always smarter to go straight to the source and purchase something with a legal license, awesome support and timely updates to help your website stay clean and fast loading, delivering a great user experience and ensuring the security of your hard work.

No Support

Support isn’t just for beginners at WordPress oh, a lot of times even WordPress experts need a little bit of help getting something to look right on their website. if you download a milled WordPress theme, you’re going to miss out on any support that the theme developer might have to offer. I’ve been using WordPress for nearly 10 years and every time I install a new WordPress theme, there’s always something that seems to come up I could use a little bit of help from the developer with. Note theme simply don’t offer this. You’re going to spend a lot of time hunting down solutions to your problem that could be avoided if you simply purchase a license for $40 or $50. Honestly, we’re Christine’s or so cheap, it’s just not worth it to download a nulled WordPress theme.

No Updates

When you don’t pay for the theme, you won’t get updates.  Some of the updates a theme developer will provide are just new styles and designs, you might not particularly care about that.  Sometimes, it’s critical updates to the basic code of the theme.  If you don’t have those updates, you may never know that your site isn’t performing as well as it should and your website may be compromised in terms of security as well.

None of that is good for business.

If you want a freshly updated website, the best way to achieve that is by purchasing a license to make sure you get all the updates as they’re released.

Spam Code

Some of the folks that offer free, nulled WordPress themes are jerks.  There, I said it.

They’ll add malware, inject code, add spam links all with absolutely no qualms about what it does to your website.  They couldn’t care less if your SEO is harmed, if your website crashes or you get in trouble with your web host.  They get what they want and that’s all that matters to them.

So, avoid the spam code and download the real deal from a trusted theme seller.

Discourages Innovation

Theme developers have to eat too!  If you download a nulled theme, the developer gets nothing from it.  It may seem like a small amount of money, but when a developer doesn’t get the reward for their hard work, it might not encourage the type of innovation that leads to really cool new themes and new, courageous styles.

So, if you value innovation, purchasing a theme is a really good idea because it encourages new work.

Legal Issues

While nulled WordPress themes aren’t strictly illegal, there’s nothing that says the developer, or a theme seller like Envato, can’t slap a cease and desist letter on you.  Sure, WordPress themes are GPL licensed, which means you can do what you want with them.  But that doesn’t mean the seller or developer can’t make your life miserable in the mean time.  Take my word for it, they have more money for lawyers than you do.  They can sue you, get your host to take your website down and other tactics to make things generally not pleasant for you.

That’s not worth it for me.

What are Some Good WordPress Theme Options?

We’ve built a lot of theme collections to help you pick a great theme.  Here are some highlights.


Divi WordPress Page Builder Theme

Divi WordPress Page Builder Theme

Divi is a premium theme and page builder from Elegant Themes.  It’s one of the most popular page builders around, so support and code updates are happening constantly.  With such a huge user base, you’re going to find that getting help if you need it, it’s always just a couple clicks away.

This theme is an SEO powerhouse too, you’ll get a fast loading platform for any sort of content.  Divi is definitely worth the money and it’s going to help avoid all the problems a nulled WordPress theme can lead to.

Demo More Information Get Hosting


Uncode Responsive Premium Corporate WordPress Theme

Uncode Responsive Premium Corporate WordPress Theme

This responsive theme has dozens of pre-made designs, plenty of high powered features and it’s incredibly simple to update and customize.  Uncode is technically very well done.  It produces a fast loading content platform for anything, including WooCommerce sites.

Check out the full Uncode WordPress theme review here.  I think you’ll find that the number of demo styles Uncode provides will give you a lot to think about.  Priced at $59, I think it’s reasonably priced, so you shouldn’t feel like it’s too expensive of an option.

Demo More Information Get Hosting

Neve Pro

Neve Pro Clean Minimalist One Page WordPress Theme

Neve Pro Clean Minimalist One Page WordPress Theme

Neve Pro is a premium one page theme that has loads of features and a lot of folks are saying pretty good things about it.  It’s a really new theme and since it’s release, the developer has continued to add new features and keep things as fresh as possible.  That’s pretty much the opposite of a nulled WordPress theme.  Neve is fast loading, the code is lightweight, it does a great job with any sort of content and I strongly think it’s worth a look.

Check out this post on how to create a one page website using WordPress.  I think it’s pretty comprehensive.

DemoMore Information Get Hosting

Parallax Pro

Parallax Pro One Page WordPress Creative Theme

Parallax Pro One Page WordPress Creative Theme

Parallax Pro is a one page, parallax WordPress theme with plenty of areas to include widgets.  Widget-heavy themes are generally fast loading and Parallax Pro is no exception to that rule.  I think Genesis Framework themes are generally among the highest performance themes out there.  This one is definitely among my favorites.

Here are a few more parallax WordPress themes to consider.

Demo More Information Get Hosting


Float Single Page One Pager Theme For WordPress

Float Single Page One Pager Theme For WordPress

Float is a pretty cool theme from Themify.me, one of my personal favorite developers.  They’ve always been very helpful with updates and support, in my experience.  Float has a drag and drop page builder, it’s super simple to use Float to create custom layouts and styles.  Check it out.

DemoMore Information Get Hosting

In Conclusion

I think it’s pretty clear that overall, it’s simply not worth it to download a nulled WordPress theme.  There are so many cheap, premium WordPress themes out there to choose from, it’s always going to be a better idea to purchase a theme for a reasonable price, avoiding all of the nightmare situations outlined above.

Check out this collection of minimal WordPress themes to see some really cool stuff you might be able to use.  How about these WooCommerce themes?  Awesome for online shops.  What about personal blog themes?  We’ve got a bunch of those too.

No matter what you choose, a premium WordPress theme can make a real difference in how your website runs on a day to day basis.

That’s it for today, have a good time and good luck!

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