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Old Haven, WordPress Old Folks Home Theme

May 29, 2019

I kind of sort of actually hate the name of this WordPress theme, it is called Old Haven. That seems a bit cruel to me? But hey, whatever floats your boat. This theme is designed for senior citizens homes, Hospice Care Centers, assisted living and retirement communities. That is quite a niche if I do say so myself. This one hundred percent responsive theme offers unique inner page layouts, 85 different handcrafted elements and it is bundled with several different premium plugins to make it Peter field. It supports woocommerce so that you can take payments online and sell merchandise. I’m not sure what type of merchandise you might want to sell if you are building an old folks home, but that’s your business, not mine. Let’s take a look at this theme. Old Haven, that’s the name.

Old Haven, Retirement Community WordPress Theme

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