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May 11, 2021
Online Tutoring WordPress Themes

For this collection, we’re highlighting the absolute best online tutorial WordPress themes. These powerful, engaging learning platform templates provide a great looking homepage for online tutors. No matter what the subject matter at hand, these powerful and attractive themes provide a really welcoming learning environment for students of all levels.

We’ve tried to find WordPress themes with powerful theme options, many of the themes included have full support for drag and drop page building tools. These allow you to craft exactly the type of online tutoring environment that’s going to be a professional, interesting and engaging platform for online tutoring.

If you’re a beginner to WordPress, you’ll be happy to note that these themes give you lots of user-friendly tools to craft exactly the type of tutoring website you want to offer. So, if you’ve been searching for an online tutoring WordPress theme, take a look at this collection and I’m pretty sure you can find a lot of options that will work perfectly for your needs.

Online Tutor WordPress Themes

Okay, let’s do this, some staggering works of incredible genius that are going to help take your online tutoring game to the next level. Epic, striking, themes to rule the Internet.


Eduhub WordPress Theme for Online Education Systems

Eduhub WordPress Theme for Online Education Systems

Eduhub is the name of this theme.  It’s sort of a hub for education.  That makes sense, doesn’t it?

Okay, I’m deliberately being dumb, but that’s what it is.  It’s a great gathering place for people who want to learn.  Whether it’s life coaching, continuing education, cooking classes, tutorials, colleges, universities and more.  If you want to use this theme as a more traditional web template for a corporate business website, Eduhub works perfectly for that as well.

Education themes are a very important branch of WordPress themes.  The mission is critical and clear, helping people learn.  The internet is a massive leap forward to help people learn new things.  It’s a perfect educational tool, since people can now learn online.  But then what?  You need to have a great looking website to establish that connection with your students.

That’s where a theme like Eduhub comes into play.

For more attractive options for Education themes, we’ve found 18 of the best education WordPress themes to help you get what you’re looking for.  We keep adding to all of our collections, so you can check back as often as you like and we’ll definitely be adding to that collection soon.

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iAcademy a Comprehensive Learning Management System Education Theme

iAcademy a Comprehensive Learning Management System Education Theme

Online education is huge and it seems to be getting bigger and bigger everyday. A great-looking website can go a long way to building the trust that you might need to create a great-looking website and a successful business. IAcademy has beautiful layouts for showcasing your courses, there are four practical course short codes that are user-friendly and simple to manage. There are single course layouts with detailed rundowns of what each course is all about.

You can create quizzes at lectures. It’s all fast and easy, user-friendly and easy to set up. There are a dozen different beautiful homepage Styles, each one distinct and well-designed. For e-learning, online classes, Learning Management Systems like this one or a fantastic way to connect with students. I think that all education seems probably need to have support for social networking plugins like BuddyPress and bbPress. IAcademy is one such theme.

Here’s a look at one of the 12 different homepage Styles. I think you’ll find that they are all very clean and well-organized, simple to navigate and that delivers a great user experience. You really can’t over accent how important a great user experience is. The last thing you want is for your potential students to get turned off before they even find out what you have to offer. Anyway, here’s a look at one of the homepages.

So, that’s all we have for this particular theme, will be back soon with more great stuff. If you know of a WordPress theme that’s built for Education, we’d love to hear about it. We found plenty of Education themes, but we’re always looking for more great ones. In fact, for more themes like this one, check out these education related WordPress themes. I think it’s a really great place to start when you’re looking for a theme for education.

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Studiare – WordPress Theme for Courses Schools Education

Studiare – WordPress Theme for Courses Schools Education

Online learning is getting bigger and bigger each and every day, which means that more and more sites are trying to compete for a share of a large and growing market.  There are massive markets for continuing education, for tutorials, for learning how to do just about anything.  We’ve all seen it, right?Education is incredibly important and since it can cost a pretty penny, it’s important to establish a website that’s professional and attractive as it is functional.  With a theme like Studiare, you get that perfect blend of high quality design and tons of features.  For education based websites, Studiare looks like a really strong choice.  I love the simple, flat design of this theme and I think it’s going to become one of the more popular themes in the education niche in 2018.  The clean, modern design is flawless, it’s pixel perfect and ready for your content.

Check out the features, they include demo content provided for importing.  That allows you to rapidly set up your site and then change content to your own custom writing and images.  For paid or free online courses, it’s a nice fit and a really strong way to establish your brand.

For additional education themes, try our collection.

You’ve got areas for student reviews, so they can rate their personal experiences with various courses.  The WP Events Manager plugin is fully supported, so you can create and track events, even add a countdown timer to keep track.  There are free and paid types for tickets too, which is a great feature to have integrated.  Studiare is WooCommerce ready, it supports bbPress and BuddyPress too, which I think should be a prerequisite for an education theme.  That allows students and instructors to communicate online with ease.  Studiare also includes PSD files as well as layered PNG files to allow for maximum levels of customization to the overall look and feel of the website you create.

WPBakery’s page builder is included for massive amounts of flexibility when it comes to building your website out.  This theme is responsive, retina ready and also includes Revolution slider, which is a nice added bonus.  Why pay extra when it’s already in this theme?

Built on the Redux Framework, Studiare is incredibly fast loading, it’s well designed and its going to help to make your business a smashing success.  SEO is so easy to get wrong, so it’s really nice to see a theme that does absolutely everything right when it comes to fast load times, perfect display on all devices and plenty of way to ‘grease the wheels’ of building traffic.  The hard part is creating amazing content though, right?

The developer is Esmet and they’re known for building high quality themes and offering unrivaled support for all of them.  Most of the themes they’ve made have near perfect ratings on ThemeForest, so you know you’re getting a very high quality theme in this one.  So, you get great support, you get amazing responsive and clean design, outstanding features to make running your site easier.  What more is there?

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Grand College

Grand College LMS and Education WordPress Theme

Grand College LMS and Education WordPress Theme

Education is so incredibly important, it’s really hard to overstate.  Just as important as a great education, is a fantastic WordPress theme to help you build a successful educational website.  That’s where the Grand College WordPress theme fits in.

Grand College has a simple and flat design that lends itself to all sorts of educational websites. This theme has been sold over 4,000 times, which is an absolutely stunning I’m out to me. I really don’t think that there are that many websites or educational companies that need a website like this one. But, what do I know. There are tons of schools out there and this is certainly a most popular educational web templates available for WordPress. WordPress it is the absolute go to content management system these days and so it’s not surprising that several themes like this one have hit it big

Check it out and let us know what you think. We continue to add new themes to all of our collections, hoping to make the absolute best website for all of your WordPress theme needs. No matter what type of template you are looking for, you are certain to find something that can be very useful to you. Will be back very quickly with even more fantastic themes so bookmark us and check back as often as you like. Will be here, hope to see you soon.

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University WordPress Theme WordPress LMS Theme

University WordPress Theme WordPress LMS Theme

University is WordPress theme for online tutoring, education and events, as well as online courses. This theme is great for online training courses, events, ticket sales and more. Whether you’re educational offerings are in person or online, this theme works just as well. You can sell or buy courses, sell and buy event tickets and it’s all thanks to support for WooCommerce. University is also bbpress compatible, so you can set up an online form to go with your attractive and stylish blog and portfolio. This thing has everything that I modern WordPress education themed absolutely must have. There’s responsive design, Revolution slider, Facebook or Disqus comments integration, course management and events management as well as a built-in events calendar. I think this is absolutely one of the better educational WordPress themes out there.

Here’s a look at one of the seven different homepage Styles. Keep in mind that there are over 4,000 people using this WordPress theme and it’s received a 4.6 rating overall, so it is both well-loved and well-respected. It would appear that this team has been updated quite often, the most recent coming within the last 2 weeks at the time of this review.

There are thousands of different WordPress themes available for Education websites, which is why we’ve taken the time to build a large and growing collection of great responsive themes for Education websites. For selling online courses, for continuing education events, these multi purpose and responsive themes offer every feature needed to create a great-looking .edu website. Then again, it doesn’t have to be a .edu based site, you can build a training center on nearly any sort of topic. For businesses, for shopping, or universities, these themes are everything you need to make a really memorable web site.

So, check out that collection and I’m certain that you’ll find a great looking template perfectly built for your needs. Each and everyone will be well supported and well-documented, helping you to grow your education website to new heights.

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Eduprime – Education Theme Learning Management System for WordPress

Eduprime – Education Theme Learning Management System for WordPress

This is Eduprime, it’s a WordPress theme, not a librarian Transformer.  I’m pretty sure you didn’t really think that’s what this theme was all about, but I figured I’d let you know in advance.  Saves on disappointment for the rare few who were looking for that.

EduPrime is one of those WordPress education themes that is great for a lot of different types of Education. Of course, you’ve got classic educational purposes like schools, universities, private tutors and instructors, but it could also work great for a driving school. In fact, they have included a driving school demo. There’s also a high school demo, which seems a bit strange because I’ve never actually seen a decent High School website. It’s not like I’m looking for them, but I have to do a few and most don’t use WordPress. They use static HTML sites and, frankly, they don’t look all that great. In addition to these basic Demo’s, there is a kindergarten style, that could be great for preschool education websites.

The developer, ModelTheme, describes Eduprime like this.

EduPrime is a Fresh Education WordPress Theme for For Universities, Schools and Education, specialized on school presentation and learning management system.  Our brand new Education and School WordPress Theme, EduPrime was designed for the branch of the school, university or course selling websites. To achieve success in the foundry area, your website has to deliver a high-quality service presentation and a top-notch design. Permanently updated, with reliable support and amazing features.

And now, the front page of Eduprime.  It’s pretty plain, but if that’s what you need, then that’s what you need.

If you’re looking for more top-notch WordPress education themes, we have got a collection that I think is right in your wheelhouse. We have gathered all of the absolute best educational themes out there, review them to ensure their of the best quality and made sure to give you all of the pluses and minuses of each theme. There are hundreds and hundreds of options for Education templates, so you should definitely proves that collection to find more outstanding stuff. We will be back shortly with more outstanding education WordPress themes, hopefully this collection becomes the biggest and best repository for Education themes on the web.

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Academy Online Education and Learning Management Theme

Academy Online Education and Learning Management Theme

Academy is a learning management system that considers itself to be perfect for sharing and selling knowledge online. Now, this theme claims that it’s not just a theme, but an entire learning management system which going to allow the learning and teaching process to be incredibly simple and straightforward for everyone involved. This theme has been downloaded just over 6,000 times at the time of this review, and it has a 4.6 rating. That’s on over 500 reviews so far, which I think is a very nice total. It shows the lasting popularity of the academy WordPress theme.

Considering how old this thing is, it was first released in March of 2013, it’s come a long way. The developer keeps this template updated, the most recent update came just a couple months ago.

Academy offers a boatload of great features for creating online courses. There’s the extended user profile set up, a handy ratings system, a question and quiz system, there are file attachments for additional information that classes might require, there is embedded self-hosted video, you can track your course progress and woocommerce is integrated as well, which allows you to set up an online shop. If you are selling courses, you can set up a digital download to make that happen. With Academy, you’ll be online and teaching courses in no time flat.

Well, maybe not that fast, but pretty fast.

I would like to show our readers what the front page of everything that we review looks like. Well, here’s the front page of Academy, it’s in the preview image above. It’s a clean and corporate style, well-designed and it looks truly easy to navigate.

If Academy is not a great fit for your needs, you might want to take a look at our full collection of learning management and education templates for WordPress. These themes represent the best learning management themes out there, offering incredible flexibility, perfectly designed layouts great support and documentation. Of course, each and every one of them is with online education in mind. That includes things like course rating systems, lesson support, lesson attachments, syllabus pages, courses and instructor pages, you get the idea.

These education and learning management system themes are great for selling online courses, tutorials and anything else related to education. So, I think you should be able to find something that you really like in that collection, we keep adding to it consistently and finding only the very best WordPress themes to add to that collection. We’ll be back soon with another great addition to that collection, so feel free to bookmark us and check back in the near future. Something is always changing around here, and that’s a good thing.

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Eduma Premium Education WordPress Theme for LMS

Eduma Premium Education WordPress Theme for LMS and Online Tutoring

Education WordPress Theme; The Best Learning Management Software

Education WordPress theme is designed for educational websites, training centers, college school based educational programs, academy, courses hub, universities, kindergarten, LMS just to mention but a few. This WordPress theme contains all the necessary tools required to enhance the eLearning experience. The Education WordPress theme offers arguably the best LMS experience ever with user friendly and comprehensive eLearning features. What are some of the unique benefits of this WordPress theme?

Different and Unique Demo Homepages

The Education WP theme comes with over nine different and unique demo homepages which allows you to create your own website. You can import the different demo homepages and use them to tailor your website to suit your visitors’ needs. The demo homepages are ideal for educational purposes and they can be used to create sites suitable for language schools, universities, courses learning hub, training centers, colleges and even kindergarten.

Uses the LearnPress Plugin

The LearnPress plugin is the number one WordPress LMS plugin from the official WordPress plugins directory. This plugin offers you several benefits including, easy to use, easy to change the theme, easy to update, independent from the theme and so many other benefits. This plugin makes it easy for you to make education website in just a few minutes. With this single plugin, you will be able to save approximately $290 that would be used to buy add-ons for your education site.

Drag and Drop Page Builder

The Education WordPress theme uses the latest and most popular lightweight drag and drop page builder. This page builder allows the theme to load faster and in turn enabling your website or page to load faster. We all know how Google loves websites or pages that load faster. This therefore means that your site will be among the top searches on Google.  33+ Best of the Page Builder Themes

Allows For Data Portability

Once in a while, it is good to change how your website looks in terms of the theme of the site, update the theme or even to upgrade the latest trending design. Unfortunately, these changes come at a price; you will be forced to lose your data. However, the Education WordPress theme uses LearnPress, which allows you to move with your data to another theme or update.

You Can Brand Your Website without Coding Knowledge

For you to perfectly brand your website you will require the services of an experienced web designer. Fortunately, with the help of the Education WordPress theme, you be able to code and brand your website without a problem. The theme contains and easy and customizable tools and features that will enable you to code your website even without the coding knowledge.

Other themes use the built-in LMS feature, right inside the theme, for their WordPress based Education website. Education WP theme uses LearnPress, the #1 WP LMS plugin on WordPress.org – the official WordPress Plugins Directory, which offers you a whole lot of benefits, such as: easy to update, independent from the theme, easy to change theme or update in future. You will be able to make Udemy, Coursera or Edx education websites in minutes.

Okay, that’s Eduma in a nutshell. Let us know what you think about this great looking, powerful education theme for WordPress.  Want some more education themes for WordPress?  Check out our full collection.

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First posted on December 28th, ranking a solid #24 on January 4th for online tutor WordPress themes. Ranked #25 on January 7th and again, the same, on January 8th. Slight improvement to #20 by May 11th. So, lets do an update, shall we?

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