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Organic Food WordPress Themes, 9 Awesome, Delicious, Tasty Templates for 2021

June 15, 2021
Organic Food WordPress Theme

For this collection, we have sought out some really high-quality WordPress themes for organic food related websites. Many of the themes in this collection are ideal for juice shops, smoothie shops, for organic grocery stores, for healthy products of all sorts.

We’ve tried to include a very wide range of WordPress themes that give you a lot of different features and functionality. The themes we’ve included in this list are very simple use and a lot of them offer advanced options like e-commerce setups using WooCommerce, beautiful looking premade blogs and portfolios, ideal ways to highlight your content and they’re all super flexible as well.

You can adjust and adapt these templates as much is you need to. That can give you a lot of confidence when going to say your website up, you won’t have to be overly concerned that you won’t be able to create a website that’s exactly like you want to. These delicious and refreshing WordPress themes have the organic food market cornered.

Organic Food WordPress Themes

Alright, here we go, some pretty spectacular WordPress themes for organic food websites.


Bacola Grocery Store and Food eCommerce Theme

Bacola Grocery Store and Food eCommerce Theme

Bacola is a great looking grocery store and food e-commerce WordPress theme that can really help your website make a statement. And of course, that statement is, were open for business. This theme is really encouraging, it’s perfect for grocery stores, organic food shops, anything where you are selling delicious products at a reasonable price. Or, an unreasonable price for that matter.

If you want to really make a connection with your customers, having a great looking layout and having the features customers desire is a great first step. On top of that, you need to make sure it’s exceedingly simple for visitors to find exactly what they’re looking for. This theme offers strong search functionality, really handy navigation that is easy to manage and that keeps everyone finding precisely what you’re looking for quickly and efficiently.

Five different beautiful homepages are provided and each one of them offers a flood of features that anything but mundane. There are powerful shop location filters, quantity boxes one and customers order products, there are a massive number of different categories that you can allow people to browse through and if one of the five different homepage designs isn’t perfect, there’s always the Elementor Page Builder to create new looks for your website. And it’s all powered by the best shopping cart for WordPress, WooCommerce.

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Kola – Organic Food WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Kola – Organic Food WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Kola is an organic food WordPress theme that is powered by WooCommerce so you can set up an online shop to sell your organic food products. With a perfect five-star rating on theme Forest, a different homepage layouts and loads of flexible features, this is certainly one of the leading options you can use to create the perfect organic food shop. Thanks to all of the flexibility WordPress provide you, there’s really no limit to what you can achieve with this template.

In addition to the eight predefined homepages, you get quite a number of inner pages as well. These include eight different beautiful product pages to set up individual products, giving you a range of flexibility that can make almost anything look great. There are six different unique shop pages as well, well organized places to highlight all of those amazing products that you have. Whether you have just a handful of products or a wide range, there’s a variety of different layouts that can help make everything look great.

These days, you’ll definitely want to have a great looking blog to go along with your e-commerce website. The predefined blog designs that are included with this template are really attractive. They perfectly mix images with text to help tell a story. This can be a really great way to bring in new traffic and to keep people coming back time after time to see what you have created lately. Having fresh content is a critical component in having a successful online shop and this theme makes it easier than ever to achieve that goal.

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Nutritous Organic Juices WordPress Theme

Nutritious Organic Juices WordPress Theme

Nutritious is a classic combination of blog and eCommerce, so standing apart from the crowd could be a bit of a challenge.  Fortunately, Nutritious blends a lot of really unique style in with their classic approach to website building.  In this case, it’s a stylish, modern take on the classic form.  Let’s take a look, shall we?

I love the color choices and the font is kind of nice too! Delicious.  Refreshing too.

Okay, they’ve got design chops.  How about we look deeper?

The theme’s developer, 7uptheme, says this in their intro of this new food blog and eCommerce shop site.

Nutritious – many unique and creative designs of us. Surely, it’s will be great experiences! Because, the organic food and fruit store is designed perfectly for websites and mobile applications. Especially, there are more options for you to easily manage according to your business or your ideals.

Uh, say what?  That doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.  Here’s something else I caught.

You see that?  The demo site examples are from a theme called Perennial, which is another theme they developed.  You can see that theme here.

So, have they simply reskinned the original Perennial theme?  If so, it’s kind of a shitty marketing ploy to just re-release it under a different name.  Maybe it’s an honest mistake, I’ll try to get in touch with the developer and straighten things out.  In the mean time, take a look at our collection of WordPress food blog themes, you may see something you like there.

So, how about the features offered by Perennial Nutritious?

And much much more?  That gets me every time.  They have no idea if there’s more!  Haha, anyway, hard pass on this theme for me, despite the decent looking design.

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Ogania Organic Food WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Ogania Organic Food WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Welcome to the Ogania WordPress theme.

Organia is an organic food and WooCommerce WordPress theme that has a crazy looking style that is both clean and professional, but it’s still a little bit funky and different. In fact, there are nine different home page layouts to choose from, each one gives you something a little bit different to provide the right type of look and feel for your website. With unlimited header and footer options, you can use one of the pre-made designs or create your own. This theme offers support for WooCommerce so you can open up an online shop, selling products using the powerful WooCommerce plugin. There are a variety of Rich portfolio tools that help you create a beautiful portfolio Pages, lists and catalogs.

With six different unique blog Pages, you’ll never be wanting for something a little bit different to promote your range of products. There are even eight different unique product pages, unique blog layouts and creative inner pages that give a rich set of beautiful, creative and practical babe styles to choose from. This multi-purpose WordPress theme offers right to left support, includes plenty of different widgets and it is SEO optimized for fast page load times and high rankings in the search engines. You’ll have access to a wide range of customization options, a which set of tools for customizing your website and you will always find it to be completely simple to adapt to fit your needs.

If Organia is not precisely the type of thing that you were looking for, we have assembled a collection of WordPress food blog themes that might fit the bill. We have chosen only the absolute best WordPress themes anywhere, hoping to assemble the finest collection of themes that can provide the perfect starting point for building an online Empire. If you check out that collection, you will see hundreds of absolutely wonderful themes for food blogs, organic shops and markets.

There are so many different options out there, selecting the right one can be a big challenge. That’s why our theme collections are such a good starting point. We had all the hard work of revealing these themes to make sure that they are of the highest quality possible. Getting the right look and feel for your website, starting with the right theme, that can be all the difference.

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Greenfarm – Woocommerce Theme

Greenfarm – Woocommerce Theme

This theme is called Greenfarm, it’s all about fresh produce and fresh features, it’s got a nice looking design that’s as crisp as a carrot, an earthy set of robust features and it’s like a potato…okay, it’s not like a potato at all.

I’ve been seeing more and more organic styled WordPress themes, or green or themes, it’s really sweeping the WordPress universe. I can see why, so many people these days are concentrating on farm-to-table products and living with a smaller carbon footprint. You know, all WordPress themes generally have the same carbon footprint, so it really doesn’t matter which one you select. That said, a theme that is styled with green living in mind could be a better choice, since there’s less adaptation that needs to be done to make a website that proclaims itself to be green and organic.  This theme also works great for organic food blog websites or lifestyle blogs where green living is a focal point.

I think that overall the theme has a really nice design. It’s got for pre-made and unique homepage demo styles, each appealing to people who want to shop for the freshest organic produce around. I can really see this tablet working great for a food Collective or Co-op, a farmers market or for a roadside produce stand. There’s a dragon drop page builder included, extensive theme options panels and GreenFarm installs with just a single click. This team is responsive and mobile-friendly, it will look amazing on all sorts of devices and browsers. With the built-in blog module, even keep in touch with your customers and build new ones. Well, you can’t build new ones, but you can grow your business. Sort of like a vegetable.  Except not at all.

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FitMeal – WordPress Theme

FitMeal – WordPress Theme

Fitmeal is a high quality theme for organic food delivery services, which is an up and coming business idea I’m seeing more and more folks look into.

Let’s have a look at what the theme developer says about this one. I think the developer is always a good source of information about what they feel is the most important aspect of their newest creation. Then again, sometimes it’s complete and utter nonsense that isn’t useful at all. Let’s see which it is for this theme.

Fitmeal – Healthy Food and Nutrition WordPress Theme created especially for Food Delivery, Healthy Food, Fitness Diet, Organic Food Store, Nutritionist, Health Coach, Health Diet, Fitness Meal, Smoothie Bar and Business Lunch Delivery. It can also be suitable for Healthy Lifestyle Theme, Natural Nutrition, Food Shop, Fruits and Vegetables Store and Life Coach. 

Fitmeal Theme includes all the necessary pages of the online store WooCommerce ready. So that you can sell your meal, food, fruits, vegetables, smoothies, juice, delivery services and other.

We’ve created a couple of WordPress themes around that you might be interested in. Quartz is our latest theme, WooCommerce ready and simple, this theme is great for personal and lifestyle blogs. of course, with WooCommerce, you’ll be able to sell products if you choose to. Or services for that matter. We’ve also got another theme, the first one that we created. It’s called Oregon. It’s another minimalist blogging theme that I find to be quite useful myself. hopefully some of you agree. Anyway, grab it download today and see if it’s going to work for you.

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Landing – Mildhill

Landing – Mildhill

This is Mildhill, an organic food store WordPress theme that’s got plenty to offer to those of you who need an organic food store website.

You get quite a number of inner pages, blog layouts and portfolio styles. There are several custom-built elements that are perfect for organic food stores. This is more and more often becoming something that people are interested in. you can go online and purchase groceries and have them delivered directly to your home. It’s like we’re living in the future. If you want a WordPress theme with a powerful admin interface and highly customizable set of tools, all without any coding knowledge, this theme is a great choice.

You get a large collection of pages and layouts and the included page builder is a really premium value. This WooCommerce ready theme has contact form 7 compatibility, a large collection of very practical short codes and pricing people short codes are certainly included. I really think this team could be ideal for anyone who wants to set up an organic food store online and who doesn’t want to pay for a custom developer.

Here is what this themes creator says about their template, they do a pretty good job of introducing it, even if there’s not really a ton of information included. however, I think that it’s always a good idea to take a look at what the developer says since who knows their theme better than them?

Mildhill is an ideal choice for all types of organic and food store websites with a modern, fresh design style and a layout collection that will surely cover all your needs. You also get a great set of organic food store templates, so all that’s left is to start your organic food store website today, and watch your business grow!

For more food related sites, check out this collection.

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Konado Organic Food WordPress Theme

Konado Organic Food WordPress Theme

Starting a grocery store or organic food shop, I think that that is an incredible challenge. There are plenty of different people out there who want to do just that, so selecting a great WordPress theme that has all the features and style you could possibly want can be a real benefit. It gives you a huge head start on your competition and can lead to a lot of satisfied customers. Modern WordPress themes were designed with the end-user in mind and this template is no exception.

Konado was designed for this trendy topic, organic foods. Farmers markets, Farmers, food companies, seed suppliers and organic food stores only need a great website to help make their products accessible and alluring. Konado does just that. It’s going to give you a stunning and smooth look, user-friendly style and a wonderful experience for all your visitors. There are four different home pages and even more in her pages to help keep the style looking just like you want it to look. There are plenty of options for customization, smooth transition effects and beautiful, large images to showcase all of your products. This theme is fully supported and comes with plenty of documentation, video tutorials and more. It’s designed to be as user-friendly as possible.

Here’s a look at the Konado WordPress theme.

If you’d like to see more food-related WordPress themes, have a look at our collection. We keep adding to it and we hope to make it the largest and most successful collection of food themes out there. If you see a great theme that we forgotten about, please let us know.

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Raw Organic

RawOrganic Organic And Healthy Food Store

RawOrganic Organic And Healthy Food Store

I first read this as Raw Organ and I thought to myself.  Eww, that’s gross.  You shouldn’t eat raw organ meat.  First, it’ll give you gout.  Second, it’ll give you worms.  It’s really not healthy.  Then, my eyes moved to the final two letters and I breathed a huge sigh of relief.  This didn’t actually happen.

Raw Organic.  That makes way more sense.

Raw Organic blends a clean, corporate style with tons of features, including eCommerce.  For a grocery store, that’s going to be a given, but I thought I’d mention it anyway.  This theme has a really clean, cool look, it’s got solid typography, it’s modern and easy to navigate.  Setting up a large scale operation like a grocery store, that’s something you really need to keep in mind.

You might be interested in our full collection of food related WordPress themes.  We’ve found a ton of great themes that really work for food stores, grocery stores and more.  Farm to table operations, farmer’s markets, those things are big and getting bigger all the time.  So, check that out and let us know what you think about Raw Organic or any of the themes in that collection.

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Despite being a Frankenstein post, this popped into the rankings at #43 for Organic Food WordPress themes on January 3rd, 2021. Originally posted on December 29th. Ranking #50 on January 4th and I’m updating this again. Ranking #42 on January 7th. #41 on January 8th. Ranking #30 on May 6th.


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