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February 22, 2021

This collection of parallax WordPress themes gives you a special way to present almost any sort of content.  We’ve gathered up a whole bunch of the finest parallax themes that help give your pages and posts a really interesting, dynamic presentation that demands attention.

Every one of the themes in this collection offers at least one parallax scrolling layout. These really unique and fun layouts can give your images and text real depth, making them look almost as if they are displayed in three dimensional space. That’s because parallax scrolling presents content in a really different way. Different elements will scroll at different speeds down the page, making it appear as though some are closer to the reader and others are a bit further away. It could be a really fun and interesting way to reveal content and to keep your pages incredibly engaging and interesting.

The themes we have selected for this collection represent the absolute best parallax WordPress themes available. These themes are user-friendly, easy to install and easy to customize. Most offer multiple different options for parallax effect, so you’ll have quite a number of different presentation types to choose from. No matter your skill level with WordPress, these themes are incredibly simple to use, the support offered by the developers is outstanding and you’ll find massive amounts of potential in each and every one of these themes.


PaperPlane Flat Parallax WordPress Theme

Paper Plane is a creative WordPress theme that is powered by the visual composer plug-in, one of the best drag-and-drop plugins available today. It gives you multiple content blocks that can be placed anywhere you want and with the parallax image and parallax slider options, you can present these content blocks in a way that is fun and really interesting. The overall design of this theme is clean and well-ordered there is a powerful theme options panel for deep levels of customization and it’s all quite user-friendly.

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Phoenix One Page Coming Soon WordPress Theme

Phoenix is a multi-purpose and minimalist WordPress portfolio theme that gives you a lot of different options for layouts. This one page theme does its best work with parallax websites, giving you a really fun way to present content. Thanks to Visual Composer, you’ll have the ability to craft any type of layout you want with all the features your website needs. You can do a really outstanding job of making your portfolio look it’s best.  Check out some more minimalist WordPress themes, if you want to see some more simple options for website creation.

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Hestia Pro

Hestia Pro WordPress One Page Parallax Themes

Hestia Pro WordPress One Page Parallax Themes

Hestia Pro is a stylish one page WordPress theme with parallax scrolling, full WooCommerce support, lots of customization options and a really professional and modern style. The developer offers top notch support and documentation. its theme is completely customizable, you can change the order of every content section on the front page and really highlight the things that are most important to your particular business. It’s a flexible, total user-friendly and beginner-friendly way to craft a professional website yourself.  We’ve also got a collection of WooCommerce themes to provide more great options.

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Fildisi One Page WordPress Business Theme e

Fildisi is a responsive and multi-purpose WordPress theme that gives you lots of features to take into account. There’s WooCommerce support, BuddyPress and bbPress capability, multiple pre-made designs that can present your content in a sleek and eye-catching way. adding parallax sections can call attention to your most important content, ensuring your website develops a lot of attention and places it exactly where you want it.

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Divi Modern Powerful Page Builder WordPress Theme

Divi is a page building WordPress theme that is among the most popular and most powerful on the web. It allows you to design your website visually, adding content blocks where you want them and simply dragging and dropping them into place. The customization process is just as visual and just as simple. You can click and drag any element to make it larger or smaller, key in values if you’d like to do it that way and the result is a fast loading, gorgeous and elegant website that can make any content look fabulous. Divi gives you unlimited parallax layouts that can really make your content shine.

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Uncode Classic Parallax Agency WordPress Theme

Uncode is a creative, multi-use WordPress theme with one of the best front end editors out there. There’s a huge library of over 400 different wire frame layouts that can get your page with into shape quickly. Each of the 70 different pre-made demo concepts can be imported with one click, or you can build your own. All of it is fully supportive of parallax scrolling, giving you a dynamic way to present content. If you’d like to set up an online shop, full WooCommerce support is also provided.

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Yosemite Clean WordPress Blogging Theme

Yosemite is a beautiful, minimalist and simple WordPress theme to use, but it really does a fabulous job of presenting your content. The design is totally elegant, it helps to generate a really high engagement rate with all of your content. Thanks to AdSense optimization, you can even find it quite simple to monetize your website. Your front page, and any enter page for that matter can also support parallax designs to create a huge level of interest in every post and page on your website.

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Motive WordPress One Page Theme with Portfolio Design

Motive is a clean, fresh portfolio WordPress theme with parallax scrolling backgrounds, Revolution Slider, multiple post formats and a whole lot more. This theme is completely compatible with all of the most popular plugins and add-ons for WordPress. With motive, you get to basic designs and three different portfolio styles, not to mention several different custom post types. This theme remains quite customisable and user-friendly at the same time.

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Ananke Video Background and Parallax Scrolling Multimedia Theme

Ananke is a powerful one page parallax WordPress theme with a modern and creative style. It’s great for personal portfolios and creative agency websites, graphic designer or illustrator portfolios, even photography portfolios. It’s got a really universal design, parallax effects and it works perfectly on mobile devices. Thanks to the WP Bakery page builder, you’ll have full control over your website’s layout. This means you can present any type of content block in any order you choose.

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Dendrite Clean Crisp One Page Portfolio Theme

The Dendrite WordPress theme is a clean, modern, sleek and slick portfolio theme design for creatives. This theme helps to give your readers A New perspective on your content. Thanks to the inclusion of the WP Bakery page builder, you’ll have the ability to craft any sort of layout you like. This means any content block can be rearranged quickly and efficiently. There are a number of pre-made homepages, each one of them offering astounding page load times and parallax scrolling options.

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Float One Page Premium WordPress Theme

Float is one of the most powerful and user-friendly, adaptable and easy to manage themes out there. Thanks to The parallax scrolling background options, you’ll have a fun and interesting way to present your blog or your home page. The parallax blog is a particularly unique design, it’s got a zigzag approach and as you scroll down the page, different blog posts present themselves at differing rates. it’s got a really neat flow to it, though this presentation can be a bit jarring to people who are expecting totally traditional design.

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Parallax Pro

Parallax Pro A Mobile Responsive and HTML Theme for Coffee Houses

Parallax Pro is a Genesis framework child theme that gives you full ecommerce support, a powerful theme customizer, multiple widget areas for your homepage and it’s all completely mobile friendly and responsive. The parallax pro theme offers parallax scrolling of course, a very simple system for building incredibly engaging and interesting pages. It creates a real flow for the eye, helping to guide your readers to the most important content on any page. All that, and it’s still incredibly user-friendly.

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Zelle Pro

Zelle Pro Clean Crisp Portfolio WordPress Theme

Zelle Pro is a joyful, elegant and user-friendly WordPress theme with parallax scrolling effects, full WooCommerce support, a powerful theme customizer and complete support for all of your favorite page builders. Whether you want to use the Elementor page builder, Beaver builder, Gutenberg, Divi or WP Bakery page builder, you’ll have total control over your website layout of. Thanks to the optional parallax scrolling effects, you’ll have a really neat way to present your content.

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Ronneby Parallax WordPress Theme with Awesome Typography e

Ronneby is an incredibly high performance, powerful multi-purpose theme that gives you dozens of different pre-made designs, full WooCommerce support, loads of customization options and full support for all the most important plugins and add-ons for WordPress. With The parallax scrolling effect turned on, you’ll have a really interesting way to present your content, whether you choose to use Ronneby as a single page design or a multi page website template.

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Upshot WordPress Theme for Parallax Agency Websites

The Upshot WordPress theme is a multi-purpose business template with a powerful, flexible and intuitive design, lots of features and full support for all the most popular add-ons and plug-ins. This theme provides everything you’ll need to set up your website quickly and effectively. There are pre-made landing pages, online shops, creative parallax designs, elegant layouts for business and creative work as well. This is theme gives you every feature you could ever want to build a really stunning website that presents your posts and pages in an interesting, fun way.

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Unik Clean And Creative Single Page WordPress Themes

Unik is a creative, multi-purpose WordPress theme that does everything I can to help your content achieve its fullest potential. This thing offers both one page and multi-page designs, both of which I fully support parallax scrolling. Revolution slider is included as is one of the most popular page builders available, WP Bakery Page Builder. The blog and portfolio options which are included are incredibly clean and modern, really helping you present your content in an interesting and fun way.

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BoxShop Parallax WordPress eCommerce Theme

BoxShop is a responsive WooCommerce powered WordPress theme that allows you to build an online shop with parallax scrolling effects. there are quite a number of interesting professional features that are included, are responsive layout, mega mini support as well as a powerful page builder that gives you full control over every aspect of your design. This is among the most popular and well-respected WooCommerce themes available, ready for all sorts of customization.

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Fortun Clean Minimalist Parallax WordPress Theme

Fortun is a multi-concept WordPress theme with 18 different clean, modern demos. Visual composer is also included to give you the ability to create any type of website that you can possibly imagine. With parallax scrolling sections, you can ensure your content is presented in a way that commands attention. The clean, well-designed portfolio options give you many different ways to present visual content. There are multiple hairstyles included, outstanding support and documentation and everything is incredibly user-friendly.

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Emily Nolan

Emily Nolan Parallax WordPress Theme with Bold Typography

Emily Nolan is a creative photography portfolio WordPress theme that’s among the most highly respected and highest rated themes available. two basic color schemes are included, a dark version and a light version. Also, several different plugins are included, one of which can help you install your website quickly thanks click demo import. This Bootstrap 4 WordPress theme offers parallax effects, animated page transitions, you can translate it into any language and, the social media support is one aspect of that deserves singling out.

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Myth Elegant Storytelling WordPress Theme with Parallax Effect

Myth is an elegant WordPress theme to help you tell a story. This personal blogging theme offers full-height images, parallax scrolling effects, you can allow the title to fade out as your users scroll down the page and you can position the title overlay anywhere you want. You can even set the up a city of featured images on any post and page. If you’d like to add ambient videos to your post, it couldn’t be any easier. Image galleries are also provided to help present your visual content in a really stunning and interesting way.

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Zuperla Parallax Theme with Interesting Animations

Zuperla is a superb, creative WordPress theme with eight pre-made designs that are ready to go right out of the box. Please give you a lot of inspiration for setting up your website, as well as the two hundred different pre-built section layout. With the advanced grid system that controls this website, you’ll have an outstanding display for any type of content. With over 50 different handcrafted elements, you can drag any type of content you want into place and make sure it looks fantastic. Any post and page can also accept parallax scrolling, giving you a really fun way to present your content.

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Shout WordPress Feminine Beauty Magazine

Shout is a blogging WordPress theme that’s great for her lifestyle blogs, personal blogs and magazines. With all of the useful options You’ll have a fast loading, high-performance and attractive blog set up in no time. There’s one click down on the installation, it’s fully translatable and there are some interesting page of living options powered by Ajax. this allows for a really smooth user experience that people are going to love. The admin control panel is a powerful one, giving you loads of ways to customize your new website.

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Honshi Ultra Modern Parallax WordPress Theme

Honshi is an Elementor powered personal portfolio theme with parallax scrolling, a modern aesthetic it’s perfect for any type of creative website. If you’re a freelancer or you want to showcase a video portfolio, if you’d like to build a minimalist website to promote your creative work or a showcase for your design portfolio, this theme gives you lots of different options. It’s all incredibly simple to customize, even for beginners. WP Bakery Page Builder is also included, that gives you total control over your site layout from top to bottom.

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Draven Modern Parallax One Page App Theme

Draven is a creative, multi-purpose creative theme. It’s got some fresh designs for agencies, beauty salons and more. This drag-and-drop theme was created With a really strong attention to detail. Whether you choose to use Gutenberg, Elementor, Beaver builder or even Divi page builder, you’ll have full access to all of the most popular content blocks. Each of these blocks can also fully support parallax scrolling for a really interesting presentation. If you’re looking for a high-performance team, few load faster than this one. There are eight different portfolio hover styles, beautiful blog layouts and lots of pre-made inner pages to get your design ideas off the ground quickly.

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Airi Single Page Theme with Parallax Effects

Airi is a clean and minimalist WordPress theme with a light and bright design, full WooCommerce support, video tutorials, strong support and online documentation are also provided. this theme has been consistently updated since it was released and it’s still among the most popular parallax scrolling WooCommerce themes available. The shop layout is completely evening and that can help make your products look particularly alluring. This high performance theme provides several premium plugins, one click demo import and it’s completely responsive for proper display on all devices.

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Nowadays Full Screen Parallax Slider Theme

Nowadays is a multi-purpose WordPress theme with parallax scrolling design, a user-friendly theme options panel, full commerce support and 25 different pre-made layouts you can choose from. all of these pre-made styles support parallax scrolling and they were all created with the Unyson framework, a powerful Page builder and female options panel combination. There are dozens of different customizable elements that can help you create any type of website you want. fortunately, Unyson is particularly user-friendly and that makes it a really nice option for beginners.

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Borderland Vintage Inspired Parallax Theme

Borderland is a vintage inspired, multi-purpose portfolio theme with WP Bakery Page Builder support included. This creative multi-purpose theme is great for personal or professional portfolios. It also offers full WooCommerce support so you can set up an online shop. With all of the customization options, the sky’s the limit with this beautiful template. there are multiple blog and portfolio layouts, a powerful admin panel for customization and full parallax support on every post or page. This is among the most popular portfolio themes out there and definitely worth a second look.

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North One Page Parallax WordPress Theme

North is a one-page parallax WordPress theme for The unique page design, unlimited layouts and colors and it’s totally responsible. Thanks to the full support for WooCommerce, you can set up an online shop quickly and efficiently. There’s also a page builder included to give you total layout control. North is among the most popular themes available today and it includes several premium plugins for free, giving you a really nice value when you’re setting up your website on a budget. Visual Composer is incredibly simple to use, the theme options panel provides all the right tools for total website customization.

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Nimmo One Page WordPress with Parallax and Video Backgrounds

Nimmo is a one-page multi-purpose theme that’s great for start of agencies and creative websites. Thanks to The parallax scrolling options, you’ll have a really fun and interesting way to prevent your creative content. design styles run from the whimsical to more clean and corporate looks, though you can adjust any of these pre-made styles quickly and easily. Thanks to the Redux framework, you’ll have a very simple and highly extensible theme options panel to work with. supporting documentation are provided and they are among the best out there. Addition to parallax backgrounds, you can also have video backgrounds for any page.

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Unfinity Single Page Parallax WP Theme

Unfinity is a one page WordPress theme with parallax scrolling, a polished and professional design and it makes for a really elegant presentation of all types of content. Whether you choose to use Elementor or WP Bakery Page Builder, you’ll have a powerful tool for creating custom layouts. However, you may want to start 20 different pre-made designs. Please give you a real edge when it comes to starting up your website quickly. This theme is SEO friendly, the support and documentation are strong and everything that you see on the page can be adjusted and adapted to fit your website’s particular needs.

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Pheromone Creative Multi Concept WordPress Theme

Pheromone is a creative, multi-purpose and multi-concept WordPress theme. this theme provide you over 70 different pre-made demo’s, 20 homepage styles, an assortment of premium plugins and a clean and simple design. It also supports WooCommerce as you can set up an online shop quickly and easily. With a perfect 5-star rating, this is one of the most highly respected parallax scrolling WooCommerce themes around. However, if you choose to use it as a simple blog or portfolio, it works just as well. This is a highly adaptable and completely Maude theme packed with outstanding features.

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Universal One Page Full Screen Video Background Theme

Universal is a smart multi-purpose WordPress theme with loads of features and functionality. this is a lightweight and fast loading, high-performance WordPress theme, whether you choose to use it as a one-page design or a multi-page site building template. It’s great for creative businesses and corporate websites, personal sites and more. over a thousand different developers, designers, bloggers and creative folks have chosen this theme and it’s still going strong. There are multiple different pre-made demo’s, parallax scrolling is offered and over 80 different pre-made inner pages are also provided. This is a theme gives you almost no end to the amount of customization you can offer.

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