Pekko – Minimal Dark WordPress Theme

Pekko is a WordPress theme that proves one thing for certain, minimalist themes don’t always have to be light & Bright with white backgrounds. This is a minimal theme, but it gives you a bold and interesting dark background for presenting your content. Of course, this theme is also flexible enough to switch things up and be a more traditional white background for folio. it’s up to you.

Basically, Pekko is the type of WordPress theme that has enough flexibility and enough design chops to look great no matter what. This theme includes the Elementor page builder to allow you to create any sort of layout you could possibly want. Elementor is on my favorite page builder plugins and it is so simple to use, a caveman could do it. Perhaps not a caveman, I’m not entirely sure that they would even know how to work a mouse.

The point of the matter isn’t the caveman’s skills with a mouse, the point is all the features Pekko provides.

Pekko also includes the child theme and it is fast loading like all minimalist WordPress themes should be. The support and documentation are out of sight, meaning good, not meaning nonexistent. For creating blogs or faction websites, portfolios for photographers or graphic artists, even for small digital agencies, this theme gives you plenty of features and plenty of functionality to make your website memorable and successful. Pverall, I would say that this thing looks like it’s going to be quite popular.

For a very limited time, it is priced at just $19, you should certainly jump all over that if this thing looks like something you are interested in. of course, not all themes are created equally and not all are going to be right for everyone’s uses, that’s why we had built a WordPress theme collection that I think many of you might find intriguing.

Check out our full collection of minimalist WordPress themes to see a lot more options for building a winning website.

Before we go, here’s another look at the homepage to see just exactly what this template can do for you if you want to present your images with a beautiful, dark background that really creates an engaging look for your website.

We will be back soon with more amazing WordPress themes that I think you are going to enjoy.  Please feel free to browse the links below.

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