Personal Blog WordPress Themes

Personal blog themes for WordPress or a great way to express yourself. If you’ve been searching for a great platform for sharing your experiences and your views of the world, these personal blog themes are a really outstanding place to start. Hopefully, this resource can be your starting point to finding the absolute perfect website for your next personal blog.

We’ve selected only the absolute best themes and the vast majority of these templates include multiple pre-made designs that can work for a great-looking personal blog. In addition, many of the themes here have advanced page building functionalities. These drag-and-drop a page builders make it very simple to craft a really engaging, interesting and alluring personal blog site. Even if you’re a beginner, these visual page building tools can give you a real leg up when constructing a website. You don’t have to know much about WordPress to design an outstanding personal blog site that has all the features you want it to have.

Once you have your layout constructed, you can use the built-in theme options panel to change of all the little details you want to make your site completely personalized. just like the page building tools, these theme options panels are very simple to use and straightforward, even for beginners.

So hopefully you can find quite a number of different options in this collection of WordPress personal blog themes to set up an outstanding blog for any situation.


Belletrist, Personal Blog WordPress Theme

This is Bellatrist. It’s a really interesting WordPress theme that I think should be considered for personal bloggers who want something a little bit different than the ordinary, average WordPress theme. Bellatrist is for stories that are worth reading. This Elementor powered, WooCommerce ready WordPress theme has lots of really unique, premade designs that have styles a bit different than average. Along with the prebuilt homepages are several inner pages worth taking a note of. If you want personal blog with modern field, this contemporary template provides a beautiful assortment of premade designs to get you off on the right track.

Bellatrist is a WordPress Theme that does more than just look nice and sound good. It’s also fun and it shows your personality (or your group’s personality, if you’re publishing with a team of bloggers). Let the Elemental WYSIWYG Editor do all the heavy lifting – no coding required – but still show off layouts like Social media feeds, BuddyPress support, WooCommerce integration for e-commerce shops and newsletter signups (soak up those clicks!), an interactive header building system with drag-drop elements to make text pop on top of images; presentation slides… even service buttons set up as an interactive carousel of contact information. So come discover what sets Bellatrist apart from any other theme out there!

For people who want to start their very own personal blog, without having to spend hours creating the perfect design. Bellatrist is not only responsive but has a slew of other features like Elementor and WooCommerce compatibility. Don’t forget about the pre-built designs that are totally different than your average traditional WordPress theme.

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Brookside Personal WordPress Blog Theme

Brookside is a highly rated, highly respected personal blogging WordPress theme that supports WooCommerce, it’s got full support for a variety of page building plugins and it’s ridiculously easy to use.

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Le Mars Clean Well Organized Personal Blogging Theme

With the beautiful, professional design this theme provides you, displaying your blog content will be second nature. This theme has a really clean style that works for nearly anything you want to post for the world to enjoy. And, it’s even WooCommerce ready so you can sell products or services on your personal blogging website.

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Sitka Clean Modern WordPress Blog Theme

Sitka is a modern personal blog in WordPress theme that is intuitive to use, it provides numerous pre-made demo styles and it’s completely adaptable and adjustable. If you want a really great user experience, this theme is an outstanding option for any type of personal blog.

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Anemos A Multiuse Blogging WordPress Theme

Anemos is a multi-use WordPress blogging theme that has a beautiful, simple and clean design, a powerful oage builder and a strong theme options framework for advanced customization of both layouts and design.

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Wanderic Travel Blog Theme with Simple Clean Style

Wanderic  is a travel blog and lifestyle blogging WordPress theme that has a clean, minimal and stylish look that’s perfect for any type of personal blog.  There are a variety of blog layouts included to give you a lot of different ways to present your content in a way that’s engaging and attractive.

Check out some more minimalist WordPress themes in this collection to find some cool inspiration for beautiful, simple and clean websites.

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Paperbag WordPress Personal Blog Theme

Paperbag is a beautiful personal blogging WordPress theme that guarantees a smooth user experience for any type of blogger. You get multiple layouts, post formats and live, advanced customization choices. No matter what type of website you want to create, this template provides all the right tools to make it happen.

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Divi WordPress Theme fort Digital Publishers

Divi is a strong choice for personal bloggers. With hundreds of different pre-made designs to choose from, you can have any type of blog off the ground quickly. After that, the advanced customization options this page building tool provides can you a lot of different looks for any type of content. Thousands of personal bloggers around the world have chosen this is the theme of because of its flexibility and it’s powerful features.

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Tulip Flat Beautiful WordPress Personal Blog Theme

Tulip is a responsive WordPress personal blogging theme with a beautiful, clean design, totally responsive layout, sticky post slider and clean typography. This theme helps present any type of content in a really fun, attractive way that people can’t seem to get enough of.

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Papr Simple Modern WordPress Personal Blog Theme

Papr is a simple, clean news magazine WordPress theme that also works great for personal blogs. With over 18 different pre-made designs, full WooCommerce support and the inclusion of the Elementor page builder, you’ll have a level of control that not many themes offer. Personal blog layout is a particularly nice one, it’s colorful and attractive, well-designed and it can help make your content stickier than ever.

If you want to see a lot more outstanding themes, ones that work perfectly for selling products using WooCommerce, check out our full collection. It’s a great resource for finding exactly what you want to set up an online shop.

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Tumli Elegant and Ornate Personal Blog WordPress Theme

Tumli is a personal masonry style WordPress blogging theme. Tumli’s got a stylish layout, it’s perfect for any type of user, beginners and experts alike. This theme is highly intuitive to use and it can be used for any type of website and just about any type of creative project. If you want a user-friendly personal blogging theme, this one is a really nice choice.

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H Code Clean Professional Multi Purpose Blog Theme

H-Code is a responsive and multi-purpose WordPress theme that provides over 190 different pre-made layouts, full WooCommerce support and for personal bloggers who want an adaptable and adjustable theme incredibly simple to use, this one works great. There are over a dozen different pre-made designs for blogs, travel blogs, personal blogs, marketing agencies and more. Each of these pre-made designs is totally adaptable and flexible, no matter what your skill level or what you need to get out of your WordPress installation.

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Extra Drag and Drop Personal Blog and Magazine Theme

Extra is the ultimate magazine and personal blog theme powered by the Divi page builder. This e-commerce ready template gives you an elegant design, a post and page builder that is unmatched in its flexibility and every post and page you generate is totally responsive. For personal lovers who also want to add ratings and reviews to their website of the building tools included out make that supremely easy. The drag-and-drop page building tool that powers this theme, Divi of course, is probably the most powerful on the market and it’s incredibly simple to use as well.

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Marni Personal and Lifestyle Blog Theme for WordPress

Marni is a WordPress blog and WooCommerce shop theme with over 100 different layout, color and typography options. There are featured content boxes, YouTube and Vimeo support and a premium, responsive design that looks great on all devices. If you’re looking for a clean, minimal and elegant layout for displaying your content in a distraction free way, this theme is a real winner.

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Brixton Elegant Personal Blog Theme

Brixton is a responsive personal blogging theme that includes a Revolution Slider, several premium widgets and a user-friendly interface for adapting and adjusting the look of your site. If your personal blog needs an update, this modern, intuitive and sleek design really help step up your game. Personal bloggers really do seem to enjoy this template.

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Bucket Clean Flat Modern Personal Blog Theme

Bucket is an indispensable magazine WordPress theme that also works great as a personal blog template. You can showcase videos along with your written content to add a fun level of engagement and interactivity. Bucket is WooCommerce ready too, and this theme gives you an integrated reviews system, a powerful custom page builder, drop-down mega menus, multiple header styles and it’s all seo-friendly, thanks to the responsive design and the clean, lightweight code.

If you like to have a look at some additional WordPress themes that work great for video, our full collection of video WordPress themes is the place to be.

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Rinjani a Responsive Personal Blog Theme with Grid Layout

Rinjani is a grid style WordPress blogging theme that’s great for personal bloggers and lifestyle blogs. Of course, the clean, minimal style also lends itself well to corporate blogs or marketing blogs too, but let’s stick to personal blog sites. If you want to create an authority website where your content is the most important thing on the page, this masonry grid design does a great job of ensuring professional presentation of all post. The admin panel is particularly powerful and gives you full control over every little detail on your website.

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Adventure Multi Author and Personal Blog Theme

Adventure is a bold, attractive and responsive WordPress theme for modern personal blogs. This theme actually supports multi-author setups as well, so you can blog as a group and create new, engaging content that people are going to love. With full WooCommerce support, you can set up an online shop to sell products or services. This is a theme works great with all of the most important what’s necessary WordPress plugins to give you an outstanding presentation every time out.

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Montblanc Multipurpose Personal Blogging Theme

Montblanc is a multi-purpose creative blog in WordPress theme that has hundreds of different options, sleek and modern style and high-performance page load times that can help build your website’s authority and give you the confidence to create new posts that people are going to love. But clean and modern design is something people are really going to appreciate. You get five different layouts for homepages and shops and with this highly adaptable template, you can have any sort of look or design you want quickly and efficiently.

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Sleek Responsive Creative WordPress Blog Theme

Why settle for ordinary when you can be Sleek? With a responsive and creative WordPress template like this one, you’ll enjoy the freedom to create beautiful personal blogs along with various post formats. Check it out today!

Sleek is a responsive and creative WordPress personal blogging template that gives you home screen layouts, the simple blog designs, independent side bars and sidebar comments. there are distinctive post formats including standard posts, image and video posts, quotes, audio posts, links and decides and status updates. The beautifully designed single poster styles really help make your content shine. This is a creative and responsive personal blogging theme that can do just about anything.

Sleek is a clever, modern personal blog template for WordPress! Pair it with countless layouts and graphics to help you focus on your content. Editorially created by Squarespace, Sleek seamlessly caters to bloggers — both young or old. With post formats including image posts, video posts, quotes posts, decisions posts, and statuses—you can practically do anything! If you’re looking for something fresh and new – try out Sleek today!

Create and share beautiful blogs that represent who you are. There’s no better place to tell stories, show photos and videos, and capture everything about your life – all with a flexible theme that’s always easy to use.

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Authentic The Style Curator Lifestyle Blog Magazine WordPress Theme

Authentic is a lifestyle blog and personal blog theme that works great for any type of publishing. With 50 different unique demo’s, an integrated Page builder and multiple sharing options, this theme keeps people informed of what you’ve created and keeps them coming back again and again. There are, as I mentioned, 50 different demos included. These all have a wide variety of styles but each of them can be installed with just one click, giving you a massive head start to a successful & attractive website people are going to love.

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Mallow Personal Lifestyle Blog Magazine WordPress Theme

Mallow is a personal blog, lifestyle magazine that has tons of features and a really polished design. It’s going to make your audience crave more of your amazing content, thanks to the distraction Free press. This theme offers full support for all the most popular page building tools and I can give you a lot of flexibility when it comes to designing your pages and posts.

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Studio 8

Studio 8 Clean WordPress Blog Theme

Studio 8 is a premium WordPress theme that’s great for creative agencies, web designers, architects, photographers and personal bloggers. It’s got some incredibly sweet features to go with it. This highly optimized theme has very clean code and that results in fast page of the times. if you’re looking for a simple but eye- catching website for your personal blogging content, this one is definitely a nice choice.

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Yosemite Clean WordPress Blogging Theme

Yosemite is elegant and engaging, it’s a perfect WordPress personal blog theme that is compatible with all the most popular plugins and add-ons for WordPress. If you’re looking for a beautiful, user-friendly and highly adaptable template, that’s Ad-Sense optimized and has an elegant design, this personal blog is real masterpiece that you should be checking out. You look at a lot of different ways to customize your website and the result is going to be the same every time, and attractive and engaging platform for any type of personal blog.

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Milo Minimalist Personal Blog Theme

Milo is a simple, clean and minimalist WordPress theme that gives you several different attractive designs that can be used for any type of personal blogging purpose. The left aligned menu remains in place even as people scroll down the screen to see all of your posts. There is a cascading submenu, masonry calories and full support for Vimeo video. if you want to integrate a portfolio along with your personal blog, Milo’s a really great choice. In addition, this theme is particularly fast living and high performance, thanks to the very simple design and the clean code that has been provided by the developer.

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Collective Theme Creative Collaboration and Personal Blog Theme

Collective is a collaborative theme for multi-author blogs, partnerships and more. Of course, it can be used as a personal blog website as well. No matter which way you choose, you’ll get a y layout with a sleek and modern design. there are custom post types for every team member included on your website and everyone can have their own custom biography, highlight their position and share social media links. this is the same as loads of customization options, get fully supports WooCommerce and the social media integration is one of the best available on the market today.

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Elegance Pro

Elegance Pro WordPress Personal Blog and Portfolio Theme

Elegance Pro is it clean, attractive, stapley and elegant personal blog WordPress theme. It also functions great as a portfolio, but I think it does it’s best work as a personal blog. This theme is so clean, modern and engaging, it presents a completely distraction-free environment for any type of blog post. it’s equally adept as a lifestyle blogging template and with this theme, you’ll find no end to the amount of customization you can provide to your website.

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Soledad Simple WordPress Personal Blogging Theme

Soledad is among the most popular magazine and personal blog in WordPress themes available today. There are over 6500 different homepage demo styles included and each of these work perfectly with Elementor to give you unlimited layout possibilities. Elementor is the most popular live page builder around and you can use the 30 different customizable and beautifully designed elements to add content anywhere you want it. This responsive theme is great for any type of blogging, fashion and food, lifestyle and travel, and of course personal blogging sites.

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Doberman Personal Magazine Theme for WordPress

Doberman is a viral magazine WordPress theme that has a really fun, distinctive and flat design. It was designed to maximize our engagement via social media and it helps to arrange your content in a way that is going to get the maximum amount of attention. If you want a stylish and seeing that also has a lot of customization options for colors in typography, this one is a great choice. The homepage can look exactly like you wanted thanks to the drag-and-drop k drilling tool. There is a live custom editor and custom widgets are also provided. This is highly SEO optimized theme loads up fast on all devices and that can definitely help your search engine rankings.

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Epilog Premium Personal Blog Theme

Epilog is a wonderful personal blog in WordPress theme that realizes it’s important that your content is equally enjoyable to readers as it is to the search engines. This SEO optimized personal blogging theme allows your readers to engage with your content and get a lot of enjoyment out of it, while the search engines are able to find exactly what they want thanks to the validated and bug free code. This theme was built for a personal bloggers who want the best performance and the best presentation for any type of blog content.

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Atert Ultra Simple Personal Blog Theme

Atert is a simple and creative, minimalist personal blogging WordPress theme. This theme has a simple style, but it’s totally flexible and easy to customize. If you want a well-documented and well-supported theme, this is it. Any type of online publisher can get a lot out of this template, whether you’re in to travel or fashion, food or photography, even publishing tutorial content. This theme has all the features, layout flexibility and design options you’ll need to make a really pleasant user experience for everyone.

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Eames Minimal Personal Blog Theme

Eames features a left-aligned header, clean and minimal design and it’s perfect for portfolios, e-commerce websites and personal blogs. The advanced theme customizer keeps everything looking just like you wanted to look and with a variety of portfolio styles, you can highlight your creativity and really fun and easy this mobile-friendly theme loads up fast and looks amazing on all devices because it’s perfectly responsive. Any personal blogger can see the value in that.

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Bold Totally Unique Take of Personal Blogging

Bold is the name of this theme and it wants to make a strong first impression. Bold’s home page was designed to grab your readers attention and never let up. So, it’s perfect for personal bloggers and other websites that need that attention-getting design right off the bat. In addition to being a perfectly responsive theme, Bold displays images and videos with an equal level of skill. If you need to set up an online shop, WooCommerce is also fully supported. This is a theme that can do it all and it’s a wonderful option for personal bloggers who need more than just a simple blog template.

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Rima WordPress Personal Blog Theme

Rima is a modern and stylish, minimalist theme that gives your readers and immersive experience. This Rima theme is highly polished and beautiful, perfectly balanced pages make it ideal for any type of blog. You can craft your posts and pages with a what-you-see-is-what-you-get page builder. In this case, you can use either the Elementor page builder or WP Bakery page builder. Either one work great.  There are a lot of novel features included with this template and it’s everything that you need to create I really attractive, stylish and successful personal blog website

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Marcell Creative Personal Blogging Theme

Marcell is a stylish personal blog theme that has over 20 different layouts provided, it gives you a lot of different concepts of what is possible with this theme. If you’re a writer or a blogger, a digital publisher or you were writing long-form articles, news pieces, travel blogs or entertainment blogs, this theme works just perfectly. There’s full support for Elementor and WooCommerce, MailChimp and accelerated mobile pages, just to name a few. Marcell offers handy pop-up menus and taught many positions, there are a variety of pre-made homepages and by using the Elementor page builder, you can craft any type of layout you want.

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Atmosphere Pro

Atmosphere Pro Ultra Minimalist Personal Blog Theme

Atmosphere Pro is a complete package for personal blogging websites. If you want a really nice ambience that is simple and engaging, one that highlights both text and images with equal weight, this personal blogging template is a really nice choice. Theme as a powerful theme options panel, it supports WooCommerce or your favorite eCommerce plugin, there’s a powerful theme customizer and four different areas on the homepage to place widgets for helping to make your website look amazing. This responsive template loads up fast and looks great on all devices as well.

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The Essentialist

The Essentialist WordPress Personal Blog Theme

The Essentialist is a narrative WordPress theme that is perfect for presenting your content in a clear, concise way that is completely distraction-free. It’s got an honest minimalist design, smooth storytelling and natural flow of text and images does a wonderful job of making sure people can appreciate what you have created. For personal bloggers who appreciate a bloat free experience, this fast loading template is a really wonderful choice. With a recent update, the developer has now provided full of Gutenberg support so your magazine, journal or personal blog can look his best when using this powerful page building tool.

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Olsen Clean Personal Blog Theme with White Space

Olsen is a stunning, fast loading personal blogging theme for lifestyle and fashion bloggers as well. Olsen provides multiple layouts that are provided, infinite style variations, full of different post formats and a live editor for creative customizations. This SEO optimized theme as fast page load times and that can help your search and placement. If you want to stylish, intuitive and user-friendly template, this one is great for any type of personal blogging website.

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Suarez Minimal Clean Personal Blog Theme

Suarez is a creative WordPress blog theme with a really unique layout. Bill for bloggers if I appreciate precise design and proper code, you can reach out to readers from all around the world with this beautiful and modern template. Tons of powerful features are also included to go along with this professionally written code base. These features do a great job of attracting and retaining readership. Best of all, you don’t need to be an expert coder to make this a theme shine. There is a drag-and-drop page builder that allows you to structure your pages anyway you want, all without having to touch any code, if you don’t want to.

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Alia Minimalist WordPress Personal Blogging Theme

Alia is a minimalist personal blogging theme with lots of pre-made designs, a handsome layout and multiple features that make it perfect for personal blogs. This is a premium template that offers premium features and a massive amount of flexibility. It helps that this the theme can be up and running in less than 4 minutes from your downloaded to complete site launch. This theme gives you ultra fast page load times and perfect typography, everything was designed for bloggers and readers who want the best reading and writing experience. All of that without any sort of distractions to get in the way. This is definitely among the best personal blogging themes ever created.

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