Pile, Creative, Unconventional WordPress Theme for Portfolios

This theme is called Pile and it’s recently been re-styled and re-made entirely.  Call this one Pile 2.0.

You can say what you want about the name.  Pile of what exactly?  Well, no matter, the name may be poor, but the theme itself is pretty nice.  It’s refined and flexible, it can help you showcase nearly any sort of creative work.

Pile has drag-and-drop page building, a unique interface for adjusting of the look and feel of your website and it’s a very intuitive theme. It allows you to customize nearly anything, even if you’re not fully versed in what WordPress development is all about. I think that it’s a really great-looking theme and highly useful.

With a very impressive design, the absolute smoothest of Parallax scrolling and tons of unique transitions, this download package includes everything you need to build a remarkable and successful portfolio website. There’s a unique, smart layout Builder, that removes all constraints over your website Style and let you build a great looking showcase rapidly. It just takes a few clicks to organize your project and perfectly aligned Grid, or give it a dynamic and flowing layout, such as a masonry grid layout. This theme is fully customizable, there’s almost nothing in it that cannot be adjusted to fit your needs. It’s got a great looking WooCommerce powered online store, best in the business support and it really is a totally unique WordPress theme.

Pile has a lot going for it, but are there any drawbacks?  Well, yes, there are.  Let’s explore.

It should be noted that Pile WordPress theme is certainly not a cheap one. This is not some freebie or $10 cheapo template, the cost is $225. Themes developer, Pixelgrade, believes they have created a theme or that much money, which is why they feel like they can charge a premium. It is a really nice thing and I think it’s going to help a lot of people craft an amazing website. Whether or not it’s worth $225, that’s not a decision that’s up to me.  What do you think? Worth it or not?

Check this out, here’s some examples of websites using Pile.

So, that’s all we have for now.  If you see a great looking theme out there on the internet, let us know about it, we’d love to add it to one of our collections.

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