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Okay, this theme is called Pohat.  Pohat is a town in West Java, Indonesia.  Now, it’s also a clean, professional WordPress theme for promoting applications, for content marketing and for making your products and services look professional and stylish.

The PSD version of Pohat hasn’t exactly proven to be incredibly popular, so I won’t hold that against it too much. There is also and HTML version. Between the two of them, they have only been sold about 12 times. I’d say that that makes this theme fairly low on the scale of popularity. However, as a WordPress theme, Anything is Possible. I think that overall, it should do pretty well in terms of sales, it’s certainly not going to be any sort of breakout hit.

But, not everything has to be an incredible hit or a best seller.

It does what it does.

Here’s a look at the front page.

It’s clean, it’s flat and it’s simple. It has a classic bootstrap style look that really does lend itself to helping promote applications, SEO services and other related products.

This is theme offers tons of different features that you’re going to like. First of all, the visual composer is included, that is a drag-and-drop page builder that works in both front and back end, that can save you a lot of time creating new layouts for your site’s content. Based on the bootstrap 4 framework, the absolute most popular JavaScript, CSS and HTML framework, your website will be a mobile-friendly design from the ground up. That’s what responsive layout is all about, making your site look great on all devices. What’s more, you get one click demo data import, you can set up and customize your site within just a few minutes of installation. You receive lifetime updates and fast, friendly support from the theme developer.

Here are some more outstanding applications themes.

Pohat comes with all of the customization options that you could possibly want, this SEO and digital marketing agency WordPress theme shows a lot of promise, I think that it is going to deliver a fantastic user experience for anyone who chooses to download it. Selecting the right WordPress theme, that is something that can really help extend the functionality of the Native WordPress content management system. An SEO friendly seem like this one, it can help you to become a true marketing expert, blogging your way to more traffic and more clicks.

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