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Polyclinic is a very nice example of a classic accessibility ready WordPress theme. Before we get too far, here are some additional accessibility ready WordPress themes in our complete collection.

This is a medical clinic web template, it allows you to create a great looking website without being a scientist yourself. It’s lightweight, well coded, it offers really outstanding out-of-the-box features like a find a doctor functionality, it’s got some really cool page layouts and it includes all the demo content any medical clinic WordPress theme could possibly need to offer.

But, as a classy, well-designed accessibility ready WordPress theme first and foremost, that was the main focus during the development process. The developers truly believe that accessibility matters, especially when it comes to medical institutions and clinics. It really makes sense that this type of website ought to be accessibility ready, because everyone who comes to your website might have differing needs and still want the same great, uncompromised user experience.

So, that’s exactly what Polyclinic decided to do.

This GPL licensed, completely customizable native WordPress theme supports all of the most popular page builder tools, though you don’t need to use them to get a great looking website. The themes premade designs can do all of that without the fancy page building tools.

This theme offers you only what you absolutely need and none of the blood that you don’t need to have. There are no short codes, no sliders included, no custom post types, every bit of the functionality was placed in the plug-ins which is just like it should be for the WordPress best practices Kodak’s. So, this theme works great with the most popular plug-ins and add-ons without wasting time on short codes to act as a crutch for functionality.

Now, let’s talk about page building tools. While you don’t really need to use one, polyclinic works perfectly with the Beaver Builder page builder, that the stunning front edge page building tool that allows you to create your own layouts and really powerpack your content with outstanding looks and features.

The developer has done really excellent job of ensuring this template is high-performance on all devices. It’s fast page load times are going to help ensure really high placement in the search engines, something that can’t be oversold.

You’re looking for a useful, user-friendly and powerful theme and you need complete ADA compliance and full consideration to all accessibility needs, Polyclinic is certainly going to be one of the better choices around and I think it’s definitely worth taking a longer look at

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