Portfolio WordPress Themes for Showing off Your Creativity

For a portfolio to be a success, there’s a lot that it needs to do well.  The most important thing any portfolio does is to present your work.  Images are important, of course, but every project also needs an accompanying description to provide the content needed to appreciate and understand your role in that project’s creation.

Portfolios are likely to be different for art directors than for oil painters, for tattoo artists or graphic designers, photographers and sculptors.  You get the idea.  Every artist has a different set of needs and requirements. And with thousands of options out there, it can be a bit of a slog to get through them all.

With that in mind, we’ve tried to gather up as many different portfolio WordPress themes as possible to give you a huge range of possibilities.  Most of the themes here have several different portfolio layout options, so there’s a lot of freedom and flexibility to your design.  Many of these portfolio themes also have drag and drop page builder tools included that help ensure you’ll get the layout you want.  These tools are really simple to use and by dragging content blocks into place, you’ll be able to present your portfolio with style and context.

So, if you’re looking for a fantastic WordPress portfolio theme to present your creative work to the world, have a look at some of the best.


Divi Photography Portfolio WordPress Theme

If you’re looking for a powerful, user-friendly WordPress theme, there are none more powerful than the Divi Page builder theme. Did he provide you with a powerful drag-and-drop page builder that gives you around 40 different pre-made content blocks. Divi’s content blocks could be images, could be text blocks, could be contact forms or call to action buttons, they could be just about anything. The result though is a high-performance, user-friendly template that is incredibly flexible.

For portfolio use, there are multiple different pre-made portfolio styles that are included and those same content blocks can be used to highlight certain content, presented in a really enjoyable way and make sure it gets a lot of attention. Of course, there are hundreds of different pre-made designs you can choose to craft a phenomenal portfolio using the Divi page builder tool. really, the sky’s the limit and the process of building your portfolio is enjoyable, simple and actually fun at times.

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Artist's Portfolio WordPress Theme

YourWay is a really interesting multiconcept blogging and portfolio theme. And with it, you get plenty of really cool features, lots of flexibility and the tools you’ll need to help grow your portfolio to reach a wider audience than ever before. It’s all based on one of the most popular page building tools, the Elementor Page Builder along with the Elementor Pro add-ons for even more content blocks and more cool options.

Crafting a great looking portfolio is going to be incredibly simple using this template. All of the premade designs are not simply skins showcasing different images with basically the same design. Everyone of them is completely built out with a very specific purpose in mind. Pictured above is the artists portfolio theme design and I think it does a really interesting job of presenting your portfolio in a way that’s completely different than many other web templates you might have at your fingertips. Because integrating a blog is so important, that’s another factor that makes this a really strong option. The blog blends perfectly with the same style as your portfolio to create a really great user experience that’s consistent throughout your visitors time on your website.

Flexibility, dynamic and engaging ways to present your content, social media integration, those are just a few of the reasons why I think this theme is going to be an incredibly popular one over the next few years. so check out Your Way and let us know what you think about it.

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Monstroid 2 – Justin Grubbs

Justin Grubbs Photography Portfolio WordPress Theme

This is a Monstroid skin called Justin Grubbs.  Based on the powerful Monstroid theme, this is a high performance portfolio theme that oozes style and cool.  I really like it for modern designers who want a fun portfolio, not one that feels like it was made in a museum. WordPress portfolio themes come in all shapes and sizes and it’s important to select a good one. With so many options out there, it can be a real challenge selecting the proper portfolio theme, but this one is a really solid option that delivers pleasing style and cool features, brilliant customization options and magnificent support from the developer. It’s got it all, including lightning fast page load times.

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Lekker Bold Modern Minimalist WordPress Themes

This is Lekker, a clean, flat and attractive portfolio theme.  I think one of the ways WordPress artist portfolio themes can benefit anyone is by presenting creative work and really professional and attractive way. what kind of artist can benefit from a portfolio theme such as this one? Well, illustrators and photographers, graphic designers and motion graphic designers, interior decorators and traditional graphic artists all come to mind immediately. However, I think a theme this adaptable can work for just about any purpose.

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Leverage Creative Agency and Portfolio WordPress Theme

Leverage has a professional design that’s perfect for personal portfolio websites. This is one of the best WordPress themes for creatives who want to craft a solid, modern and stylish personal portfolio site.  Leverage provides multiple ways to showcase your content in a way that’s going to be attention-getting and intriguing. Building and alluring website shouldn’t be as difficult as some people try to make it. With a theme like this one, you’ll have clear access to all the tools needed to create a really stunning website.

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Wavo Creative Portfolio Agency Theme

This is Wavo and it’s definitely one of the best WordPress themes for creatives who want an ultra modern portfolio theme to highlight their creative work. It’s got everything going for it that you’ll need to set up a beautiful portfolio quickly and efficiently, developing a well-composed and relaxing place to consume your creative work.

This powerful Wavo theme includes a copy of the Elementor page builder, both one page and multi-page designs are offered and if you’re looking at it creative work that truly wow’s your visitors, this one can be the right choice. It’s got a bold, dynamic and engaging design that is really interactive, packed with interesting animations and it never lets up with the style.

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Proton WordPress Minimal Grid Portfolio Theme

If you’ve been hunting for the right kind of portfolio WordPress theme to tick off all the boxes you have on your must-have list, why not give Proton a chance? This is a simple, minimal and modern WordPress portfolio theme with clean design, plenty of pre-made styles and it makes for a really presentable platform for your creative work. The grid layout does wonders for showcasing a lof of material on your home page.  Sharing images and context about your role in a project’s creation is critical and this portfolio theme never forgets how important that process is.

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Mosby Portfolio Template

Here’s Mosby.  When creating a portfolio site, there’s a lot to keep in mind. You want the type of design that looks great on all devices because it is completely responsive. You want a portfolio design that doesn’t overshadow your content. This is an excellent option for building an enjoyable portfolio everyone can appreciate. Mosby is the type of creative portfolio that is bursting with features but it also has a thoughtful consideration to performance. The code is really strong, it produces lightning fast page load times and all of the benefits that go with that.

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Elegance Pro

Elegance Pro WordPress Personal Blog and Portfolio Theme

Elegance Pro is a Genesis Framework theme that does two things really well.  It’s a perfect blog and portfolio. And it loads up fast. That’s three things. If you’re looking for an outstanding portfolio theme for WordPress, there are definitely a lot of options in this collection. This is one of the most astounding themes available and I think it’s a magnificent choice for building all inspiring portfolios that demand attention. This is also a heck of a theme for personal blogs or lifestyle blogs. It’s such a high performance template, there’s really not a lot that it doesn’t do well.

If you want to check out some awesome themes that are ideal for personal blogs, we’ve got the collection freedom. These templates are all about freedom of expression. Get out there and find a great theme and you’re definitely going to help build your audience. This is a very smart way to spend your free time.

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Ultra Modern Creative MultiConcept Portfolio Theme

Ultra is the flagship WordPress theme from Themify. They’re one of my favorite developers and they do a really great job with all their themes and this portfolio template is a great example of that. This is a simple portfolio WordPress theme with a simple design. That doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of features included, it’s a full-featured template that remains user-friendly. there are a lot of portfolio templates that WordPress works great with and this is definitely one of them. It’s one of those amazing WordPress templates that seems to get better with age.

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Hestia Pro

Hestia Pro WordPress One Page Parallax Themes

Hestia Pro is a cool one page theme with a Material Design style that looks pretty cool and it’s really simple to customize.  One page portfolios? Why not! For creative work, it’s incredibly important to ensure you have the proper presentation in mind. A high quality portfolio WordPress theme can do wonders for your website and help make the user experience simply wondrous. The proper WordPress theme can always help elevate any website and make your projects look more enjoyable then ever before.

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Emily Nolan

Emily Nolan Bold Photo Portfolio with Attention Grabbing Typography

Emily Nolan is a professional WordPress portfolio theme that has multiple styles to give your creative work it’s day in the sun. This is a fantastic portfolio theme for WordPress. In fact, it might be the best WordPress portfolio theme in his collection. However, there are a lot of magnificent and surprising themes in this collection, so that may be a bit of a bold statement. No matter what, this amazing theme helps you deliver your projects in an enjoyable way that people will really take note of.

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Ronneby Powerful Photography Portfolio WordPress Theme

Meet Ronneby, one of the most popular WordPress themes ever created. The best WordPress sites for artists can do an outstanding job of presenting a massive amount of content in a very user-friendly and professional way. It’s easy to get distracted at times, but not with any of these themes. These WordPress portfolio themes do a phenomenal job of making sure your brilliant and astonishing work gets the attention it deserves.

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Borderland Clean User Friendly Portfolio Theme

If you’ve been searching for an artistic WordPress theme, this potent and vigorous a template presents your content perfectly. your posts, pages, projects, they’re all going to have a very compelling argument for why your reader should pay attention. If you want to create an authoritative website that people are going to keep coming back to you, this WordPress artist portfolio is an outstanding option.

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Lester Creative WordPress Portfolio Theme

If you’d like to create a capable website for highlighting your artistic portfolio oh, this is one of the best portfolio themes for WordPress available today. It’s powerful, user-friendly and highly adaptable. It does a wonderful job of presenting any type of creative work in a professional and stylish way. It’s definitely among the top WordPress portfolio themes available anywhere on the planet.

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Grand Portfolio

Grand Portfolio Clean Simple Elegant Photo Portfolio Theme

If you want a WordPress artist template with a flexible design, and a lot of highly adaptable layouts and plentiful powerful features, this all-powerful template is one of the best tools for crafting an online portfolio using wordpress.

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Wright Clean Flat Minimalist WordPress Portfolio Theme

The top WordPress portfolio themes seem to do certain things incredibly well. If you need to present a wide range of content in a powerful, professional and attractive way, these themes can really make a difference. Wright is one of those themes.  This theme’s clean design forces attention onto your projects and the accompanying text that helps put them into perspective. It delivers a really effective way to make your point and to highlight all of the benefits and features your work gives. All that with a distraction-free environment that people can’t help but love.  So, take a look at Wright and see if it has what it takes to be your portfolio theme.

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Infinity Pro

Infinity Pro Full Screen Photography Portfolio Theme

Personal portfolio WordPress themes are simply fabulous for presenting your creativity. No matter what you have done, whether you’re a graphic designer or a photographer, a web designer or even a small agency that does a lot of different types of work, creative portfolio WordPress themes can make the difference between success and failure.

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Cre8or Minimalist WordPress Grid Portfolio Theme

Portfolio themes like this one and WordPress portfolio sites in general, often have a lot of hard work to do to prevent contact. You might have such a wide range of projects you have worked on, it’s difficult to Present them all in the same way. But, a simple, clean and minimalist design can alleviate some of those issues. Creative portfolio WordPress themes that can overcome this challenge have a real leg up in presenting a wide and varied body of content.

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Motive WordPress One Page Theme with Flat Design

This WordPress art portfolio theme is great for any sort of creative artists. The design of this template lends itself to a wide range of styles and it’s suitable for small or large collections of artwork. if you want a really solid, stunning way to present your creativity, this WordPress portfolio theme is a fabulous option. It should be noted that Motive is a one-page theme, so it’s not going to be perfect for creatives who want a multi-page design. It’s just not built that way. But, some portfolios these days are really benefiting from single page designs. If you don’t have a lot of content to show off, it might be really smart solution.

As a one-page theme, Motive here is a bit of an oddity. Not that many one page themes work for portfolios, However, we have gathered up a big assortment of one page themes that work for a lot of other purposes. Many of these could be good for setting up portfolios, I don’t know. Personal portfolios anyway.

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Zelle Pro

Zelle Pro Clean Crisp Portfolio WordPress Theme

As a simple portfolio WordPress theme, this one gives you a lot of different ways to present content that doesn’t detract from your creativity. The simple and clean, relaxed and tranquil design of this portfolio theme delivers a calm, professional user experience that even casual observers are going to find alluring and irresistible.

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Simply Pro

Simply Pro WordPress Minimal Style Portfolio Theme

For use as a WordPress graphic design portfolio, this responsive theme does really great work. It’s got a calm, placid design that can perfectly accentuate any sort of graphic design portfolio. responsive WordPress portfolio themes like this one do an outstanding job of making sure everyone gets the same great experience no matter what device they access your website with.

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The Agency

The Agency Flat Typography Centered WordPress Theme

I really like a template like this for a WordPress graphic design portfolio themes option. Of course, with a name like The Agency, it’s equally at home with entire portfolio setups for creative firms, design agencies and freelance designers. It makes any type of graphic design look fantastic, because the distraction-free environment for creativity really shines through. The best portfolio themes have several things in common but a simple, stately design is definitely going to be among the most important.

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Benson Premium Photography and Video Portfolio Theme

This is one of the finest and best portfolio WordPress themes available and there’s a reason it has become so popular. This is a WP portfolio theme that has all the features needed to make a real splash in the world of creative portfolios.  Photographers and videographers can also make a lot of impact with beautiful, well organized designs that grab the visitor’s attention from the start.

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Montblanc Multipurpose Personal Blogging Theme

This artist portfolio WordPress theme as a clean design and loads of features that make it a really useful option for building any type of design portfolio. The best WordPress portfolio themes all seem to do that job really well but this one takes it to another level.

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Tumli Elegant and Ornate Personal Blog WordPress Theme

Among the best portfolio templates for WordPress, this powerful and adaptable theme delivers an admirable amount of high-quality features and an astonishing level of customization is also possible. This is a brilliant theme with a lot of cool features that you’re going to love. It’s not just pleasing to the eye, it perfectly organizes all of your content in a way that makes your visitors stand up and take notice of what you have created.

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Leedo – Modern Colorful Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme

A beautiful portfolio site can help win new clients and grow your business. It’s important that your theme helps present your creative work the right way. In fact, that’s Exactly what this theme does. It’s got several different layouts that are stylish and attractive, it’s highly adaptable and it adjusts to do any type of work you throw at it. This is a theme that is definitely among the very best out there for portfolio websites.

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Adios Clean Flat Portfolio Theme with Lots of White Space

If grabbing a reader’s attention is something you seek to do, you’re not alone. For many designers, that’s the absolute first consideration when selecting a WordPress theme. And if this one is your choice, you got a really attention-getting website that works very hard to enhance your creativity and to shine a light on it that acts as a perfect frame to give potential clients all the information, context and history of any project.

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Nexout WordPress Theme

More than anything else, a really well-designed portfolio has to place your creative work at the center of attention. It needs to shine a light on your creativity and provide a perfect backdrop that never distracts from what you have created. there are plenty of wordpress portfolio themes out there that attempt to achieve this lofty goal, and this one achieves it.

This perfectly constructed theme helps market your content and creative work in a way that can land new clients and increase your income. If you have looked at a lot of portfolio themes and found them lacking a certain bit of style or life, this theme might be well worth a look. It’s a real change up.  It’s bold, unique and engaging without being too ‘in your face’ about it.

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Oshine Bold Simple Full Screen Portfolio Theme

Perfectly built portfolio WordPress themes do a solid job of blending your images with clean, clear navigation. That’s what this theme seeks to do and with a bold, dynamic arrangement of elements, I think it achieves its goals. This is a striking, interesting and massaging theme, it does certain things that no other portfolio theme sets out to do. It offers you plenty of features, all the functionality that any professional portfolio and possibly want and yet it really means very user-friendly for anyone of any skill level with WordPress.

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Studio 8

Studio 8 Flat WordPress Portfolio Theme Minimal Style

Your creative work deserves attention and if you are tired of WordPress themes that all seem to have a very similar look to one another, this template is a welcome relief. It helps you stand out from others in your field by presenting your work in a novel and unique way. If standing out is important to you, a theme like this one can be critically important for dramatically and creatively presenting your portfolio.

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Massive Dynamic

Massive Dynamic One Page Landing Page Theme for WordPress

Looking for portfolio themes can be a bit frustrating and if you’ve made it this far, you’ve seen a few doesn’t excellent examples of what’s possible for portfolios these days. Many of the themes you’ve seen have similar designs to one another, but that’s not a pitfall this template falls into. This is completely different. It gives you lots of freedom, flexibility and a brilliant set of customization tools to generate an outstanding platform for your creative projects. With this powerful portfolio theme, sharing context about these projects is straightforward and easy to achieve.

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Fortun WordPress Theme for Photographers

This is a modern and creative WordPress portfolio theme with loads of stylish options and layouts. It’s got a truly minimalist style that makes it work perfect for any type of content and it provides endless possibilities for customization and four making the right first impression on your potential clients. After all, that’s the most important thing any portfolio design can do.

At its heart, portfolios can be built using two basic ideals. You can either select a very niche specific theme, one built for videoshow reals or tattoo artists, other very specific purposes like that, or you can select a multi-purpose theme to do the job. A lot of times, creative folks will choose a highly specific theme, but a well-rounded, multi-purpose theme can do the job just as well and even better in some cases.

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HyperX Grid Portfolio with Strong Social Media Presence

If you want to expand your list of clients and improve your chances of landing that next lucrative contract, there’s a lot to take into account. Having the right portfolio up and running is one of the most important tools you can employ to make sure your creative work gets the attention it deserves. If you’re looking to grow your client base, increase your income and find new found freedom to express yourself in a unique way, this theme might be a really solid choice for you.

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TheNa Photography Portfolio WordPress Theme

Creatives looking for a great portfolio theme generally want something to help showcase their talents. You’re already doing amazing work, all you need is a theme that perfectly features what you have done and gives plenty of context to the reader. That’s what this theme does best. It’s great for photographers or graphic designers, it showcases what you have done with a gallery of high-resolution images and beautiful products. It’s really The perfect theme for a lot of creative uses.

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Tourog Creative Photography Agency Landing Page

Photography portfolios are deceptively simple. These themes need a lot of specialized features to ensure your photography work looks its best and to showcase the methods and techniques you have employed to create this form of art. it’s not just about uploading some of your best pictures, making sure they’re really big and in focus, you need to build a frame around those images that make your readers stand up and take a note.

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Thebe Portfolio WordPress Theme

What do you think of when you are asked to describe a portfolio theme? Well, for many designers, simple and clean, minimal design is very important. These types of designs and sure your projects are presented without any sort of distraction and that can deliver it really great user experience for everyone who visits. However, not every theme employs such simplistic tactics. Some opt for a more bold and striking design that snags our readers attention from the get-go and never lets up.

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Ashade Full Screen Photography and Video WordPress Theme

Professional artists, designers and others who are looking to craft a beautiful portfolio website have been turning to this theme in record numbers. It’s got a very smart style, plenty of features to make your portfolio look its best and it’s incredibly user-friendly as well. This theme has a lot to offer for any type of artist.

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Qudos Fullscreen Portfolio WordPress Theme

This is another terrific option for crafting high-quality portfolio websites. WP portfolio themes have plenty of work to do to deliver an astounding presentation for any content. This is an excellent option for presenting your work in a way that is distraction-free and that gets the point across. This theme’s design never overshadows your work and it’s a perfect frame for any type of creative output.

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Kinatrix User Friendly Portfolio Theme WordPress

Nearly every theme makes the claim that it is flexible and easy to adapt, but not all of them can really back that statement up with reality. This theme is among the most flexible and dynamic, user-friendly and powerful templates ever created. It’s full of features and the ass. Adaptability makes it great for any type of portfolio.

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Acora Clean Portfolio WordPress Theme

What portfolios do best is to put your creative work on full display for the world to see. Portfolio themes and need to show what you’re about and what you’ve created. And it needs to do so with a relatively limited amount of pages. You don’t want your portfolio to be thousands and thousands of pages long, so you’ll need a theme that is incredibly creative, user-friendly, adaptable and one with a tight set of features that help make your creativity shine.

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Brailie Responsive Photography WordPress Theme

For creative portfolios that look fantastic but also provide pertinent written information to highlight and accentuate the experience, there are a whole lot of different options out there. You could go for a very simple portfolio design that doesn’t get in the way of your creativity, or you could choose something a little bit more dynamic and complex. Any creative artists can see the benefit of both of these tactics and depending on your needs, this theme provides multiple ways to rise up to meet that challenge of presenting content and projects in a way that is clear and interesting.

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Photosy Photography WordPress Theme

One of the things portfolio WordPress themes absolutely must do is never overshadow your content. While a WordPress theme that has a bit of a unique design can often be a welcome sight, you definitely don’t want a portfolio that completely overshadows your creative content. Fortunately, with a theme like this one, that’s never going to be a problem. And all of the features that are provided ensure your website delivers an outstanding user experience that everyone can enjoy without distraction.

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NowaDays - Multipurpose WordPress Theme Preview - ThemeForest

Sometimes, the right multi-purpose WordPress theme is exactly what you need to showcase a beautiful portfolio website. This is a theme  that sets out to do that and incorporating this WordPress templates Pixel perfect designs can ensure your portfolio looks presentable and attractive on all devices. This totally responsive theme is a really smart solution for any type of portfolio website.

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Pheromone Creative Multi Concept WordPress Theme

This is a creative, multi-concept WordPress theme that gets it right. It’s worth remembering that your portfolio isn’t the only thing on your website, you’ll need all of the various elements to shine if you want to deliver the proper user experience for your visitors. This theme perfectly blends blog, portfolio and even eCommerce into one stylish, attractive package. There are a multitude of pre-made homepage styles and inner pages provided that can give a lot of flexible ways to highlight your creativity. It’s classy, minimalist and wide-ranging, providing a head-turning user experience for any type of creative work.

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Universal Smart Multi Purpose WordPress Theme

Here’s another smart, multi-purpose WordPress has seen that has a clean, crisp design but never overshadows your creative work. It’s got an emphasis on flexibility and that’s supremely important when building a portfolio. However, there’s more to it than just that. As flexible as a theme might be, if it’s not user-friendly, that doesn’t really do us much good. This simple, clean and meat portfolio theme is great for any creative company or individual who wants a beautiful website that is polished, simple and user-friendly. With all of the customization options this theme provides, you’ll have a lot of different options for creating bold, dynamic layouts.

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Crocal Responsive Multi Purpose WordPress Theme

I like this theme’s front page so much, I put it in the thumbnail for this collection. This is a bold, eye-catching theme that allows you to put together a perfect portfolio. The full-screen image on the front grabs the reader’s attention and showcases at least one project in a way that cannot be overshadowed. Once you get a little further into this design, you’ll see that it has a lot of elements that ensure your readers’ focus is going to be on your projects. this is an all-in-one solution for WooCommerce shops, creative corporate websites, design studios and even blogs. There are one page and multi-page designs, photography specific portfolios and a whole lot more. With this premium, bold and modern theme, your content is definitely going to be the star of the show.

As a multi-purpose theme, one of the things this template does well is act as a WooCommerce shop. But, you might want a more dedicated theme to get the job done. If that’s the case, head on over to our collection of WooCommerce themes that can work for nearly any purpose. We’ve got all kinds of WooCommerce themes to appreciate.

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Dendrite Creative Portfolio Theme

This is another example of a high-quality, minimalist portfolio theme. It doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles that some templates in this collection have, but it’s on trend, it’s got that minimalist style that many creative companies are turning to these days. When it comes to a portfolio, this minimalist style can really be a solid way to present your content. It’s not a bad or Nate presentation, complex animations, it’s all about simplicity. Sometimes, less can be more.

This is one of those really stunning minimal themes that can help make your content the star of the show, as it should be.

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Ohio Creative Portfolio Agency WordPress Theme

This is a creative portfolio and digital agency WordPress theme that has plenty of features, just as much functionality and some really incredible ways to prevent your content. It’s an art form, crafting the right portfolio. An art form to present your heart. It’s all about finding that perfect way, the right voice to make your creativity look its best without overshadowing it. If you’re looking for a sleek, minimal and stripped-down design that is relatively unappealing United, this might not be the right thing for you. In fact, this bold, dynamic template offer some incredibly stylish designs that work to accentuate your content, but they are never going to be quiet about it.

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Ottro Portfolio MultiPurpose WordPress

This is a portfolio and multi-purpose WordPress theme with a strong contemporary design and  an eye toward making your content look great by amping up the excitement level. A lot of online portfolios or WordPress portfolio themes for that matter, they seem to have a bit of a robotic approach. It’s like they were crafted on an assembly line. This theme avoids that by having a bold and striking style that I haven’t seen too often before. It’s probably not going to be right for every type of portfolio, but many of you could see a benefit from this type of interesting design that approaches things from a completely different angle.

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Wavee Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme

Here’s a creative portfolio WordPress theme that has a modern and elegant style. Wavee is the perfect choice for creative professionals who want a simple but attractive portfolio design that has a really modern feel, but some traditional aspect as well. startups in agencies in particular could see a lot of benefit from using this theme because there are so many different pre-made portfolio layouts that can help put your agency on the map. This highly adaptable and flexible theme has some lovely full screen portfolio options that any agency, professional or freelance artist can certainly appreciate it.

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Manon Portfolio Agency Theme

This theme refuses to let you look away. It’s got a really bold, dynamic and almost jarring style to it. If you’re tired of simple, minimalist and un-opinionated portfolio themes, look away. This one has unbridled creativity that sets it apart from just about every other theme in this collection. Ideal for agencies who want to break some rules, this powerful, typography friendly portfolio and agency theme you get over 30 different pre-made layouts and loads of other features for customization. no matter what type of creative work you’re trying to present, this theme gives you a unique way to do it.

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Nimbus CV Portfolio WordPress Theme

Nimbus is a simple, modern resume and portfolio WordPress theme. This is more for designers who want to present their personal portfolio, rather than an agency portfolio. It’s got an air of fun, style and a little bit of a funky vibe to it. The typography is unique and the layouts are very professional. I think this theme is particularly solid as a mobile friendly portfolio. with over 10 different inner pages, 10 portfolio layouts and 15 blog layouts, you’ll have a lot to choose from. However, there are only two different majors. Some of you may be looking for a theme with dozens or even hundreds of pre-made homepages and you’re out of luck to be perfectly frank.

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Assemble Grid WordPress Portfolio Theme

Portfolio themes sometimes overshadow their content. That’s never going to be a problem with this quiet, simple and reserved template. That doesn’t mean it’s not powerful. It has tons of different portfolio layouts and each of them are quite simple to customize. But, this template is never going to blow you away with a lot of in-your-face design. sharply presents your content with a variety of portfolio layouts and these portfolios are completely customizable. You can change the space between portfolio, switch between gallery, masonry, checkered and other portfolio lists and you can customize the position, category filter, columns and hover effects for any portfolio. so, it does a really nice job of distinctly presenting your content in a really interesting way.

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Fildisi Responsive Multi Purpose WordPress Theme

Sometimes, you want a macro theme to do massive amounts of work. while for some uses, a very specific and niche friendly portfolio theme maybe the right option, sometimes you just want a giant theme that can do everything well. That’s this one. This is a powerful, highly rated and user-friendly template that is a perfect example of blog, eCommerce and portfolio solutions combined. Several different blog layouts are provided and the flat, clean design for your online shop makes products look incredible. But, the star of the show is the massive variety of portfolio options this theme provides. if you want a theme that doesn’t do everything, this one’s not for you. But, if you’re looking for a crazy level of flexibility and functionality, this is certainly worth checking into.

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Okab Responsive Multi Purpose WordPress Theme for Photography

Here’s a responsive, multi-purpose portfolio theme that gives you creative possibilities that are completely unlimited. with this template, you’ll have a multitude of different options to present portfolios. There are quite a few different home pages provided and these all tend to have a very simple, clean style. The minimal portfolio design that is included with the Okab theme has some stylish concepts to it, but it’s never going to overwhelm you with it’s intrusive design. For some projects and for some companies, that can be a real blessing. If you’re looking for a simple but presentable portfolio design, this one is certainly worth a look.

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