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Prequelle, WordPress WooCommerce Theme with Elegant Design

May 28, 2019

This fancy looking WordPress theme is called Prequelle.  I Googled the word ‘prequelle’ to see what it means and the only thing it comes up with is an album by a Swedish rock band called Ghost.

This is probably the most famous song off that album.  I’ve never heard it before.

Anyway, I guess it’s okay.  The weird thing is, I honestly thought this song was from the early 1980s, it has a sort of dated feel to me, but it was actually released in 2018.  The video is kind of cool though, those masks are odd at best and odd in a good way.  So, I have no idea why they named it what they did.  Maybe they just like the band Ghost and liked the sound of the word?  Who knows!  Also, what’s with the return to the 80s?  Yuck, it sucked bad enough the first time.

Okay, back to the actual WordPress theme called Prequelle.

This Modern WooCommerce ready theme has a really stylish and minimal design and since it was released, it’s been downloaded quite a few times. This is one of the more popular themes I’ve seen lately. It has a perfect five star rating on ThemeForest and I think that people have really reacted well to it because of the elegant and fashionable style. For online shops, the competition is so incredibly high, if you want to stay in business you need a trendy and stylish online store. This modern and elegant template aims to be just that. For me, I think that it hits the mark, WooCommerce themes are sort of dime a dozen, but this one has a really great looking style and plenty of features. It stands out from the crowd in a way that few other themes that have been released this year have managed to.

Here’s a look at Prequelle.

Prequelle, Beautiful, Elegant and Modern Woo-Commerce Theme

I think it’s nice, it’s simple and clean, professional and really gets to the point. With a very versatile back end, I think that this is a theme that should be very simple to adapt to almost any purpose. If you’d like to see more awesome looking woocommerce templates, why not have a look at our collection? If this template isn’t exactly perfect for you, I’m certain that at least one of the themes in that collection will be right for you.

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