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Proton, Minimalist WordPress Grid Theme

May 14, 2019

Proton is the name, clean portfolios are the game.  (Is the game?)  This Proton theme is another great template with a unique grid layout, presenting your content the way that you want it to be presented, making sure that everything you see on the page is important. From the images that you select to the title, even the excerpt in some cases, your content will be presented in a clear-cut, well organized fashion. Grid themes get a lot of information across in a very short. Of time, ensuring that your readers can find exactly what they want on your web page. Grid themes are particularly good for promoting portfolio Pages, showcasing your visual content, projects that you’ve completed and other things, in a really well-organized at attractive way that helps develop your readership, giving your visitors all the information that they need to make a smart decision.

Proton is an incredibly simple, clean and minimal WordPress portfolio theme. This theme aims to be lighter, simpler and faster for everyday use than just about any other females out there. What’s more, this clean, creative WordPress agency theme offers well-organized grid layouts to suit any taste. There are several different unique, well-designed portfolio options, helping you to bring together a gorgeous page with clean style and plenty of white space. The typography is up to the task of helping to make it website as alluring and attractive as possible. This theme includes three different unique headers Dominic you can easily change between them if you decide you want to go a different direction. The documentation is extensive, there are several different creative blog pages and some cool ever animation effects as well. This theme offers Superior performance on all devices, it is SEO friendly and cleanly coated. There’s just about nothing that you can’t do with this team, considering how well-designed it is and how attractive the grid layout is.

Proton, Clean Minimal Portfolio Theme

We’ve got even more themes like this one if you’re interested. What are you looking for masonry grid designs or a more traditional grid layout, we have collections to fit both needs.  Here are some additional minimalist WordPress themes you’re going to love.

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