Qreatix, Interactive Portfolio WordPress Theme

Qreatix is an Ajax powered, interactive portfolio WordPress theme with a clean, graphical design that I think really lends itself to bold graphical illustrations and graphic design portfolios. This is really one of the favorite WordPress themes I’ve seen so far in 2021 and it was just released in August.

I think the developer has done a really great job of blending blog functionality with traditional portfolio design. It’s got some cool animations powered by WebGL, there are many different advanced layouts and this theme is incredibly adjustable. If you’re looking to power up your portfolio, there’s a live search option and multiple other Ajax features.

In terms of languages, you can translate this template into nearly any language you choose. It’s all flexible and it supports so many fonts, your website is going to look fantastic no matter what you choose to accomplish with it.

Setting up your website is going to be exceedingly simple. It’s got one click installation and the resulting pages you create will load up fast because the developer has clearly spent quite a time making sure this theme is well organized and optimized for a wide range of real-world conditions.

Included with your download package are some advanced frequently asked questions, article ratings systems, a detailed change log and a lot of other stuff that can be helpful if you want to dive a little bit deeper into the code or make some really heavy duty adjustments to your website.

However, none of that is actually necessary, the prebuilt designs to a really great job of making sure your content looks fantastic from the get-go.

There are designs specifically for creative agencies, for showcase carousels, for portfolios with the column layout, there’s titles and letters sliders, minimal lists, distortion links, organic sliders and a lot of other cool stuff that makes this a really premium quality portfolio theme that’s ready for just about anything. No matter what you want to accomplish, I think a theme like Qreatix could set you on the path to a really successful portfolio website.

Check out some more portfolio themes here or some specific, crafty WordPress themes for illustrators in this collection. We’ve also got some great stuff for graphic designers and more great portfolio collections are on the way.

So, stay tuned and you will be dismayed. We’re going to crafts exhilarating collections, review some attractive themes that will survive years and years helping your portfolio look its very very best.

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