Radio Station WordPress Themes

If you’d like to set up your own online radio station, you’re going to need the perfect WordPress theme with very specialized tools to make the job as easy as possible. It can be challenging to find the right theme for an online radio station, but we’ve gathered up several of the absolute best to give you a lot of different choices.

The radio station themes that we have selected for this club collection are all very flexible, user-friendly and they provide the right features of the right style and the right functionality for any sort of radio station or broadcasting website.

More and more startup radio stations are springing up online all over the world. The rise of cheap, easily accessible audio equipment certainly has quite a bit to do with this, but there are even more reasons than that. People want to express themselves and creating a radio station of your time is one way to do that. It doesn’t hurt that it’s a lot of fun to run your own virtual radio station either!

The themes we have included are all highly adaptable and many of them come with page builders to extend your website’s functionality and to create different types of layouts. They all come with built-in audio players to provide the basic radio station functionality and these give your audience the ability to enjoy your music or talk show broadcasts uninterrupted as they navigate throughout your website. We’ve also found quite a number of themes that actually support e-commerce, allowing you to sell music files or physical goods like t-shirts and other merchandise. Many of the themes we have included also have advanced management and promotion features. basically, these themes have everything any radio station website could possibly want.

So, here are the absolute best radio station WordPress themes available today.

OnAir 2

On Air 2 Radio Station WordPress Theme
A perfect solution for anybody who wants to set up a slick online radio station.

OnAir2 is a radio station WordPress theme with some compelling features, lovely designs and lots of flexibility to help you set up a radio station online. OnAir2 is certainly among the most popular radio station themes available, so I think it certainly warrants a deeper look to see what all the fuss is about.

This OnAir2 theme has every tool necessary to build a professional radio station of your very own. it’s got a very modern design, all the features any radio station would need and it’s user-friendly at the same time. If you want to create a professional-looking website with WooCommerce support page builder for the ultimate and design and layout flexibility and all of the radio station tools you’ll need, this one is a really top pick.

You got a mobile-friendly radio player with unlimited channels available. You can stream MP3s, there’s continuous play even as visitors browse around your website and for scheduling radio station programming, there’s a show schedule and show pages to highlight what’s coming up in the near future. You can embed ‘Top 10’ charts in any page by using some handyshort codes and likewise with the events calendar they can be placed anywhere on any page. This theme really has a lot going for it and if you’re creating a radio station from the ground up, this template provides all the tools you’ll need to make it happen.

If you’ve been searching for the type of radio station WordPress theme to help you expand your audience, to reach new levels of success and to deliver even better user experience than ever before, it may be the perfect time to switch to the OnAir2 WordPress theme.

You also might be interested in some WordPress themes that are perfect for live streaming audio or video. That’s one capability this template provide lights and these days, that’s a bit of a rarity. So, maybe you want to take a look at a handful of other themes that offer this functionality.

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Sounder WordPress Radio Station Theme
Sounder has a modern design and loads of features for radio station websites.

Sounder is a super-modern website, it’s packed with color and functionality in equal measure. This is a theme that gives you lots of different ways to set up a beautiful, high-performance radio station of your very own using WordPress.

Sounder is a stylish radio station theme that gives you plenty of tools for creating any type of radio station. All of the tools that are bundled with his theme help make your designs come alive. WP Bakery page builder, Essential grid and several helpful radio station specific plugins are also provided. There’s an online radio stream, a scheduling timetable plug-in, you can create and manage show and broadcast pages and there are advanced calories, sliders and multiple varieties of audio players are provided.

This theme has a sleek, modern design, a powerful framework and a multitude of pre-built inner pages that provide gorgeous layout and fantastic designs for any type of radio station. If you want a full-service template that works great on all devices, one that’s well-supported and document and one with a highly polished and professional design, you need to look no further than the Sounder WordPress theme.

If modern design and functionality are equal importance to you and your virtual radio station, Sounder may very be one of the best options available to you. It’s really got that perfect blend of form and functionality that a lot of radio stations are looking for.

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Rare Radio

Rare Radio WordPress Theme for Radio Stations
Rare Radio blends amazing features and functionality with a cutting edge style. Perfect for digital broadcasters.

Rare Radio is an online music and radio station WordPress theme that also works perfectly for podcasters. If you want to create your very own radio station, this theme has every tool you need to make it happen.

With Rare Rradio, you get a lot of flexibility and creating your layout. A number of premium plugins are included such as WP Bakery page builder, Essential Grid and an Instagram feed. These are all incredibly simple to set up and they can add a lot of functionality to your website. Of course, some of the most important aspects of any radio station website or the audio players. Several advanced audio players are included with your download and he’s help you set up your online radio stream. there are tools for creating shows and managing broadcast and there’s a scheduling timetable so everyone knows what’s happening and when.

This theme includes several pre-built pages for adding functionality, it’s all very simple to adapt and adjust the settings and if you’re not a big fan of WP Bakery, Elementor is also supported. You can simply download and install that page building tool and have even more flexibility when it comes to designing your homepage and every inner page on the entire website.

If your idea of the perfect online radio station template includes a powerful page building tool for customizing layouts, and ultra-modern design, multiple pre-built inner pages and quick installation, Rare Radio might be a choice for you.

Check out a few more podcasting themes in this collection and I’m sure you’re going to find some really cool stuff that you’re going to find quite useful. Hey, podcasting is a big world and there’s a lot of different options out there, so don’t be too shy about searching around to make sure you find exactly the type of theme that can help make your podcast something special.

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Sonic WordPress Theme for Radio Stations
Sonik has loads of cool features like playlists, album info, events, radio show schedules and more.

Sonik is a responsive music WordPress the theme that’s great for bands and DJs, singers and close, but it’s really at its best as a radio station template. It’s one of the finest digital radio station builder themes available. If you want to try your hand at building a website from the ground up, one that completely fits your needs, this is the type of theme your definitely going to want to consider.

There are four different demo designs included. The first line is considered the main demo. It’s for music agencies or record labels. There’s another one specifically built for bands. It’s got all of the tools you might expect a music group to need on the web. Different ways to stay in touch with fans, to let people know about upcoming gigs and for selling merchandise. The third demo is one for producers or individual musicians. That has a lot of the same types of features as the band preview. But, the really special design is one perfectly suited for radio stations. And, of course, that’s exactly why you’re here.

If you need a radio station theme that does more than just play mp3s, but can handle a wide range of content and help meet the demands of a lot of different visitors, Sonic is a really excellent choices that could be exactly what you’re looking for.

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Megaphone Radio Station WordPress Theme
Megaphone is a combination of podcasting websites and a traditional radio station website, but it’s really solid for both.

Megaphone is a perfect WordPress theme for audio podcasting and for creating a private radio station you can share with the world. It’s one of the highest rated themes of its kind and that’s thanks in large part to the gorgeous design and all of the features it provides.

megaphone is a really perfect fan for podcasting, but with all the tools they’re provided, why not set up a radio station to go along with it. It’s a neat solution for personal podcasts and large podcasting networks with multiple hosts and shows. A live audio streaming feature, setting up your radio station shouldn’t be too particularly difficult.

Oh yeah, it also works for audiobooks as well.

No matter what you want to play, there’s an audio player provided that can help make your music, your talk show, your spoken word poems, whatever it is that you created sound it’s best. You can host your audio content anywhere you want to, Spotify, MixCloud, SoundCloud or you can self-hosted on website. That’s a lot of flexibility for creating a podcasting and radio station combo website that has I really great design, loads of features and is easy to manage.

Megaphone is more than just a radio station theme, it’s a fully built out podcasting template. If you want to create a podcast and empire and you’d like to blend a bit of radio station functionality into the mix, megaphone could very well be the right choice.

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Vice Radio Station WordPress Theme
Vice has a bleeding edge style and thanks to the Elementor page builder, it’s incredibly simple to customize.

Vice is an underground music WordPress theme that uses the Elementor page builder to give you a really strong homepage for any type of radio station. This Vice theme has a very modern, unique design that has a really urban feel to it and that can be perfect for some types of radio stations, though it may not be ideal for everyone.

For underground radio station and music playing websites, there might not be a better option than vice. This Elementor powered WordPress theme also supports WooCommerce for selling products or digital downloads online. There are 3D interactive sliders, stunning ‘WOW FX’, cool glitch effect that makes your text look totally freaky, four different Elementor powered designs that are pre-made and included and they can be installed with just one click.

The star of the show is the non-stop audio player. It’s fast, responsive and it’s perfect for albums, podcasts and radio streams as well. Other music features included with this theme or album, podcast, videos, events, artists and full WooCommerce support. It’s really two themes and one with one dark version and one lighter version that offer real contrast of styles. Overall, this is one of the most unique and dynamic themes in this collection.

When you think of a radio station, maybe you’re thinking of something a little bit more traditional than this theme? I get it, Vice might not be perfect for everyone.  But hey, if you want a template that is in your face, a little bit funky and different, one that breaks some rules, Vice here might be the perfect candidate for your digital radio station.

If you find yourself pining for more elemental powered WordPress themes, check out the collection that we just put together. We’ve found some really outstanding stuff and with Elementor, you can create a nearly any type of functionality want for any website. That means, just about any Elementor powered theme works perfectly has a radio station or broadcasting template. It might take a little bit more work, but you might end up with the result that do you like even better than one of these pre-made designs.

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Music Play WordPress Theme for Radio Stations
Music Play is a delightful theme for radio stations, DJs and it had a truly unique design. Not for the faint of heart!

Music Play is a solid WordPress theme for music and radio station websites. If you want a very modern theme with contemporary design and advanced features, this is a theme that’s what it takes to get you started to build your own virtual radio station.

Music play is ideal for DJs and radio stations, it’s one of the better music WordPress themes available today and it’s got loads of features that make it one of the most popular radio station options available. You can create your own style with this theme, it’s totally flexible from the top to the bottom. This theme has been around for quite some time, originally released in 2013. To be fair, it may be a bit dated for some people. However, I think it still provides enough features and flexibility, and it has remained quite popular since it was originally released, so it still could be valuable to many of you.

One thing I will say, the demo style that I have highlighted in the image above, it might be the funkiest layout I’ve ever seen for any WordPress theme, bar none. If you want to really weird, totally different display for blog posts, check out the second demo. It’s called radio play. It’s got a completely slanted design that is a really different take on layouts. This design might not be for everyone, but it is truly. Striking. of course, there are other pre-made designs included and they don’t have that same look. So, there’s some flexibility there.

If you want a radio station template that has a completely unique layout and design, RadioPlay could be the only choice to make. Of course, that ultra tilted layout might get old for some people, but for others it might be exactly what you’re looking for.  Variety is the spice of life, as they say.

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