Resumé WordPress Themes, Gorgeous Personal Portfolio and Promo Websites for 2021

If you need the type of website that helps you showcase your skills, experience, your creativity and your education, you might be searching for a resumé WordPress theme. The card themes are a sort of modern resume for the 21st century. The v card themes that we have gathered up in this collection are absolutely ideal for highlighting your education, your experience and they’re perfect for connecting with potential employers or clients.

We’ve selected some incredibly powerful themes that are highly adaptable and user-friendly. These vCard WordPress themes oftentimes come with built-in page builder tools that give you a lot of control over your website’s design. On top of that, you’ll have a strong theme options panel that gives you a lot of ways to customize your sights design and look. all of these tools are straightforward and user-friendly and that can help you put your best foot forward.

So, if you are searching for a resumé theme to highlight your digital resume, showcase of personal portfolio or just to give out all of your contact information to potential clients so they can find out more about you, this collection of the card themes is a perfect place to start.


Unique, vCard Theme with Clean, Flat Design

Unique is a really interesting option for setting up of vCard or resume website. One of the reasons this is the case, the very interesting animation system that helps provide a little extra interest to your content. As a really premium tool for promoting your work, this theme knows the value of looking great on all devices. As such, the developer has insured it is completely responsive so it looks fantastic on even the smallest handheld device or on large screens. With the flat, hypermodern style this theme offers, it’s probably best for somebody in the high-tech industry.

For developers or programmers, whether you’re a freelancer or working for a company. No matter how you attempt to promote yourself, this is a very valuable tool that can be easily customized and new features can be added or removed as you need. The flexibility is there to provide a really smooth operation at every turn. Considering how important it is to present yourself in a professional way, this can be incredibly important when building a resumé website for high-tech business.

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Monstroid 2 – Jacob Black

Jacob Black WordPress vCard Themes

Monstroid is a multi-purpose WordPress theme from TemplateMonster and it’s one of the best options for creating a resumé website. Helping to promote your work, your experience and your skills, that’s what this theme and the Jacob Black preset design is all about. Monstroid delivers an outstanding user experience because of its incredibly fast page load times. This particular demo is a really stylish way to present your work history with style and plenty of features. It offers prominent placement for your social networking links, a powerful portfolio area to showcase what you have done and it allows for very easy contacting, thanks to the built-in plugins that handle contact forms. If you’re looking for the type of a resumé website you can grow with, this template is an outstanding option.

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Monstroid 2 – Johny

Johny vCard WordPress Theme from Monstroid 2

Wait, we’re not done with Monstroid just yet. There’s a second pre-made design that you also might be interested in. This one is a little bit cleaner, more simple and it offers a lot of white space. It’s perfect for highlighting your CV and resume and with the modular design this template offers, you’ll have no trouble setting up you were the card website to look exactly like you want. There is a user-friendly installation wizard, the powerful LM is included and that gives you flexible levels of customization to get your website whipped into shape. there’s pretty much nothing that you can’t achieve with a powerful theme like this and a little bit of ingenuity.

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Leverage WordPress Theme for vCards

Here’s a creative personal portfolio theme called Leverage. Leverage is ideal for individual freelancers or small agencies who need a great-looking portfolio to showcase and highlight work. This WooCommerce ready, Elementor powered WordPress theme gives you several different unique designs. There are quite a number of one page designs included and an equal number of multi-page designs. Each one does a fantastic job of showcasing your personal portfolio or work history in. they all have a very modern, sleek style about them, but each one presents content a little bit differently. These content blocks may be ordered differently, but you can always switch things up by dragging and dropping content blocks and where you want them. The style customizations are just as simple, click on an element and change any aspect of it you want to. The page you are left with is going to be an incredibly user-friendly, dynamic and engaging way to highlight your vCard, resumé or CV.

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Nike Personal Portfolio and vCard Theme

vCard WordPress themes like Niko provide a wonderful place to share your skills, experience and resumé with potential employers and clients.  Niko has a modern, professional design and lots of customization features that help make it a wonderful choice for crafting your personal portfolio too.  This theme is completely responsive, it looks fantastic on all devices, it has several different pre-made blog designs, portfolio layouts and it keeps everything in one place. Using just one page, you can highlight your creative work, your blog, a contact form, your a digital resumé and an ‘about me’ section to let the world know, well, what you’re all about. There’s even a way to add some fun facts, highlight clients using logos, showcase your creative services and let people know exactly how much those services cost. If you want a dynamic and professional vCard website, this powerful and user-friendly theme is a really outstanding choice.

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Cvio Resumé and vCard Theme

Cvio is a modern CV and resume theme that has a different pre-made layouts, dark and light versions, the color skins, full support for right-to-left languages and one page and multi-page designs are also included. Cvio is fully responsive and equally customizable, it’s a really unique design that places a focus on your work and your experience. There are multiple versions using classic layouts, one-page styles, background sliders and even background video. If you want a really fun way to let the world know about your skills, this professional and adaptable template is going to give all the information your customers and clients could possibly want.

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Ramsay vCard and Personal Portfolio WP Theme

Ramsey is a personal CV and the card WordPress theme that has been carefully crafted to give it a flexible and dynamic layout and to provide multiple ways to highlight your skills, education, experience and your creative work. this scene was designed with functionality first and foremost in mind. It’s Bill to give a really great user experience on both the front-end and back-end. Visitors are going to see exactly what you can do and the beautiful frame this theme gives makes all of your content and work look sparkling and spectacular. All of the technical elements this theme has are state-of-the-art. This clean design is SEO friendly, it’s highly adaptable and you can create any type of layout you want, thanks to the Elementor page builder.

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MyCareer WordPress CV and vCard Theme

My Career is an online resume and a vCard WordPress theme that can help you land your dream job. this creative and adaptable template is perfect for showcasing your curriculum vitae, your personal portfolio, your experience, hobbies and more. There’s a personalized blog that allows you to share your thoughts with the world and a fully functioning, pre-made contact form to help people get in touch with you. With this theme, you can easily add your resume download button anywhere you want on the web page. My Career is a template that can help you create a job winning resume or client landing professional portfolio. It’s got everything you need to showcase your work and all of the tools that are provided for customization make that process snap as well.

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Bako vCard WordPress Theme

Bako is a personal portfolio and digital resume WordPress theme. this theme is highly customizable, perfect for personal portfolios, CV and resume websites, vCards, creative freelancers or small digital agencies can use this template to bring in new clients. This bako theme was tested on all major handheld devices and it passed with flying colors. It’s completely responsive and that can always help with your SEO. Thanks to the Elementor page builder compatibility, your website doesn’t need to be locked into a premade design. You can use the drag-and-drop content blocks to create any sort of look you want for your site, it handles everything without the need to dive into the code. All of the pre-made designs can be imported with just one click and the live theme customizer takes over at that point. You can use any of the 40 different options to craft a look and a style it’s all your own.

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Certy WordPress Resumé Theme

Certy is a creative CV and a vCard WordPress theme with a clean, eye-catching design and loads of helpful features. This is a mobile-first template and with it, you can craft any type of presentation for your CV, creative v card, personal portfolio and online there are multiple different pre-made designs included and a flexible and powerful resume builder plugin is also provided to give you the perfect layout for your resume. You won’t have to spend anything extra to take full control over your digital resume. It’s free!  What’s more, 15 different unique sections are included to highlight your skills and stats, clients and references, there’s a grid portfolio and a visual timeline of where you’ve been and what you’ve done. Certy’s mobile friendly approach keeps this theme incredibly user-friendly, no matter what size or shape device your visitors used to come to your website.

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Aspire Pro

Aspire Pro WordPress vCard Theme

Aspire Pro is a Genesis framework child theme that’s ideal for setting up eye-catching websites to showcase your personal portfolio or resume. This is a Genesis framework child theme and there are a lot of benefits that come with themes that use this powerful and adaptable framework. Genesis framework child themes are among the fastest loading templates and that can really help to deliver a great user experience. The theme customizer is a powerful and user-friendly way to get the look and feel you want for your site. This particular template is mobile friendly and completely responsive. The homepage is powered by three different areas to place your widgets in various areas of the website. All of the features this template givs you make it a really ideal choice for vCard and resume websites.

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Glitche Simple vCard WordPress Theme

Glitche is a resume and a CV WordPress theme with a modern, clean design and a stunning set of features that make it ideal for any type of vCard or resume website. included are several different pre-made designs that can give your website a distinctive look. Best for developers, designers, programmers and other creative folks who want a professional and tech-savvy template for promoting personal portfolios, work experience and past projects. This theme is highly functional and highly adaptable, making it ideal for any type of vCard or resumé site.

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Ekme Landing Page and vCard Theme

Ekme is a multi-purpose landing page WordPress theme that also provides built-in CV or vCard functionality. This is a beautiful theme for any type of personal portfolio, personal branding website, vCard, creative studio site or blog. It has the highest quality code possible, it’s totally flexible and no matter what type of design you are looking for, or what style you are after, this theme makes it possible. Thanks to the WP Bakery visual composer page building too old, you will have complete control over your website layout from top to bottom.

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RS Card

RS Card, Resumé and vCard Theme for WordPress

RS Card is a fully responsive vCard WordPress theme with a clean, minimal design. It’s great for professionals who want to highlight their education and work experience with a timeline, those who wish to integrate social media, folksy want a powerful personal portfolio and blog and those who are looking to lure in new clients with a powerful set of tools that are capable of presenting your content in a really fun and interesting way. This theme is completely WooCommerce ready and that allows you to set up a condition to York digital resume. This theme is user-friendly and ready for nearly anything. If you want to invest in your future, this template is a really wonderful choice to help present yourself properly.

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Kerge, Premium vCard WordPress Theme

Kerge is a CV and resume WordPress theme with fast installation, professional tools and a powerful drag-and-drop page builder that gives you a wonderful looking website without the need to learn how to code. Of course, if you are a web development professional, this theme still works great. You can adapt and reuse any content you want and thanks to the dragon drop page builder, you’ll be building advanced resumes, powerful portfolios and more almost instantly. The design is clean, modern and there’s plenty of white space to give all of your content a little breathing room.

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Square Root, Attractive vCard WordPress Theme

Squareroot is another fine example of what’s possible with a modern WordPress vCard theme. It’s ideal for resumes and CV applications, promoting your freelance work and showcasing your resume. This smooth operating theme looks fantastic on all devices, thanks to the responsive design. The theme was built on the underscores framework, one of the fastest loading and most user-friendly frameworks available. Squareroot gives you four different homepage variations, three navigation styles and highly customizable backgrounds. You can change images, colors or patterns, giving your website a truly distinctive feel that no other the website has.

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ShiftCV WordPress Personal Blog, Portfolio and vCard Themes

Shift CV is a professional tool for promoting yourself. Shift CV’s contemporary, modern and responsive resume design also handles portfolios and personal blog websites just as well. it’s got a fresh, refined display and simple, minimalist design ethic. This is a trendy, versatile and creative curriculum vitae WordPress theme for personal blogs, magazines and review websites as well. If you are a copywriter, I think this theme could do particularly well because it is so simple and clean. There are a number of different pre-built layouts and several different color palettes can be chosen with just a few clicks.

Check out some more outstanding personal blog themes in this collection. There’s a little something for everybody and I’m certain you’re going to find some really outstanding stuff to make your life a whole lot easier.

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ProRez WordPress vCard Theme for Portfolios

ProRez is a delightful one page resume WordPress theme with a totally modern design, responsive layout and it’s great for photographers, creative designers and developers, artists and more. This theme uses one of the most popular drag-and-drop page builders around, Elementor, to give you complete control over the look and feel of your vCard website. There is an Ajax based loading system, totally responsive design, one click demo import and a multitude of fonts, color and other fine detail settings. If you’re looking for a professional tool to make a professional online resume, this theme is an outstanding choice.

If you want to find a few more Elementor powered WordPress themes, we’ve got a big collection of stuff that you might be interested in.

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RyanCV vCard, CV and Resume Theme

Ryan CV is a resume and curriculum vitae theme for pretty much any sort of creative. Built mainly for digital folks, designers, programmers, writers, photographers and others in creative or high-tech Fields, this theme gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of design and style. It’s definitely one of the best and most user-friendly one page themes for WordPress. Thanks to the Elementor drag-and-drop page builder, you can craft unlimited layouts, even if you are not a particularly accomplished web designer. Fortunately, there are several pre-made demos to get you started quickly if you want to skip through all of that web design stuff.

You know, a vCard is not the only way to approach getting a new job. With that in mind, we created a big-time collection of job board WordPress themes that could be something you’ve been looking for. Check them out and see if something grabs your attention.

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Leven Personal Online Resume and vCard Themes

Leven is a CV and resume WordPress theme with a built-in vCard, personal portfolio and blog. With the provided page builder, you can quickly and easily create any page layout you want. That goes for portfolio projects and blog posts as well. All of that without the need to learn how to code. This completely responsive template relies on the unison framework to deliver an unmatched user experience and almost unlimited amounts of customization are possible with it. This template provides you 37 different short codes, and advanced resume builder, 24-hour support from the developer and a whole bunch more.

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Axen Full Screen Portfolio WordPress Themes

Axen is a personal portfolio WordPress theme with a distinctive design, lots of outstanding features and an elegant and responsive presentation. Thanks to the powerful admin panel courtesy of Redux framework, you’ll have total control over a lot of different personalization options to make your resume look great. Also, your layout has a tremendous come out of flexibility provided by the WP Bakery page builder plugin and all of the short codes that go with it. This totally responsive design has a creative, one page layout, multiple hairstyles and lots of other tools in the toolkit to provide an outstanding place for your resume and vCard.

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Jonny WordPress Theme for vCards

Jonny is a personal portfolio and vCard theme that’s great for creative workers who want to amaze potential clients and employers with a fantastic presentation of skill, education and craftsmanship. This high performance template allows your website to load up incredibly fast and that’s all thanks to the bootstrap based code that comes standard. WP Bakery page builder is also provided to give you a drag-and-drop page building tool that is unmatched and its flexibility. With any vCard website, social media integration is incredibly important. This theme offers lots of different ways to mix it up with your fans and potential employers.

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Benue, WordPress Modern vCard Theme

Benue is a creative portfolio WordPress theme that is unbelievably customizable, it’s modern and it’s packed with outstanding features that make it really user-friendly for novice WordPress users. This theme does a lot right, it’s great for web design portfolios, personal portfolios and blogs, creative digital agencies, architects, filmmakers, photographers, web developers, illustrators, freelance artists of all sorts it does an amazing job of making your creativity stand out. If you want it user-friendly theme that supports both Elementor Page builder and WP Bakery Page builder, this one does just that.

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MYCV WordPress vCard Themes

MyCV is a personal business of vCard WordPress theme powered by the site origins page builder, redux framework and it provides a really great platform for promoting yourself. This fully responsive theme has one click demo import, dozens of sea moss and the powerful page builder that is provided gives you flexibility in terms of your design and your style. The documentation and support provided are also equal to the task of helping you create type of website that can land your next job or your next client.

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Kanna Elegant vCard WordPress Theme

Kanna is an elegant and multi-concept WordPress theme with a clean, responsive design that has a hint of femininity about it. It’s perfect for bloggers and freelancers, anyone who wants access to 15 well-crafted home pages and a large collection of inner pages. Well this theme is marketed mostly as a personal blog, there’s absolutely nothing about it that wouldn’t work crate as a vCard template. it’s got a sleek, attractive and elegant design that has a real handmade feel that could be great for interior designers, wedding planners or others who want a distinctive, feminine style for their website.

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Neva vCard and Creative Blog Theme

Neva is a multi-purpose, creative WordPress theme that does a little bit of everything. 15 different home page examples are provided with your download and thanks to the support for all of your favorite page builder plugins, you can design your own from the ground up if you feel the need. However, these pre-made styles really do a great job of presenting your resume, vCard or CV. Highlighting your education and skills has never been easier than with this multi-purpose, multi-concept personal portfolio and log theme.

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Bowlby, Creative Designer Personal Portfolio Theme

Bolby is a portfolio, CV and resume WordPress theme with a clean, flat and modern style. Built for use with the Elementor page builder, any type of layout is possible with this template. To be honest, it really does have a style that is fairly locked into the flat world. All of the nine different pre-made designs have the same style and I’m not entirely certain that that’s going to change, even using v built-in admin panel and buy using the Elementor page builder. However, if flat is what you’re looking for, this theme certainly can handle that look quite well.

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Yottis WordPress Theme for Creative Personal Portfolios

Yottis is a personal creative portfolio seeing that can highlight your work in a way that’s really alluring to potential employers or clients. This theme is ideal for copywriters, designers, photographers, developers, anyone who wants a sort of digital business card to show the world. This theme has a powerful, modern design, a strong framework and it offers one click demo installation and professional support if you run into issues. you’ll get the ability to choose your very own layout with over 9 different options provided. Of course, using the Elementor page builder limitless layouts are possible. This highly adaptable and user-friendly scene does a great job of allowing you to set up an online shop as well, thanks to full commerce support.

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Entertainer, Performer's Portfolio and Resumé Theme

Entertainer is a great theme for musicians, actors, comedians and anyone who wants to display their talents in a fun, user-friendly way. This theme has a large selection of theme customization options, shortcodes, full WooCommerce support, color and font options and a whole lot more. It’s widget friendly, it offers several different plugins to handle advanced functionality for contact forms, slideshows, portfolios and more. This is a really powerful and engaging way to create a solid vCard the world is going to enjoy.

If you want to have a look at some dedicated WooCommerce WordPress themes, we’ve got a large and growing collection of really amazing stuff that you’re going to love.

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