Rozer, Digital eCommerce WordPress Theme

Rozer digital downloads himWooCommerce is a simple to use and modify e-commerce solution. It includes four homepages, each of which has essential modules and is well designed. Rozer makes use of two different kinds of menus: the vertical megamenu and the horizontal megamenu.

Vertical Megamenu allows you to display a large number of product categories without making the page seem crowded with thumbnails. Furthermore, using Megamenu Customer, you may display a large number of external and internal connections.

Logo, search category, wishlist symbol, comparison icon, a ‘top cart’ feature along with contact phone and welcome text are all shown in the header, which is intended to be light and airy.

I think it works.

The Daily Deals module includes a discounted counter, as well as a countdown to the deal’s expiration date. The list categories module displays the major categories, each with a thumbnail picture, as well as their subclasses.

Products from each category will be shown in each tab that begins with the word Tab Products. The Elementor Website Builder has an easy drag-and-drop Editor, sophisticated design capabilities, and is completely open-source. This is how to create a content page using it. The blog module allows you to display a picture and the introduction text of articles that include introductions to your shop, the current specials, and new product introductions.

Whew! That’s a lot of information. But, I think it’s worthwhile to get really in-depth with these theme reviews so you know precisely what you are getting when you purchase a template.

This theme can also be found in our collection of digital downloads WordPress themes. And, maybe I’ll go ahead and add it to our eCommerce WordPress themes collection. There are a lot of great looking WordPress themes out there and tons of competition, so it can be somewhat challenging to find the right theme. With this one, I think you get a very clean interface that makes it really simple find exactly what you want if you’re a customer, and it makes it just as easy for proprietors of online shops to build products and promote them with ease.

It’s got a lot going on.

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