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October 18, 2019

This is Satab and it’s a wonderful way to showcase your content in a really unique way, the rare timeline style blog.

This is Satab.  That means little to me, but it does mean you’re looking at a finely crafted timeline theme for the WordPress CMS.  Wildly customizable, unflappably easy to use, stunningly responsive and flabbergastingly flexible, Satab is a great choice for the bulk of webmasters.

The developer of Satab is SerayuTheme and they describe their Satab theme as this:

Satab Timeline WordPress Blog Theme is a WordPress theme for the bloggers. It has a clean design with a lot of features.It is a perfect reel for your blog content, personal resume, corporate history timeline, photography, culinary or musician blog. It has a clean design with a lot of features.

Considering this theme has been on the market for nearing 2 years, it’s wildly unpopular with just 14 sales so far.


I wonder why?  The style is nice, I suppose.  Clean, simple, it’s got a lot of features, but it just doesn’t resonate with people.  I wonder why?  I mean, sometimes it happens, a theme looks good, it’s packed with stylisyh layouts and whatever else people like but some folks just simply don’t dig it.  Perhaps it’s bad marketing?  Bad luck?

Whatever the deal is, I’d still recommend this theme to a certain extent, though I think you’d probably be better off with a different theme that’s more popular.  I mean, when there are dozens of other options, it’s not like you’re stuck with only this theme. I think you’ll be happier with something else, to be perfectly frank.

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