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SCRN Responsive One Page WordPress Theme

December 13, 2019

SCRN is a responsive, one page WordPress portfolio theme. This template only needs a single page to provide a nice looking canvas for your projects. With over 8,000 sales so far, this template has certainly proven to be popular in the last several years. However, there is some bad news recently with this theme. The overall rating has dropped to 4.33. Many people are assessing that dropped off to the fact that this theme is now nearly 6 years old. Considering WordPress themes don’t often stick around that long, it’s quite possibly a problem.

Many people are saying things about this theme that are not particularly flattering. Have a look at a couple of recent reviews.

Here’s a one star review citing documentation quality.

Bad theme with a documentation from 2012. Tried to get a refund from the author but got no reply.

And one about bugs.

I worked before with this theme and it worked well. I’m not a developer, so the usablility has to be clear and simple. Some features from an earlier version don’t work. It’s not possible to use the SCRN theme options. Mismatch!

Another laments about the amount of shortcodes in the theme.

Shortocode….shortcodes……and more shortcodes…..Are you kidding me ?

Most of these negative reviews have occurred over the last year or so and you can see that this theme hasn’t aged particularly well. All of that considered, I really can’t recommend the SCRN WordPress theme any longer.

There are plenty more amazing one page WordPress themes though, and if you want to see some, you can head over to our full collection where we’ve gathered up dozens of the absolute best one page WordPress themes. The design quality is going to be high, the customization options plentiful and the documentation quality will be better than in this theme at least.

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