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Sell Photos, eCommerce WordPress Stock Photography Theme

October 16, 2019

sell-photos wordpress istockphoto clone

Sell Photos is a theme that’s all about it’s name. Sell Photos was specially crafted to help you market, promote and showcase your photography in a bold, simple, clean and crystal clear website. Sell Photos is about more than it’s design though, it’s about enabling you to build a photography business with a simple, sleek and modern website that has the powerful options you need to grow your brand and your business.  Sell Photos is a theme that doesn’t let it’s own design get in the way of delivering memorable content, since the design stands in the background, letting your photos, videos or other visual content take center stage.

Sell Photos lets you create your own iStockPhoto clone!

One aspect that you absolutely must have in a website these days is responsiveness.  Sell Photos, fortunately, is completely responsive on any device.  That means no matter how your customers access your site, it’ll look amazing and deliver consistent results, time after time.  Responsive themes tend to rank better, all things considered, which is great for building your traffic and expanding your business.  In today’s competitive market, you really have to have a responsive website.  Like the name implies, you can sell photographic prints or downloads with this theme, thanks to the integrated Sell media plugin, from GraphPaper Press.  (You can also sell eBooks for devices like a Kindle, or even audio or video files like MP3 or MP4.)  Basically, anything that can be downloaded is easy enough to sell with Sell Media.  One great thing is, it’s an all in one solution.  Since GraphPaper Press created the theme, if you run into any troubles with using the theme or the plugin itself, it can easily be remedied, using the fast and in-depth support options.

So, it’s been a year now since I first reviewed Sell Photos.  I’ll say this much, I’ve learned a ton about WordPress since the first time I reviewed it.  I’ve come to have an even greater appreciation for themes that are completely coded from the ground up, not leaning on crutches to get the job done.  I’m happy to note that Graph Paper Press has done a great job of creating this theme without leaning heavily on something like Visual Composer.

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