Single Page WordPress Themes

When you’re building certain kinds of websites, maybe all you need is a single page to get all the information across that you need to. If that’s the case, maybe you need to take a look at a single page WordPress theme? That’s what this collection is all about, beautiful, high-performance WordPress themes that only require one, single page to get all the information across they need to.

Every one of the themes in this collection is powerful, flexible, and user-friendly. Most of them also include handy page building tools that provide lots of flexibility for your layout and for the features your website offers. There are a variety of different page building tools that you can employ, some of them are completely free and open-source, while others May cost a little bit of money for advanced features. However, all of the themes in this collection come perfectly equipped with page builders so you don’t have to pay any extra cash for that functionality.

If you’re selecting a one-page theme, it’s important to keep in mind your needs may change down the road. Nearly every theme in this collection offers both single page and multi-page designs so you won’t be walked into a single page design if you choose to expand your website down the road. This can be a real hassle, having to install a new WordPress theme down the road. In fact, that can even hurt your search engine optimization efforts. So, it’s best to have planned for that occasion with a theme that offers both single page and multi-page designs.

Everything in this collection has dedicated support and thorough documentation, plenty of flexibility, and a design that can appeal to a wide-ranging audience. So, here are the absolute best single page WordPress themes for any occasion.


Divi Modern Powerful Page Builder WordPress Theme

Divi is well known to be one of the most powerful WordPress theme options available. Of course, web templates come in all shapes and sizes, but none feature a bigger set of features than the Divi page builder template. Divi gives you a massive amount of customization choices. It provides an industry-leading page building tool that gives you dozens and dozens of different pre-made content blocks that can be placed anywhere you want them on your page. In addition, there’s a huge amount of customization choices that can be made from the theme options panel. All of this helps you create a totally unique and perfectly presentable website, no matter what style you are opting for.

Considering this is a collection of one-page themes, Divi certainly provides quite a number of pre-built one-page templates and the ability to craft as many more as you could possibly want. You don’t even have to be much of a web developer to make use of this theme, it provides user-friendly and intuitive tools that help guide you through the process of crafting a gorgeous one-page website. No matter what style your website needs, you’ll find it quite simple to use the powerful theme options panel to get just the look you’re going for.

Overall, there is not a single theme for WordPress that’s better than Divi.

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M BuddyPress And Dating WordPress Theme

M is a strong, single page parallax WordPress theme with multi-purpose design. It’s one of the most comprehensive single page or one page designs available. Three basic options for use as a full screen parallax, video or slider template. That’s just the backgrounds, there’s a lot of flexibility in terms of the order of your content. Don’t settle for some pre-made design that can’t be adapted, pick something you can really customize.  Your single page website can be as small or as large as you need, offering only content blocks that make sense for what you offer. In addition, this theme provides multiple short codes, a powerful theme options panel at reliable customer support.

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Massive Dynamic

Massive Dynamic WordPress Agency Theme

Massive Dynamic is another really popular option for one-page websites. This theme was built using the Jenga page builder, that’s not one you see used very often, but it’s a very powerful page building tool that provides responsive layouts on demand. You can simply select the different content blocks you want to use and customize them with ease in the back end. Everything is done visually and you don’t have to be an expert web designer to make use of this template. Just drag and drop stuff where you want it, and you’ll be on your way to an outstanding one page website in no time. However, there are over 70 different pre-made demos that may help you get started even faster. There’s no need to leave those pre-made styles just as they are, they are highly adaptable and you can adjust them as much as you need to get exactly the look and feel you want for your website.

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Cosonix App One Page Application Promo Theme

Cosonix theme is a powerful, multi-purpose one page WordPress theme. It provides the powerful Visual Composer page builder tool, revolution slider, MailChimp support and this is a WooCommerce ready theme that allows you to set up an online shop accepting PayPal payments or any of the most popular payment gateway payment types. This team can be set up in just minutes, there are six different demos included that can be installed with just one click. After that, you can fine-tune your website using visual composer or your favorite page building too long. The theme options panel goes a step further and allows for fine control over all the little details.  It’s a full-featured setup that works well for any sort of website.

Selling products online is always easier if you use a WooCommerce WordPress theme. If you want to find out more about WooCommerce and look, check out our full collection of templates. You’ve got quite a number of amazing themes that work perfectly for any type of product or service.

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Hestia Pro

Hestia Pro WordPress One Page Parallax Themes

Hestia Pro is a one-page theme that’s perfect for just about any sort of business. This WooCommerce ready theme offers a strong page building tool, lots of unique features, full control over the layout and style of your site and there are quite a number of pre-made designs to help inspire you and to help give you a little guidance setting your website. People really seem to love this template, it provides a really fun and user-friendly platform for website construction and it delivers fast live in, amazing-looking templates quickly and efficiently. There’s no type of website they can’t benefit from this powerful and user-friendly, adaptable and ingenious theme. As long as you’re only looking to use one page, that is.

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Ronneby Premium One Page Parallax WordPress Theme

Sometimes, just a single page is all it takes two get your point across. Ronneby is a high-performance WordPress theme that allows exactly that to happen. With this powerful, user-friendly template, you’ll find it very easy to present all the information your visitor is ever going to need with just a single, solitary page. Robbie includes the visual composer page building plugin so you can create any sort of layout you want, including full-featured single-page designs. this is anything but a frail thing in with that will result in flimsy websites, it’s powerful, picking deliver a really prominent website with high-level features that people are going to love.

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The Fox

TheFox, Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

The Fox aims to be one of the smartest WordPress themes available. This distinguished theme is noteworthy for the amount of features that provides, the number of different home page styles that have been created for you and the amount of flexibility this effective theme gives you when it comes to customization. There are several creative designs included, many of them highlighting application promo websites and creative sites. There are a handful of magazine theme designs, some creative digital agency sites, personal blog designs and several e-commerce shops.

The developer continues to add new designs all the time and so far, there are a pair of different one page designs included. But as the fox beam supports the awe-inspiring Elementor page builder, you can turn any of these pre-made designs into one page layouts with ease. That gives you around 20 different pre-made designs right now and the developer continues to add more. Overall, this is a really robust theme full of outstanding features and if you’d like to efficiently craft an effective website that people will love, it’s a really solid choice.

Want to see some more examples of drag and drop WordPress themes that use the Elementor page builder tool? Take a look at this collection and see if you could find something you really enjoy.

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The Gem

Digital Agency, One Page TheGem Creative High-Performance WordPress Theme

The Gem is a creative WordPress theme designed with usability in mind. This theme is great for a wide variety of uses including business and finance websites, attractive and celebrated online shops, energetic and dynamic photography portfolios and design portfolios, for Delicious restaurant websites, comfortable hotel sites, inspiring church and events sites and for a wide variety of blogs, landing pages and business promo websites.

The Gem WordPress theme is well-built, there are over four hundred different ready-to-use templates and each and every one of them can work perfectly as a one-page theme if you choose. The level of flexibility this template provides is staggering. Any content can be placed anywhere you want on the page, you can build a really strong, engaging one page website with the flow of information that makes sense for your needs. If you need to build a really solid one page design, this template is a really outstanding choice.

The Gem is future-proof, because your designs can be updated and adjusted as your needs change, you’ll never be locked into a single, standard layout. For one page themes, this can be quite important. You may find that you want to test different layouts at different designs to see if you or results change. This is sort of ‘A/B’ testing can provide real insight into what’s working and what’s not. With this one pager website – although multi-page websites are also supported – you’ll get it all of the design and style necessary to make a great first impression that keeps people coming back.

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Brooklyn One Page DIgital Agency WordPress Theme

Brooklyn is a premium WordPress theme with over forty-five different pre-built websites provided, please designs can help get your one page website off the ground quickly. All of these unique design concepts are included free of charge and they can be a great way to get some inspiration when setting up your website. Of course, each and every one of them works great as completely pre-built websites, but they all offer a lot of customization options so you can make your homepage completely unique. If you don’t want your website to look like everyone else’s, having a distinctive design can go a long way to making sure you are content stands out from the crowd.

Few themes offer more global and on page options then Brooklyn does. There are over 2,000 different options available to help customize your website. You’ll have total control over the entire site with over 100 well-organized panels to effect changes globally and on a page by Page basis. It’s an extraordinary level of control and something I think a lot of people are going to like. This Brooklyn WordPress theme has a very powerful page building tool that gives you over 60 different handmade designs or modules that can be dragged and dropped into place. Hundreds more configurable options are also provided. That gives this theme some of the most flexibility possible and the results are going to show with some fast page load times and outstanding performance.

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Avada Creative Company Theme For WordPress

Avada is an entirely unique website building tool for WordPress and WooCommerce sites. With over 600,000 downloads and counting, this has been one of the most popular themes ever created. Fortunately, the developer has done an outstanding job of making sure they have kept their template up-to-date with the latest features and that’s kept this theme relevant all these years.

Thanks to the 67 different pre-built websites that are ready to launch with no coding required to, you’ll have quite a number of pre-built designs to get you started off the right way. After that, the sky’s the limit in terms of constructing your website. You can use the Fusion page builder tool that is provided with your download to create any sort of layout you want. You’ll have full control over the look, feel, and functionality your site offers.

You’ll even have control over the order your content blocks are displayed. Crafting the perfect one-page design is as easy as dragging and dropping content into place in the order you prefer. It’s probably one of the most intuitive page builders on the market and so, it does a fine job of ensuring you’ll have a cool website you can really be proud of. So, whether you want to use one of the pre-made designs or go crazy and create your own one pager, this theme works perfectly well either way.

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Zelle Pro

Zelle Pro Creative WP eBooks Theme

Zelle Pro is a powerful one page WordPress theme that gives you lots of choices to help me set up a great-looking website. This clean, lightweight and fast loading tablet fully supports all of the most popular page building tools like Elementor, Beaver builder, the Divi page builder, poodle and all the others. Basically, if it’s a drag-and-drop page building tool, Zelle Pro fully supports it. This theme gives you a really solid range of options for colors and fonts and using the page building tool of your choice, you’ll have full layout control from top to bottom. All that has made Zelle Pro quite a popular theme since it was originally released.

Zelle Pro is also backed by one of the most solid theme developers around. ThemeIsle does a great job supporting their WordPress themes and that makes this a really special theme to consider. If you want one of the best dedicated one-page themes, this is certainly a great option. It’s WooCommerce ready, you can add different content blocks in different areas of your website and rearrange them as much is you need. For a simple one page theme, there’s definitely a lot of styling that can take place to make your website look unique and to present exactly the content you want, right where you want it.

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Honshi Minimal Clean One Page WordPress Theme

Honshi is a multi-purpose WordPress theme that was built specifically for the Elementor page builder. While it would work with any other page building tool, it’s at its best when paired with elemental wars capable controls and wide-ranging features. For creating a beautiful one page theme that integrates all the elements you want your website to have, the steam is a really outstanding option.

The main pre-made homepage greets visitors with a large, full-screen image and a well-designed time to track detention. As you scroll down the page, there is some interesting graphics, a rundown of services and a very simple image gallery portfolio. Some calls to action follow and a contact form is just above a location map Then comes the header. It’s all a really interesting layout and that’s just one of the four prebuilt one page designs that this is theme offers. Of course, thanks to the Elementor page builder, you can create as many one page designs as you want to.

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Fildisi, Clean, Professional One Page Theme

Fildisi is a responsive, multi-purpose WordPress theme that has some really amazing features going for it. There are multiple different layouts for your homepage and any dinner page you might want to have. However, since we’re highlighting this as a one-page design, let’s explore that a bit further. Fildisi is a bbPress and BuddyPress ready theme and it offers multiple clean, corporate one page layouts. These pre-made designs offer a lot of flexibility for presenting your content on just a single page. Over 100 different predefined layouts give you lots of inspiration when you’re crafting your own one page website. This extraordinary scene remains popular and very well-respected with a perfect rating on themeforest.

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One Page Pro

One Page Pro Theme for Single Page Websites

One page pro is a handsome one page WordPress theme, which is exactly what it sounds like it should be. This theme uses the good layers page builder, a very powerful and flexible page building tool that gives you drag-and-drop layout design. With full support for all major devices and a powerful admin panel, you can create your own web page design with any layout you want. having multiple content blocks that can be rearranged gives you the effective control you need to draft multiple versions of your website to test them between one another. This is going to help determine if one design gets a better reaction than another. It’s a great way to ensure that your website is as efficient as it possibly can be in turning visitors into customers.

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Create Creative Agency WordPress Theme

Create is a flexible and powerful WordPress theme that was built around the open source page builder from SiteOrigin. It gives you a lot of control over your layout and thanks to the inclusion of slider revolution, you’ll have a really attractive way to grab attention from the beginning and never let up. Thanks to the SiteOrigin page builder, you can drag and drop content blocks into place and he is just a single page to give out all the information your website needs to give out. Sometimes, that’s all you need is just that one page. As one of the recent reviews stated, ‘everything just makes sense’. That’s what Create is all about.

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Parallax Pro

Parallax Pro A Mobile Responsive and HTML Theme for Coffee Houses

Parallax Pro is a WordPress theme with beautiful, parallax scrolling options and a gorgeous one page design. This theme works very hard to give your content and incredible flow. It’s almost like telling a story. It helps to develop a narrative that leads your reader down the screen to learn more about your company, your service or your business ventures. No matter what it is this powerful one page theme gives you the ability to express yourself. It’s a highly original template with five different homepage widget areas to help for customization, fully commerce support and a powerful theme options panel for advanced site customization.

Check out our full collection of parallax WordPress themes and I’m sure you’ll see some more cool stuff that you didn’t even know you wanted until he saw it. We continue to update that collection constantly so it’s packed with fresh parallax themes you can really make use of.

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Float One Page Premium WordPress Theme

Float is a really effective WordPress theme that is built using the Themify page builder. Float is Themify’s finest example of what’s possible when crafting a one page design. You get all kinds of design options to choose from. Pick which header elements are included, add a background image, rearrange your content, place your logo, add portfolios or blog designs, social sharing options and a whole lot more. Any type of layout you want to create it is well within your grasp and it’s all be what is something that can pay big dividends down the road if you’re not an expert with designing websites.

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Materialism Modern Professional Creative Agency WP Theme

Materialism is a one-page material design landing page that presents tons of information in just that single page. It has a lot of different user engagement features, subscription and contact forms, pricing tables and a prominent call to action promoboxx. Materialism is a wonderful blend of beautiful and modern design with more traditional features. It’s got a clean code base and the material design guidelines developed by Google have shaped the overall look and feel of this site. It’s a really trendy design and I think it’s only going to grow in popularity from here on out. Visual Composer is also included to give you a powerful page building tool that extends your capability for crafting handsome, useful and original one page layouts.

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Uncode One Page WordPress Themes E

Uncode is a creative, multi-use WordPress theme with loads of great line designs, amazing features and the ability to help you grow your website. with a massive library of over 400 different wire frame layouts, you can create a completely novel, original and specially built one page design from the ground up. This is a really unique way to create websites, Uncode uses a especially doctored up and enhanced version of WP Bakery Page Builder. what results is a very clean, modern and professional website for anyone who needs a single page website quickly and with great style.

This is among the most popular one page options in this collection. In fact, this Uncode template is among the most popular ever created. It’s got a huge fan base and people really can’t seem to get enough of the design, the features, the flexibility and the inspiration all of these pre-made designs and wire frame building blocks provide. WooCommerce is supported if you want to set up an online shop, your portfolio is in good hands if you need one.  For a one page business site, a creative agency portfolio website or a full fledged landing page with WooCommerce capabilities, everything about this template is completely modern and fresh, and ready for whatever content you throw at it.  Building a one-page website has never been simpler.

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Oshine, Multipurpose One Page WP Theme

Oshine is a gorgeous, multi-purpose WordPress theme that is perfect for creative websites that only need one page to tell the story. This powerful, user-friendly template gives you over 50 different demos with hundreds of pre-built sample pages. Oshine uses a proprietary page builder, the Tatsu page builder.

The Tatsu page builder is another front-end page builder similar to Elementor or WP Bakery Page Builder, but it does things a little bit differently. It has over 60 different styling modules, alive text editor and a huge library of pre-built concepts. All of this makes building your web pages simple for beginners and experts alike. Whether you are a designer or not doesn’t even matter. He’s pre-built styling modules and the pre-made designs themselves, give you a fantastic way to create an engaging and useful website.

The process for crafting a one page or single page website is incredibly simple. You can build full one-page websites or landing pages using this theme by building a normal page with the various sections or using the Tatsu page builder. These can be linked from the main menu to have them scroll smoothly down to each respective section. You don’t need to buy a specialized one page theme or landing page tool anymore. If you have this many pre-built pages and demo’s, you’ll have over 50 different one page designs to choose from to deliver an original and distinguished look for your website.

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Rigel One Page Theme with Demo Designs

Rigel is an all-purpose WordPress business portfolio theme that has the ability to present your content with multi-page or single page designs. Rago is totally responsive and so it looks great on all devices large or small. There are over twenty different pre-made demo styles with unlimited features and thanks to the inclusion of WP Bakery page builder, you’ll have complete layout control for all of your one page designs. Creative companies, small and large businesses, even e-commerce websites can benefit from this beautiful, simple and highly adaptable WordPress theme.

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Dana One Page WordPress Business Theme

Dana is a corporate business theme with multi-purpose style. Many of the pre-made design concepts include one page layouts and with full WP Bakery page builder support, you’ll have a lot of flexibility when crafting your website. 12 different pre-made designs are included that showcase how your website might look for creative companies, corporate websites, personal blog and portfolio themes, consultant businesses and online shops. A pair of different one page designs are provided to give you some inspiration when creating a promotional tool for your business.

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OneLander Single Page WordPress Theme

OneLander is a premium-quality landing page theme that is super fast loading, incredibly secure and it’s perfect for creatives who want to showcase their latest work. A large amount of options are included to satisfy even the most demanding WordPress users. Every aspect of this theme is completely customizable from top to bottom. Elementor, one of the most popular page building tools, is included and it gives you a few dozen different pre-made content blocks that can be rearranged as you need. This theme offers one page mode, landing page designs and parallax and video backgrounds are also provided.

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Braile Full Screen OnePage WordPress Theme

Braile is a highly optimized WordPress theme with one page layouts, I totally responsive design and it presents photography and other creative work beautifully and simply. Over 50 different complete demos are included and there are two hundred different pre-made pages to give you lots of ways you can present your photography and other creative work. Over 300 different elements can be rearranged anyway you want and this theme supports all the most popular plugins to help SEO, to help keep your website secure and to keep in touch with your customers.

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Photosy WordPress One Page Photography Themes

Photosy is a powerful photography theme with a really clean, distinctive layout and multiple pre-made designs to present your creative work in a stunning manner. 19 different templates are included to give your photography website a little bit different liquor than others. five different sliders are included and the simple drag-and-drop customization to provide full control over your website. Multiple short codes are included for adding functionality exactly where you want it and the one page that now is a great way to highlight all the needs any professional photographer could possibly want.

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Landium WordPress One Page Landing Page Theme

Landium is a WordPress application landing theme that works great with a very structured layout and drag-and-drop blocks that can be pulled anywhere you want them on the page. Customization is always something to look at and this landing page template is as flexible and user-friendly as any. events calendar pro, gravity forms, WP Bakery Page builder, WooCommerce and other helpful plugins are also totally supported and that can help extend the functionality of your website.

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Victim WordPress One Page Themes

Victim is a powerful digital agency and portfolio theme for WordPress. It offers multi page and one page designs that are creative, flexible and perfect for modern websites. 6 different home page layouts are included with impressive styles that are totally adaptable for any need. The Elementor page builder is fully supported and element or does a wonderful job of giving you what’s the different ways your website can be laid out. This powerful one page WordPress theme offers regular updates, strong theme documentation and user-friendly support from the developer if you happen to need help with anything after the purchase. This mobile first theme looks great on all devices and the fantastically fast loading pages help your SEO be the best it can be.

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Seline Creative One Page Portfolio WordPress Theme

Seline  is a creative photography and portfolio WordPress theme with one page and multi-page designs. The overall style of this template is supremely clean, it works wonderfully to present personal portfolios and it even acts as a solid vCard website. The one page designs that are included are striking, they leave no room for distraction on the page, everything is clean, presentable and well organized. If you’re not a big fan of animations, there’s quite a bit going on as you scroll down the page. For some, that could be a bit distracting I suppose, but it also could be a really good attention getter. It all depends on what you want to get out of your website.

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Blanka WordPress Theme for Creative Websites Using One Page

Blanka is a colorful and responsive one page WordPress theme. This theme is perfect for any type of creative agency or individual. With your one page design, there are different sections placed throughout the page as your visitors scroll through content. It’s all one big happy family and everybody gets their chance to shine. For presenting basic websites that don’t require multiple pages, this theme works absolutely perfectly.

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The Forester

The Forester Flat One Page Digital Agency Theme

The Forester is a beautiful, highly rated WordPress theme that uses the Elementor page builder to allow for attractive portfolio construction. Because this is an element or powered theme, you can add content blocks in any order you want. Of course one-page websites are on the menu as well. The Forester provides a number of different designs that are included for free and that you can adjust and adapt as much as you need to get exactly the result you’re looking for.

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Crane One Page Business Theme

Crane is a responsive multi-purpose WordPress theme that has several different one page designs that can help present your content in a really fun, cool, idiosyncratic and a special way. One page designs are certainly not going to be right for every website, but if that’s all you need, Crane is really solid option.

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Arlo One Page Portfolio WordPress Theme

Arlo is a one-page portfolio WordPress theme that has been recently updated to add even more cool content. with full Elementor page builder support, crafting a one-page site with any sort of layout is a very real possibility. If you’re looking to present your content in a quiet, Serene and composed manner, this theme provides professional layouts and clean, responsive designs that do just that. But it’s not attached, your readers are going to make a real connection with your projects, posts and products. This is an all-around classic theme for any type of creative agency, personal or professional portfolio.

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Conversi One Page Landing Page Themes

This Conversi WordPress theme theme is ideal for landing pages and other one page designs, including promoting your SaaS application or software launch websites. Conversi is an outstanding landing page theme for any type of software service, application and it works perfectly as a squeeze page to get sign ups and contact information from your visitors. That’s because it’s so professional looking.  As a one-page landing page theme, this template does a wonderful job of introducing your product or service to your visitors. digital agencies that want a nice-looking one page design for a new product launch I’ve turned it to this theme quite a number of times since it was originally released and it has racked up nothing but perfect ratings from every purchaser who has chosen to speak up.

If you want to see some more themes that are perfect for promoting software services, our SaaS WordPress theme collection is a really wonderful race I think you could find to be pretty useful.

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Intensity Single Page WordPress Theme

Intensity is a responsive, multi-purpose WordPress theme that helps your content stand out from the crowd. It’s head and shoulders above the competition in terms of one page designs with intensity. Really, that’s just because that’s the name of this template. Intensity. However, it does present content in a really interesting way and the style is a bit different than many themes. Both bbPress and BuddyPress are fully supported, WooCommerce shop pages are also provided. If you’re looking for an all-around theme that offers multiple one page designs, this one is worth a second look.

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Hydro One Page Theme for Minimalist Websites

For some reason, many people think of minimalist of themes as only being ones that have light, bright, white backgrounds. However, the Hydro theme proves that that’s not necessarily the case. You can use full-screen images, dark backgrounds and generate the same clean look as with a template that uses a lighter color palette. Hydro is a wonderful one page WordPress theme for businesses and portfolios. You can build one page website quickly and efficiently and the layout potential is unlimited. No matter what type of content you have, you can empower your landing page design with pre-made content blocks that share all the information you need to get across. This is a powerful, user-friendly landing page building I think you can really count on.

If you like the style of this minimalist theme, you might want to take a look at our full minimal WordPress theme collection. It’s got lots of white space, clean designs, fast loading pre-made styles and it helps make any website look incredibly cool and minimalist designs never distract from your content.

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Volos Creative One Page Personal Portfolio Themes

Volos is a one-page CV and the card WordPress theme that’s great for personal portfolios, it provides numerous eye-catching designs, parallax images and video backgrounds as well. This theme has it all. If you’re looking for a v card that requires only one page to make a real first impression that lasts, this template is a wonderful choice. The Elementor page builder is included with your download and there are three pre-built demos. These demos use a handful of the 40 or so content block options to provide pre-made designs that look really great. Of course, Elementor is super easy to use and you can customize your website as much as you need to to get the most out of your information.

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Motive WordPress One Page Theme with Flat Design

Motive is a creative, corporate WordPress theme that has a lot of flexibility and some really powerful features. A lot of these features have been celebrated widely, the clean and modern style, the powerful framework and the level of flexibility are quite solid. This theme provides three different portfolio styles, multiple post types and a whole lot more.

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