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Soledad, Multi Concept WordPress Magazine, Blog and News Theme

May 31, 2019

Soledad WordPress theme was voted the best selling blog/magazine theme of the year and I can really see why that’s the case. This stunning multi-concept theme has been the platform for leading tech and travel blogs like mynextgizmo.com and outandabout.be. The possibilities of customizing this theme are simply amazing. With powerful customization tools like WP Bakery Visual Composer, as well as full Gutenberg support, building your websites will be a breeze, even if you’re new to WordPress or you don’t have a lot of coding skills. This versatile Soledad theme can be used in niches in other fields like beauty, food, gaming, craft and DIY sites.  We’ll get to that in a minute, but there’s a lot to get to in the meantime.

Powerful customization

Soledad allows 250+ options in customizing headers, footers, sidebars and so on. That’s just to get you started.  It also features 200+ slider, portfolio and blog layouts. You can use the native WordPress customizer or Visual Composer. You will see real time changes in the preview page without having to refresh anything to see what changes you’ve made. You have more options in customizing sidebar and article layouts, as well as choose from 6 portfolio styles. It is one of the few themes that allow easy setup of a video background.

More functionality

Soledad feminine WordPress theme is fully responsive and 100% ready for tablet and mobile devices. It also fully integrates with WooCommerce to improve the shopping functionality of your site. The theme offers 2 mega menu styles such that your website visitors will easily find what they are looking for. The theme will allow for monetization as it is AdSense optimized such that inserting your ads is simple straightforward process. It is SEO friendly to enable pulling more traffic.

Your website visitors’ feedback could be captured using Contact form 7 or MailChimp which you can easily set up. The theme comes with 404 and under construction pages which are ideal when you are working on the site or have broken links.

Soledad has recently been updated to version 6.3.1, it has included quite a number of features that were previously unavailable. This theme is out buddypress and bbpress ready, as well as continuing to support WooCommerce as it always has. The developer is really included everything needed to make your website a real success.

Tons of features

There are tens of features that will make building your website with Soledad an enjoyable hassle-free experience.

  • Woocommerce Compatibility
  • Real Awesome Gallery with a lot of styles; justified, single, masonry and Grid
  • Infinitely Loading posts
  • Flexible Images and video
  • Four Body Styles
  • Top bar Menu
  • Five Header Styles
  • Three Sidebar Styles for all pages, posts; right, left, none
  • Six slider styles
  • 750+ Google font and Typekit font
  • Five Beautiful Article Styles; default, left, full and thumbnail
  • Lightbox image in single posts
  • Various Post formats; standard, video, gallery, audio, quote and link
  • Unlimited Colors
  • 8 Custom Widgets; About me, Pinterest, Facebook, Recent posts, Popular posts, Social media, Tweets slide bar, quote, Instagram slider.
  • Search Engines Optimized for better traffic
  • Ready for translation ( .po file include )
  • One click Import 250+ Demo pages
  • Build mail lists with Contact form 7 and MailChimp for WordPress support
  • Quick dedicated support

The Soledad WordPress theme offers up-to-the-minute code compliance and styling that work together to present one of the most innovative website solutions currently available online. One thing I really love about Soledad, the feminine style it offers.  People always ask me, what’s the best WordPress theme for women?  I always included Soledad in that list.  Its flexibility and nimbleness allow even the newest webmasters to build and customize anything from a simple blog to a multi-concept authority site or internet-based magazine conglomerate. Every design element included with the Soledad theme answers a problem or desire of the modern website builder and owner. Experienced developers will appreciate the accessible and organized code while business owners and freelance professionals without any development knowledge will have no problem diving in and creating their solution for an effective online presence.

Start your page building process with one of the over 250 comprehensive and unique demo homepages. Combine your choice with one of the over 100 blog layouts and graphic slider elements to create a truly unrepeatable design. The choices you make are not only simple but important if you want to create a recognizable and user-friendly experience for visitors and admins alike. The Live Customizer backend helps explore the possibilities as you drag and drop blocks and various elements and features into place on every page. There are more than 250 different options on the SEO-friendly Soledad WordPress theme. If any questions arise during installation or design, check the extensive documentation or contact the comprehensive customer support service.

This is a lively and glistening WordPress blog template, among the best we have seen this past year. Carefully crafted, powerfully featured, well coded and readily altered up if something does not work for you out of the box. The attention to detail is fantastic, a pixel ideal theme if ever there was one. Hey, this is even the very best selling Video Blog and Magazine theme of 2016, so it is likely to be around for a short time. Video wallpapers, video articles and much more are why we advise this theme for people who are searching for a superb solution for displaying a movie portfolio or perhaps embedding video clips from blog articles.

Lets take a look at some of the crazy amounts of demo styles, just to give you a taste of what Soledad can bring to the table.

This is, at least to me, the basic, vanilla design.  This could be a solid choice for any type of magazine.  It’s clean, sharp and well organized.  Just like all of the demo styles in this list, it’s very simple to adjust and adapt to fit your needs.

Soledad Clean, Classic Magazine WordPress Theme

Here’s one called ‘Hipster’.  Now, considering the fact that I’m from Portland, Oregon, one of the classic haunts of hipsters, I should know a little bit about this theme.  I’d say it’s a really solid look, but I’m not 100% certain it’s a ‘hipster’ theme.  I’d call it a fairly neutral, minimal and clean design that’s solid for all kinds of blog websites.

Soledad Hipster, Clean WordPress Blog Theme

This theme style is called Simple blog, it is one of soledad’s many lifestyle blogging templates, a particularly clean and self-assured design that places real emphasis on all of your content.

Soledad Simple Personal and Lifestyle Blog Theme

This is the first of several different dark-skinned two versions. This one uses a dark background to set your content off in a little bit different way than some of the other designs in this run-down. Basically, any of the light-skinned versions can have a dark background to go with it, it’s a matter of choice that is up to you. But, I thought that I would include one just to show you exactly how it might look for one of them or basic designs. I think that it is a really neat look to any blog or magazine site.

Soledad Simple Personal and Lifestyle Blog Theme

If your website is all about World Travel, Soledad has you covered. There are quite a number of different travel blog designs, this is one of my favorites. They call it travel guide and as you can see, you can select a high-quality image for the background and still have plenty of room to display your most important post right on the front page, calling attention to the things that matter most. And if you don’t want to use sticky, trending or popular posts, you can simply show the most recent posts in the ‘above-the-fold’ area.

Soledad Simple Personal and Lifestyle Blog Theme

Soledad has a number of different Video magazine or video blog layouts, this is a particularly clean when using a left-sided navigation menu. This Soledad version keeps things clean and fresh, making your video clips the star of the show. Could be great for any video blogger who likes to share World travels. But don’t limit yourself to just to travel blocks. Anything is possible with this theme.

Soledad Simple Personal and Lifestyle Blog Theme

The Soledad Times, now I’ve never heard of that newspaper, but here it is. It’s got a well-designed, clean and old school look. Navigation is key, social media is prominently placed and this theme is highly readable. Folks will certainly know where to look for new content, it’s incredibly simple to navigate this particular design. I rate this high for classic newspapers of all shapes and sizes.

Soledad Simple Personal and Lifestyle Blog Theme

This is a completely minimalist style, accurately called Minimalism. This particular design does not show excerpts on the front page, meaning that there is very little text on your front page. If you have a site that is dominated by imagery, if you are creating a portfolio and you want a Sleek, modern look, this demo style could be a good option. Just like all the rest, it installs with one click and it is highly adaptable. If you’d like to see some more minimal themes, we have a giant collection of templates to choose from.

Soledad Minimalist, Purely Minimal, Simple Blog, Portfolio and eCommerce Theme'

Okay, here is a fashion blog style. It has prominent placement for the Instagram widget, which is the ribbon of images that you see up at the top of the blog. Heading down a little bit, you got a really nice layout with bold images, or right-handed sidebar and simple, clean-cut navigation. This really is a nice looking lifestyle blog.

No rundown of what Soledad offers would be complete without one of the many different food blog Styles they have. Of course, anything that is this visual, it would work for just about any type of blog. Lifestyle, travel, fashion, mommy blogs, I think that they all work just as well. But, it’s always good to show a number of different options and since food blogs are so important these days, it’s great to give you a concept of what your side could look like. Delicious.

Soledad Food Blog Theme

I already showed another video layout, here is a second one. This is more of a classic blog look than the first one, I think that breaking or viral content Works particularly well with this design. It has prominent advertising placement, your social media is all well organized and right there for people to take advantage of and it presents videos in a really interesting and fun way. For more WordPress video themes, take a look at our collection of premium WordPress themes for video.

Soledad Video Magazine Theme

Ideal for Creative agencies who want a clean, well-organized layout, design mag shows what is possible Right Out of the Box, you will not have to struggle to achieve this look. It is one of the hundreds of different pre-made designs but you can choose from. Of course, with this many options, it might be a bit daunting, but this theme is overhauled incredibly simple to use, even for beginners. This one installs with one click, making it a great starting point for beginners to get a website up and running quickly and without tearing your hair out.

Sure, why not, here is yet another video blog or Video magazine theme. This has a left side of navigation bar and three columns over to the right, with the prominent placement of a slider. This land is a little different, I haven’t seen too many layouts that possess all of these different attributes.

Soledad Adventurous Video Magazine Theme

Here’s another fashion blog theme, great for lifestyle blogs as well. I told you there were a lot of different options.  We’ve got more fashion blog themes to check out in our full collection where we’ve condensed the thousands of options out there into a few dozen of the absolute best.

Soledad Adventurous Video Magazine Theme

And another lifestyle blog. This one uses a slider of three images up top followed by a single column to present your most recent or most important content. It’s also has and about me widget on the right hand side, I think this  crucial for modern personal or lifestyle blogs. If you’d like to look at more options for WordPress personal blog themes, we have crafted quite a collection. Nothing but the best.

The game blog WordPress style is, just that. It’s all about games. They have selected a slightly different font for the headline text, it’s got sort of an old-school 8-bit look to it, it’s not something that I would personally choose, but I think that it does work okay for gaming magazines. We’re really starting to see some of the differences between designs, but it’s the little things. The layouts are all still will organized and well-defined oh, it’s just the colors, the button Styles and the text, among other things, that really set these designs apart from one another.

Soledad GameBlog, WordPress Gaming Magazine Theme

Cryptocurrency is incredibly trendy and here is a look at what one variety of crypto News website might look like.

Soledad Bitcoin News Theme

For offering SEO Services, a clean and flat design like this one could be a good place to start. Of course, half of the battle is what types of images you choose. Frankly, this could be a layout that works for just about anything. The developer simply wants you to see as many different options as possible and that’s why I’ve chosen about 20 images to highlight in this run-down. But, this clean and crisp layout could work for just about any kind of site.

Soledad SEO Services Business Theme

Here is yet another gaming magazine theme style. This has text over image, meaning that things can get a bit crowded if you have long titles, but assuming that you keep the titles to the recommended length, that shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Soledad ,GameMag, Cool Games Magazine Theme

Similar to Lifestyle blogs and fashion blogs, travel blogs often use prominent placement for the Instagram widget. A Travel Girl is no exception. That is what the ribbon of images of the top is all about, prominent placement of Instagram pictures. You can select from the most recent or most popular images to show in that Rhythm and you get to select the number that you want to display. After that, your content is well organized and elegantly placed, showcasing your most important work or your most popular posts. The layout is completely up to you.

Soledad WordPress Travel Blog Theme

Whew, that’s a lot of stuff!

I could go on and on with showing you different demo Styles, but I won’t. There are demos for wedding websites, for education and health sites, you can install bbpress to create an online Forum, there are viral video and viral content sites, multiple different lifestyle blog, personal blog, portfolio and business sites, Adventure blogs and so many artists portfolios, it sort of makes your head spin. Coffee to Cosmetics, technology to gardening, interior design to Healthy Living, transportation to motorcycles, just about everything has been included in this high-quality, multi-concept and wide-ranging tablet.

All in all, Soledad offers a staggering 5000 home page demos, hundreds of different customization choices and hundreds of slider and layout combos, so there is no limitation to what sort of appearance you may produce on this theme. The page load rates are incredible, since it is so nicely coded and not bogged down with crap you do not need. This assists in the SERPs for certain. HTML5 and CSS3 are a part of the reason behind it. It is easy enough for starting webmasters to perform a great deal of custom work for it too, the visually engaging design actually sets off those strong capabilities.

Okay, that does it for our review of Soledad.  Please let us know if you use the Soledad theme, maybe we can give you a little attention to your site, letting folks see how people are using this wonderful blog and magazine theme.  We’ll be back shortly with more amazing WordPress themes.

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