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Speaker, Life Coach and Motivational Speaker Theme

June 1, 2020

That guy doesn’t look much like a motivational speaker, does he? I didn’t think so. I think he looks like a hand model or something. That is a nice beard though.

Anyway, this is Speaker, a WordPress theme that’s all about life coaches, motivational speakers and personal development. With a clean, polished look and a pristine design, Speaker looks the part. It really does a good job of framing the images you choose and it’s flexible enough to change up a lot of the look to get something entirely different.

Some of the page templates included are the home page, an about us page to really let those clients get to know you, an image gallery block, which could come in handy for some, a news page as well as testimonials and then, of course, a pricing table. It’s a lot of features for a reasonable price.

So, hopefully this sheds some light on what Speaker brings to the party. Fun, fun, fun.

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