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In this collection, you’re going to find a whole bunch of outstanding WordPress themes of for sports-related websites. Many of the themes in this collection are for individual sporting clubs home pages. others are sports magazines and still others are perfect for eCommerce shops selling sporting goods. We hope to make this collection the go to place for high quality sports related websites.

One thing that all of these things have in common is high levels of usability. Many of these modern themes even include page building tools that give you full control over your website layout and design. These powerful themes make it very simple to craft high-quality websites with a variety of layouts. depending on your needs, you might find certain layouts work better than others and you might see that some of these pre-made designs don’t have a feature that you need.

Fortunately, by using any of the most popular page building tools, you can always add that functionality. Also, keep in mind that WordPress has so many add-ons and plug-ins available, you’ll be able to extend the functionality of your sports WordPress theme after you have it installed.

So, check out our collection of the absolute best sports WordPress themes ever made.


Zapedah Sports WordPress Theme

Zapedah is a really nice example of a sports club WordPress theme. The homepage design is styled as a bicycling club template, so there’s no need to limit yourself to just one single purpose with this powerful, user-friendly template. It’s got a bold and modern, clean and elegant design that can be used for building a community around just about any sport. The Elementor page builder plug-in is included to give you huge amounts of control over your website design and layout. This robust drag-and-drop page builder lets you put content exactly where you want it and then style it to perfectly fit with what you want to say. It’s a very user-friendly way to create websites and that’s probably why it’s become so popular.

But that’s not the only way to craft a great looking website. Another strong option is to pick a WordPress theme with lots of predesigned options you can choose from. That’s exactly what you get from this Zapedah WordPress theme. it’s got great looking blog options, four different homepages are included, several different inner pages highlighting upcoming events, introducing your team to the world and explaining a little bit about what your sporting club has been up to lately. There are contact forms included that are completely functional and the premade blog designs can definitely help to showcase and share information with the world.

Now, this isn’t the biggest WordPress theme for sporting websites, but it is a really decent option and if you like to keep things simple, but you want of relatively high level of flexibility, this could be a really strong option for you.

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Certonix Sports WordPress Theme

The Certonix WordPress theme is a sports and nutrition theme that gives you unlimited possibilities for creating a nutritional supplements website or other sports-related site. it’s got a very unique design, clean and classic lines that are perfect for any type of sports supplement or nutrition website. If you want to create a very functional online shop, this theme has you covered. WooCommerce is supported and there are pre-designed pages for products, shopping carts and more. It’s got all of the inner pages any online shop would need to sell nutrition supplements and other related products.

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Whistle Sport

Whistle Sport Sports Magazine WordPress Theme

Whistle is a sports shop, sports club & fitness WordPress theme. perfect for gyms and personal trainers, health clubs and fitness centers, sports clubs and more, this is a theme that gives you a relief multi-purpose design that works great for a lot of different ventures. There are a pair of previous pages, three different unique header types and an advanced page building tool that lets you drag and drop content blocks into place. Showcasing your images is going to be very simple with the variety of different image gallery tools that are supported. Sign-up forms, inquiry forms, events listings and a whole lot of other sports-related functionality is also provided with this theme. This is a really highly rated and quite popular theme for any sports team or club.

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Oxigieno, Soccer and Sports WordPress Theme

Oxygeno is a sports club WordPress theme for any sport. Buta football or football, baseball or cricket, swimming port tennis, baseball or sucker. no matter what sport, this theme has a very clean and modern design that works great. As they say, attitude is everything and this theme has a really bold, user-friendly attitude that can make a difference when crafting a premium quality website to highlight your sporting event or club. The theme is super user-friendly, it’s easily adaptable and it looks great on all devices because it is perfectly responsive.

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Shaka Premium Sports WordPress Theme

Shaka is a great-looking WordPress theme for water sports related businesses. For surfing schools, surf shops, water skiing and wakeboarding supplies, this highly customizable and user-friendly theme provides a great platform for building online shops and integrating handsome blogs and portfolios into the mix. There’s even the ability to book travel indication arrangements. If you have a tourist attraction related to snorkeling and diving, this theme can provide a really nice platform to highlight your services. It’s an all around water sports theme that looks great and is highly functional.

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Top Scorer WordPress Sports Theme

Top Scorer is a WordPress sports theme that gives you a lot of powerful options for crafting a successful website. Top scorer as several pre made designs and a lot of powerful layout options are at your fingertips. The pre-made home pages include sports club sites for American football, baseball, hockey, rugby and that’s really just the beginning of what this theme gives you. All of the pre-built inner pages provide a massive amounts of functionality for any sporting team or league website. There are player profiles, match schedules, league standings pages, team history page, ticket sales pages and more. It’s perfect for nearly any sport or sports league, any individual team and I think the functionality this template provides makes it really a wonderful choice for any type of sports organization or sports league.

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WaveRider Watersports and Sports WordPress Themes

WaveRider is a surfing and watersports WordPress theme that has a very nice looking style, plenty of features and it’s very user-friendly even for beginners. This is a theme offers you a very smooth ride in your website building process. WP Bakery page builder is included to give you loads of layout options. there are several pre-made designs that could be of interest to you. There’s a surf shop home page, yachting homepage and a canoe lightning home page.

I suppose you there’s nothing that says you couldn’t adopt any of those pre-made looks for a scuba diving, wakeboarding, kiteboarding or whatever other water related activity you’re into. There’s any events timetable, you can present service lists and multiple inner pages are also included. One more thing they’ve just added is a booking form so customers can book your services and pay for it in one fell swoop. Thanks WooCommerce!

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Trackstore WooCommerce Sports Shop WordPress Theme

TrackStore it is a sports shop WordPress theme, which kind of makes sense when you read the name. Powered by WooCommerce and WP Bakery Page builder, this powerful e-commerce theme gives you some remarkable features and several pre-made designs that are perfect for any sports apparel shop. More and more people are going online to make purchases and it’s no surprise that sports equipment is among the most popular destinations.

Whether it’s shoes or workout gear, outdoor supplies or bicycles, general sporting goods or supplements, selling sports related stuff online is more popular than ever. TrackStore has 10 different pre-made designs including a coming soon countdown clock homepage. There are beautiful card layouts, appealing quick pop-up view functions, order tracking, a variety of different cart setups and some impressive product showcases. This is an all-around theme for a sporting goods store online.

TrackStore is the perfect e-commerce theme for any sports merchandise store. The design features countdown clocks and adjustable products displays to fit your needs. Order tracking, multiple carts, and display options are all available. This WooCommerce powered template comes with ten pre-made designs and a trendy owl logo!

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Sports Club

Sports Club WordPress Sporting Magazine Theme

Sports Club is a football, soccer, basketball and other sports related news magazine website. This is a really solid choice for any online magazine dealing with sporting related stories. You can even use this theme to set up a local sports club website. It’s got an events calendar and scheduling features, short codes to help showcase sports awards, lots of statistics short codes to compare achievements and more. It also functions as a fully built out sporting equipment store. Thanks to WooCommerce, you’ll have the ability to set up a solid online shop to sell products. This is a really solid multi-purpose sports WordPress theme that’s ready for just about anything.

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FC United

FC United Sporting Club WordPress Theme

FC United is a perfect WordPress theme for sports club website. If you want to clean, colorful and sharp sports WordPress theme, this is perfect for any type of soccer or football club, for athletes and trainers, for coaches and healthy lifestyle blogs. It also works great as a sports blog or magazine website. There’s really no limit to what this theme can do. With some of the recent updates, the national football league and national basketball association have also Capri made designs that are perfect for highlighting the achievements and members of any professional sports club. FC United uses the Elementor page builder to give you lots of layout control, it supports WooCommerce and there are a massive amount of specific functions perfect for sports sites. Matches and results, league standings, player profiles and other pre-built pages help you establish every sort of content-type you could need to build a successful sports club website.

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Orlando Sports WordPress Theme for WooCommerce Shops

Ornaldo is a perfect sports shop WordPress theme powered by WooCommerce. This Gutenberg ready e-commerce template is perfect for selling sporting goods for any team or individual sport. It integrates with woocommerce and wpbakery Page builder to give you loads of flexibility for layouts. In addition to all this, baby press and Buddy press are supported to give you social media connections for all your users. Over 19 different pre-made demos are included and they run the gamut from traditional sporting goods to online retailers, shoe stores and yoga studios, blogs and portfolios as well. There’s really nothing this theme can’t help you accomplish. If you’re looking for a high-performance theme, this one loads up incredibly fast all devices thanks to cleanly coated HTML, well-organized CSS files and the perfect responsive design. It’s all built for tremendous performance in terms of search engine optimization.

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Club Sports

Club Sports Sports WordPress Theme

Club Sports is an events and sports news theme. It’s perfect for building an online news magazine about any sport in the world. Or, every sport. This is a wide-ranging theme that’s perfect for sports clubs and organized leagues as well. Use it for football or baseball, basketball or hockey, tennis or soccer, futsal or team handball for that matter. It works great for just about any purpose and thanks to its flexible design, it’s really easy to use even if you’re a beginner with WordPress.

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