Squeeze Page WordPress Themes, 15 Money Makers for 2021

If you’re trying to maximize your sales revenue, the squeeze page WordPress themes in this collection might be exactly what you’re looking for. There’s a real trick to maximizing the number of sales your website delivers. Every visitor could be a potential sale if you have the right WordPress theme to help guide them through the sales funnel. And that’s exactly what this collection of templates aims to achieve.

The themes in this collection are highly dedicated to providing exactly the right features and functionality your squeeze page requires.many of the templates we’ve included in this collection have multiple premade designs that offer different strategies for presenting your content the right way. You’ll want to grab your readers attention and ensure they have all the information they need to reach a buying decision. The themes we’ve included help present this content in a way that is inescapable.

And with all of the powerful tools and add-ons that are included with these downloads, you’ll have plenty of flexibility when it comes to setting your website up. You can use one of the premade designs that are included or access a drag and drop page builder like the Elementor Page Builder or WP Bakery Page Builder. No matter which strategy you employ, you’ll be able to create a really awesome looking squeeze page within just a few minutes, helping to boost your sales and make your business more successful than ever before.

Squeeze Page WordPress Themes

The squeeze page WordPress themes below represent the absolute best of the best and I think anyone of them could help you build a really awesome squeeze page to help build traffic and improve your sales in 2021.


Divi, Page Builder for Squeeze and Landing Pages

Divi is such an incredibly powerful WordPress theme, the sky is the limit when it comes to functionality. This theme allows you to do just about anything you could possibly want and since Divi as such a wide range of features and functionality, it performs admirably as a high-quality squeeze page template. Divi uses the power of the Divi page building tool to give you complete control over anything on your page. Divi has hundreds of pre-made designs that are ideal for crafting high converting squeeze pages that keep your visitors excited about what you have to offer. So, if you need a highly adaptable theme, Divi is definitely worth exploring.

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xPider, WordPress Theme for Squeeze Pages

xPideris a WordPress applications and squeeze page theme that does an excellent job of capturing leads and contact information from your visitors. Thanks to the power of the Elementor page builder, this bootstrap template is perfect for software services and applications that want to capture as much information as possible before or after launch. getting folks to sign up for your software trial, capturing contact information to learn more about your product or to receive special discounts or other fun features, that’s what this theme does best. It’s a completely user-friendly theme, it’s powerful and easy to customize, it’s lightweight and fast loading and all of that means xPider does fantastic work as a squeeze page, splash page or application promo page.

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Landkit, Landing Page and Squeeze Page Theme

Landkit is a WordPress landing Page builder theme that has several different options that work perfectly as a squeeze page. helping to generate leads and game contact information, that’s what this template is all about. Landkit is a perfect lead generation tool, you can highlight eBooks or white papers, capture webinar registration information, and even accept contest entries. This template is perfect for offering up free software or service trials and product launches, crowdfunding websites, SaaS websites, and computer software, just to name a few. No matter what type of online service you are providing, having a solid squeeze page can help to generate a lot of interest in your sight. This Landkit theme creates a compelling call to action that is definitely going to result in more sign-ups and more clicks.

Check out some more SaaS WordPress themes in our full collection.

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Zelle Pro

Zelle Pro, WordPress Theme for Landing Pages

Zelle Pro is a clean, crisp and well-designed WordPress theme that has such a sleek, professional design, it can’t help but improve your sign up rates and increase the amount of leads you are able to generate on your website. This powerful and adaptable theme uses just one page to get all the information across that you need. It fully supports WooCommerce, Contact Form 7 and all of the other tools you require to offer free trials of your software or services, capture contact information and generate leads from your visitors and to help promote your business. This is a fun, professional and stylish way to help make your business as successful as possible.  User friendly too!

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Appilo, Landing Page and Squeeze Page Themes

Appilo is a landing page and squeeze page template with 11 stunning demos, full access to your favorite page builders and with it, you’ll have a lot of flexibility when it comes to designing a page that is memorable and one that converts visitors into real, qualified and valuable leads. If you’re looking to market your company, creating a website where you can capture leads and contact information is important. Lead generation and squeeze pages can help SEO companies, digital startups, SaaS application providers and other creative high-tech industries. This theme gives you full support for Elementor and over 50 different helpful content blocks that go with it. There are several different demos for mobile applications, software services, digital agencies and marketing companies, product launches and portfolios. Each of these offer the capability to capture leads and that’s what makes this such a strong squeeze page WordPress theme.

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GetLeads WordPress Theme for Squeeze Page Websites

Getleads is the name of this theme and that kind of says it all, doesn’t it? Getleads is a high-performance landing page WordPress theme that helps you generate high conversion rates when capturing information. This theme provides several different pre-made setups for promoting products and getting your users contact information quickly and efficiently. As long as you have something amazing to offer, a free trial or a free download, perhaps an ebook or some other digital download, people are going to flock to your website to see what you have to offer. This squeeze page WordPress theme is incredibly high performance, it loads up fast and looks fantastic no matter what device your visitors use to come to your website. WooCommerce is supported and a lot of creative agencies have used this one page template to generate massive amounts of leads that lead to increased revenue.

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Fortun WordPress Theme for Application Squeeze Pages

Fortun is a multi-purpose WordPress theme with 18 different modern demo styles and it includes a free copy of WP Bakery Page Builder, the powerful and user-friendly page building tool that makes Fortun an absolutely perfect tool for capturing contact information and leads from your visitors. There are a number of different pre-made styles that look fantastic and they can fit a wide range of different industries. Depending on who your target audience is, one of these themes may appeal to you more than the others.

But each one offers the same great functionality for capturing leads and generating more income. These pre-made designs are all professional, modern and they have all the information you could want to get people to subscribe to your newsletter, sign up for a free download or contact you for more information about the services that you provide. And with page builder capability, you can rearrange your designs, adding or removing content blocks as you need, depending on what you have to offer and what you think your visitors want.

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Appino, Creative SaaS Squeeze Page

Appino is a creative WordPress application landing page and squeeze page theme that helps you capture contact info, get more subscribers to your website and the clean style works for just about any type of application, software or digital agency service. There are multiple pre-made designs included, the developer offers free installation and with a powerful page building tool that has been provided for free, you’ll have lots of different ways to set your website up. Depending on how much information you have to get across, you may want to remove some of the content blocks in the pre-made demos. Or, you can add more if you need to highlight different features and functionality your business offers. This theme is highly engaging, it delivers outstanding results and it can definitely help drive attention to your website where you need it most.

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Landium, One Page Squeeze Page Theme

Landium is an inspiring landing page WordPress theme with 8 different layouts and each of them has a wonderful job of helping to capture information, get signups to your website, capture contact information that you can act on to generate more income and more sales. There are prominent call-to-action sections and a lot of real estate is devoted to capturing contact information, getting leads for quotes, sign ups and subscriptions. This powerful squeeze page theme has a built-in blog, pricing forms, testimonials, services pages and a whole lot more. Staying in touch with your readers will not be a problem, thanks to the built-in contact forms which are pretty hard to miss. Overall, this is a really solid squeeze page and landing page combination theme.

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Engin App Landing and Squeeze Page Theme

Engin has everything you’ll need to build the type of squeeze page that generates the most business leads possible. with this theme, you’ll have your landing page up and running quickly. There are several pre-made designs that offer blazingly fast page load times, total flexibility for layouts, and WooCommerce support for selling your services. If you’re offering free trials of software, capturing emails for your email list, highlighting services that you provide, or just giving a rundown of your business, generating qualified leads is very important aspect of any online business. With this theme, you’ll have a powerful and user-friendly tool at your disposal to make that happen. This theme is completely customizable, it works perfectly with any of the most popular page building tools and it gives you a wide variety of pre-made styles from which you can choose.

This Engin theme works perfectly with Elementor page builder too. Maybe you want to see more Elementor powered themes?  Well, check these out.

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App Mojo Theme for Squeeze Page Websites

AppMojo is an outstanding software landing page theme with full squeeze page functionality. Creating a responsive and dynamic one-page theme can really help promote your application, software, or service. This theme helps promote anything you could possibly offer and it has a really well-thought-out squeeze page design included to help capture contact information from your visitors. Offering something enticing is going to really help drive clicks and sign-ups, so be sure to have a valuable product or service that people are going to want to test out. You can offer contest entries, free trials, it’s really up to you. No matter what you choose to offer, this theme does a great job of helping the capture contact information to generate, qualified leads for any product or service.

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Codrop Squeeze Page Theme for WordPress

Codrop is a beautiful app landing page theme that works incredibly well as a splash page or squeeze page. Getting your readers interested in what you have to offer is the first step in capturing contact information. This theme provides you nine different landing pages, over 80 different premium components, nearly a dozen navigation menus, and over 500 different options to help keep your website looking fantastic. There are 64 pages worth of documentation included with your download and this 100% responsive template looks fantastic on all devices. Codrop does something that not all themes in this collection offer, it provides you with the Photoshop files for advanced customization of your website. Of course, Codrop supports WooCommerce so you can make sales and the entire squeeze page setup does a great job of instilling confidence in your reader and firmly calling them to action. This is a lively and potent squeeze page theme that I could see working for nearly any type of product or service.

Want to see some additional WooCommerce themes?  I just knew you would!

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LandX Theme for Squeeze Pages

LandX is a multi-purpose WordPress landing page theme that has 10 different homepage styles, perfect lead generation layouts, pricing tables, MailChimp integration and some fully built out squeeze pages to help capture leads and contact information. This powerful, dynamic and user-friendly theme uses the WP Bakery page builder to give you an effective presentation for your business. A squeeze page does its best work when it’s not overly intrusive and aggressive, but it lures your visitors into a place where they can’t resist giving you their contact information. I think LandX does that pretty  well, to be honest.

If you have a poorly designed squeeze page, your efforts can be completely fruitless. You certainly don’t want a lifeless website that doesn’t have a strong call to action and that doesn’t do a good job of presenting the advantages your service or software provides. By presenting a very clear outcome, people are going to sign up. That’s all there is to it.

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Madison – Minimal – Just another WordPress site

Madison is the type of clean, well organized WordPress theme that I think works great for a lot of different purposes. And, considering how simple the greeting is on the homepage, I think that a squeeze page could be one potential use for this template. it certainly attracts a lot of attention with that clean, minimal style, but there’s a lot to this theme that make it a really nice option. first of all, it’s completely responsive and that ensures a great  display is achieved on all devices. For squeeze pages, making the right first impression is incredibly important and I think this theme definitely helps to achieve that with perfect presentation for any type of service, creative or otherwise.

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