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Space-saving and lightweight, the StartFlow website is perfect for startups in shared workspace environments. The 9 different homepage options mean that any type of startup will be satisfied and it’s easy to customize your site because there are tons of pre-made designs.

Launched in 2015, StartFlow is a multi-purpose WordPress theme that is ideal for startups and businesses that operate in shared workspace environments. One of the nine different home pages that are included is specifically designed for coworking websites, and you’ll get one of those as well. Apart from that, there are several themes for different types of websites such as general corporate style, Kickstarter-style websites, software showcases, and a theme specifically designed for startups. There are a large number of pre-made designs available, and each of them is extremely attractive. Nonetheless, we’re here to talk about the design of coworking spaces.

With StartFlow, you’ll have no problem building the perfect website for any occasion. You can launch a crowdfunding campaign or enjoy running your own company all in one place. With nine different home pages included and 18 templates pre-made, you’ve got everything you need to start your project today with just a click of a button.

With nine different home pages, StartFlow offers the perfect solution for startups that share their space with others. Different workspaces lend themselves to different audiences, and at StartFlow our designers have set out to make each theme really stand out. No matter what your style is, no matter who you’re trying to reach (Boss? Influencer?) there’s a wide range of pre-made designs ready for any audience!

It has an extremely well-organized layout that allows you to find all of your information quickly and efficiently. The prominent placement of the contact form at the top of the page can assist you in getting your foot in the door with a large number of potential customers. An integrated blog allows you to easily share your thoughts and news with the rest of the world, as well as full WooCommerce support for the creation of an online store. A beautiful portfolio showcases your shared workspace as well as all of the beautiful images you want to share. All things considered, this is a very powerful and visually appealing website for any type of shared office space company.

StartFlow is the perfect WordPress theme for those looking to promote their business in shared workspace settings. With nine different home pages and tons of pre-made amazing designs, your website will be as attractive as it is useful.

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