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This theme is called SubTech and it is a software Consulting template and digital marketing Studio combined. I think that this theme, which usual is the king composer page Miller, is a unique and creative solution for building an app, landing page or homepage for your creative digital business. Marketing products on the Internet is incredibly competitive and having a great-looking website can help you stand out from the crowd. I think that this particular theme is not one that is going to work for everyone, the design itself is incredibly simple and slim down. It’s almost beyond minimalist in it style, which could be a good thing for some of you. For others, there’s simply not enough going on to attract readers attention. But depending on your brand, it might be a great fit.

Here’s the description, provided by ThemeCTG, the creative team behind this design.

Thinking about Showcasing your Digital Marketing & Software Consultancy Business? Well, then you definitely be needing a nice and beautiful WordPress Theme to promote your Business. We’ve got you covered as we have already built a beautiful, Clean and Responsive WordPress Theme for you.

SubTech is a Digital Marketing & Software Consulting WordPress Theme designed and developed using Latest Bootstrap and WordPress Technology along with HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery. It’s simple yet professional. SubTech is also responsive Design with a Clean Design feel. It looks good and accommodates its contents according to the device you are using to view it.

SubTech has sections for almost all types of necessary content you might need to promote your mobile app.

Now, onto what this theme looks like. It’s simple, clean and powerfully built.

Again, for those of you who find the theme to be too simple, you’ll be happy to know that we have plenty of other options out there that might fit what you’re looking for a little bit better.  For more agency themes, try our full collection.

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