Sweet Mielo, Delicious Ice Cream Parlor WordPress Theme

This WordPress theme is called Sweet Mielo. Now, most people probably don’t care, but I had to look up what that means. As it turns out, sweet means something that tastes kind of sugary.

Ha ha, just kidding, got you on that one. I actually did know what sweet meant. But Mielo?

That one was beyond me.

As it turns out, Mielo is borrowed from several different languages. Esperanto, Spanish, French and Italian all have similar words. And what they mean is literally honey, but figuratively they mean sweetness. So, you could think of this theme’s name as being Sweet Sweetness.

If you want to.

But, you can call it whatever you want. What I call it is a nice looking WordPress theme for ice cream shops and other sweet treats.

With multiple premade designs, plenty of different features, unique short codes, built in blogs, galleries and testimonial functionality, this is a powerful, WooCommerce ready WordPress theme that offers you lots of different customization options, a great looking responsive design and search engine friendly code.

This theme has a powerful admin interface, it offers automatic updates, optional parallax effects and access to lots of Google fonts. If you’re looking for a search engine optimized template, this one is it. It’s well-documented and there is outstanding support offered by the developer.

This theme works great with WooCommerce’s of selling products is no problem, there are several different short codes included, built-in blogs, testimonials, galleries, product pages, you name it. And this template also provides you with a complement recopy of the WP Bakery Page Builder so you’ll have a really powerful page building tool at your fingertips to help you create new features and functionality on your website if you should happen to want that.

And, who doesn’t?

Would you like to see some more options for ice cream parlor websites? Take a look at these ice cream parlor WordPress themes for or delicious treats that are cool as ice and sweet as, well ice cream.

You got forgive me, it’s really difficult writing basically the same thing over and over and trying to make it sound interesting. How my doing? Don’t answer that, I’ll do it for you.

Not well.

But that never stopped me from putting my nose to the virtual grindstone. I’ll be back again soon with more relatively pointless descriptions of WordPress themes that people don’t really seem to care much about. But, that’s how it goes, the world isn’t made to please us at all times. So, I’ll just have to take what the world gives me.

When life gives you lemons, try to swallow one whole. If you choke on it, you will at least get to know the sweet release of death.

And, that’s something.

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