Accessibility Ready WordPress Themes

Accessibility Ready WordPress Themes, 5 Cool WCAG Compliant Templates for 2021

There are certain boxes a WordPress theme needs to check off before it can appear on this list of accessibility ready WordPress themes. Accessibility themes adhere to certain best practices to allow the widest range of audience to receive the same great user experience. This includes high contrast images, keyboard navigation and form and link … Read more

Polyclinic Accessible Medical Theme

Polyclinic, Accessibility Ready WordPress Themes

Polyclinic is a very nice example of a classic accessibility ready WordPress theme. Before we get too far, here are some additional accessibility ready WordPress themes in our complete collection. This is a medical clinic web template, it allows you to create a great looking website without being a scientist yourself. It’s lightweight, well coded, it … Read more

Icelander – Modern. Smart. Simple.

Icelander, WordPress Theme for Accessibility Ready Websites

Icelander is an accessibility ready, GPL and WordPress support requirements compliant WordPress theme. The developer has spent quite a bit of time ensuring everyone, no matter what their needs are, it’s the same outstanding user experience with this template. There’s really nothing more important than your content, that’s something we have always known as creators … Read more

Eimear – Modern Inclusive

Eimear, WordPress Accessibility Ready Theme

Eimear is an inclusive WooCommerce powered WordPress theme that allows you to set up a modern shop anyone can enjoy. If any of your visitors have accessibility needs, if they employ screen readers or other technology, this theme works absolutely perfectly to make sure everyone gets the same type of outstanding, barrier lists experience. If you’re … Read more

Angelica – Inclusive bookstore

Angelica, Inclusive, Accessibility Ready Bookstore Theme

A lot of flexibility over the layout of your website, from the header to the footer and everything in between, is provided by Angelica, an accessible WordPress theme with a very clean, contemporary style and complete support for your favorite page building tools. Because of the pre-made designs that are provided, every piece of material … Read more