AppMe – App Landing Page WordPress Theme

AppMe, WordPress Applications Landing Page Theme

The AppMe WordPress theme is a landing page to help promote your latest digital app, whether it’s for iPhone, for Android or any other platform.  (Man, phones are getting so fast and powerful, it’s crazy!  They’re like supercomputers in your pocket!) If you’re building an application for iPhone or for an Android device, having the … Read more

Nanosoft WP Theme For IT Solutions And SaaS Services Company

NanoSoft, WordPress Theme for IT Solutions and Services

For IT companies and digital creative providers, this theme has the style and features needed to make a wedding website. It’s got a drag-and-drop page builder, tons of powerful customization and live preview options and NanoSoft makes it very simple to build your online portfolio. Several best-selling plugins are included, though you don’t need to … Read more

SubTech Digital Marketing And Software Consulting WordPress Theme

Subtech, WordPress Software Consulting and Tech Theme

This theme is called SubTech and it is a software Consulting template and digital marketing Studio combined. I think that this theme, which usual is the king composer page Miller, is a unique and creative solution for building an app, landing page or homepage for your creative digital business. Marketing products on the Internet is … Read more

Bratis Clean Flat WordPress Digital Agency Theme

Bratis, WordPress Digital Marketing Theme

For creative marketing companies, this theme could be what you’ve been searching for. This theme, called Bratis, is a digital marketing theme, not to be confused with a Marketplace theme. That’s something completely different. This template is a powerful and easy-to-use, highly customizable WordPress theme for digital agencies, SEO companies, marketing firms and more. I’d … Read more

Pohat WordPress Theme

Pohat, SEO and Digital Marketing Agency WordPress Theme

Okay, this theme is called Pohat.  Pohat is a town in West Java, Indonesia.  Now, it’s also a clean, professional WordPress theme for promoting applications, for content marketing and for making your products and services look professional and stylish. The PSD version of Pohat hasn’t exactly proven to be incredibly popular, so I won’t hold … Read more