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Tetsuo, Creative Industry WordPress Portfolio Theme

September 10, 2019
Templified Tetsuo, Modern and Beautiful Portfolio Theme for WordPress

The Tetsuo WordPress theme is a super-modern, attractive WordPress portfolio theme for creative websites.

I only know Tetsuo as from the Japanese movie from 1989, but now it’s a WordPress theme too. You should really check out Tetsuo, also called Tetsuo, The Iron Man. It’s a movie about a businessman who accidentally kills a guy called The Metal Fetishist and The Metal Fetishist slowly gets his revenge from beyond the grave by turning the businessman into a disgusting hybrid of flesh and rusty metal.

It’s pretty cool, though it’s quite weird too. Certainly worth checking out if you’re into the strange Japanese horror films. Now, it’s also a beautiful portfolio and creative WordPress theme.

Here’s a look at Tetsuo.

Tetsuo WordPress Theme

What separates this theme from the competition? Tetsuo is a real creative force, there are a massive selection of different layouts available, each one of them very modern and creative. I think artists, bloggers, designers, illustrators, photographers and even digital Studios can use the Tetsuo WordPress theme to present content in a beautiful and interesting way. There are both light and dark versions of Tetsuo, each one provides a slightly different feel to the website. If you’d prefer the Light & Bright look, I think that ends up looking a bit cleaner. The dark version provides a more modern and heavy look too your website. Either way, I think it works out really well.

Tetsuo is WooCommerce ready, that means you’ll be able to set up shop online, selling digital downloads or tangible products. This theme is perfectly responsive, it’s designed to look impressive on all screen types and sizes. This mobile-friendly theme makes your projects look fantastic, no matter where your readers are accessing them. This team was inspired by manga and cyberpunk culture, that makes for a very modern portfolio theme with a distinct feel. It’s got plenty of flexible elements, it’s great for presentations of work of All Sorts, even videos. This theme was made with creative friendly in mind and it’s great for personal Pro folios, creative portfolio sites and portfolios for your design work. No matter what type of creative content you make, this responsive and retina ready theme can help you present that content in a professional and interesting way.

*** EDIT *** I went back to look at how this theme is doing, since it’s been about a year since Tetsuo was released.  Not bad, not great.  It’s received a 4.43 rating, which is a bit lower than I’d like to see to recommend it, but it’s only gotten 7 reviews on over 250 sales.  So, it’s been somewhat popular, which is nice.  The developer has kept up with necessary changes, Tetsuo has been updated as recently as just a couple months ago.

So, all seems to be looking okay for the Tetsuo theme.  Do you have experience using Tetsuo?  If so, how did you like it?  Let us know in the comments.

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